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Buying A House In Maine | Top 5 Questions Asked

Buying a house in Maine, top 5 questions asked. Each day, Maine real estate agent or broker field a slew of questions about buying a house in Maine. This Maine blog post lists and answers the top 5 questions. For starters, let's study the Maine landscape. Maine is a big state with a low population. Not flush with high paying jobs but rich in natural beauty, outdoor space and friendly down to Earth...

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Bed Bugs in Maine (Scratching Sound)

Bed bugs in Maine (scratching sound). Cute little ditty to make the kids go to bed at night about "don't let the bed bugs bite". But the topic of bed bugs. Not a conversation starter at a black tie and tails cocktail party. But they happen. Bed bugs are about as much fun as Canadian geese that won't leave your Maine property alone. Or too many pigeons that like living in a set of Maine farm...

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Real Estate Video Marketing

Real estate video marketing. Life moves fast, digital marketing demands real estate video marketing these days. To reach the largest possible audience the easiest way available, videos for real estate deliver the best. Real estate videos help make the connection long and strong. Just sit back and watch and you are going to Maine. For the area flavor what's it like. To tour in and out of the what's for...

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Real Estate Drone Video Photography

Real estate drone video photography. Beginner sUAS pilot tips for small unmanned aircraft real estate professionals. This real estate blog post drills down into using drones for real estate video photography. Take It Up Up Up A Little More (But Under 400') Using Drone Real Estate Video Photography! Which drone camp are you in? On the sidelines thinking someday you'll buy a drone? But wondering...

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Why Houses Are So Expensive | When Real Estate Home Seller’s Market Will End

Why houses are so expensive, when real estate home seller's market will end. When you work in real estate long enough to experience the shift in markets, it's easy to see the signs. To understand what causes the ups and downs in property prices and customer demand. When most of us only buy or sell a house or home once in a lifetime, it is not so plain as the nose on your face to stay ahead of what's...

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Only Luxury Properties Deserve Video | Real Estate Myth #1

Only luxury properties deserve video, real estate myth #1. Where does that real estate video myth come from anyway? It's prevalent in circles of real estate agents and brokers who hire out the tasks. Someone reasoning that the bigger price tag properties makes the "do a video" necessary or a worthwhile expense. Real Estate Show And Tell Using YouTubeVideo But what if you don't hire out everything...


Maine State REALTOR Conventions | 2020 Means Virtual, Cyber Gathering, Stay Where You Are

The Maine State REALTOR conventions, each year this time of fall it's time to saddle up and head out down Interstate 95. I live in Northern Maine and the rotation of state REALTOR conventions in this vast but sparsely populated state means travel. 2020 means virtual, cyber gathering, stay where you are around Maine. Remote online learning is nothing new thanks to the kick in the seat of the pants COVID19...


Properties For Sale In Maine | Maine Real Estate Listings

Tips For Buying, Selling Maine Real Estate Listings. Properties for sale in Maine. Maine real estate listings come in all sizes, prices, a slew of locations. Because the state of Maine is so vast, where to look for properties for sale is a big part of the listing search process. Travel time is very important whether you visit for vacations or live here full time in Maine. Where to end up...


Marketing Real Estate During Coronovirus | Lucky To Be A Small Rural Maine Broker

Marketing real estate during Coronovirus, lucky to be a small rural Maine broker. In my area, everything is cheaper. The cost of living is lower to in Aroostook County. The locals don't hire everything done and no one lives high on the hog with cash to burn thinking. We don't need a lot to be happy and content. The small tightly connected populaton is very grateful for what we do have. Very aware and...

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Life Estate, Still Living At Property After Real Estate Sale.

Life estate, the property has been sold but you the real estate seller stay on board. Still retain use of the real estate after the listing sale. But upon death or signing off your right for possession of the property, the place space that was retained, it's useage goes to the record owner. We run into life estates in cases where the real estate owner is elderly. The Nana, Grampy who wants to sell....

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