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Real Estate Market In Maine | What’s My Home Worth?

How's the real estate market in Maine? What's my home worth today? The bottom line number. What could I expect to walk away with, to net for a final line figure after all the expenses in my home sale? The purpose of this blog post article to answer the questions that I get asked a lot as a real estate broker about how's the market and today what's the value of homes in Maine. These real estate...


Houlton – The Story

Houlton Welcome To Historic, Friendly Houlton Maine! The Story The early Houlton settlers carved out a new beginning. Houlton, the oldest town in Maine’s largest county of Aroostook! Houlton Maine is the “shiretown” capital seat for the biggest county east of the Mississippi. Known as the “Crown of Maine”, at one time Houlton was one of the richest towns of its size in the east half of the...

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Houlton – How To Get Here

Houlton Welcome To Historic, Friendly Houlton Maine! How To Get Here The state of Maine has a great diagram that maps that spell out the traveling numbers. More on how many miles to all the population centers exercise. Interstate 95 hooks to the Trans Canada in Houlton Maine which is I-95 exit 302. Exit 305 is the Houlton International Airport and industrial park last chance to turn before entering...


Houlton – Things To Do For Fun

Houlton Welcome to historic, friendly Houlton Maine! Things To Do For Fun Each season presents a different opportunity for indoor and outdoor fun. The many lakes, proximity to Baxter State Park and juants into Canada or hitting the nature trails make Houlton a good spot to discover all Maine offers. Take a trip Downeast easily from Houlton Maine. Hit the hiking or groomed snow sled / ATV trails around...

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Homes For Rent In Houlton Maine, Aroostook County.

So you are looking for, tracking anything that moves that resembles a home to rent in Houlton Maine. They don't grow on trees and there is a reason. Homes for rent don't make money for the owner. So when that happens, long term rentals that don't pay the bills make a sale the most important goal. But renting the home in Houlton Maine can be a viable option when the seller is out of the area. That...


Houlton Maine | Aroostook County Shiretown

Houlton Maine is the Shiretown or County seat for Aroostook. Maine's largest of the sixteen counties is Aroostook. And from the days of the first settlers arriving in 1807, lumbering, farming have been two big reasons to live here. Outdoor beauty of four seasons living with clean water, fresh air. No over population continues the tradition of providing very good reasons to head to Maine. To...


Being A Border Town With Canada In Houlton Maine Has Perks.

Lots of perks when you live in a home in Houlton Maine, are at a border crossing for New Brunswick Canada. Taking advantage of the healthy US dollar exchange rate with the loonies, toonies and the other Canadian currency swap for goods or services. That's one big one.  At the time of the blog post, the exchange rate for a Canadian dollar in the US is .71. I remember buying a Sea Doo in Canada...

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Is There A Walmart Store In Houlton Maine?

The reasons Maine real estate buyers pick a location are many. And one question that tops the list is there a Walmart in Houlton Maine? Yes there is Dorothy. Walmart Store #1974 is located at 17 Ludlow Road, Houlton Maine. Just before the Shop And Save grocery store and across from the Maine Tourist Information Center. You can frequent the Wally World in Houlton Maine. We no doubt will bump...

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