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Marketing Real Estate During Coronovirus | Lucky To Be A Small Rural Maine Broker

Marketing real estate during Coronovirus, lucky to be a small rural Maine broker. In my area, everything is cheaper. The cost of living is lower to in Aroostook County. The locals don't hire everything done and no one lives high on the hog with cash to burn thinking. We don't need a lot to be happy and content. The small tightly connected populaton is very grateful for what we do have. Very aware and...


Marketing Maine Homes For Sale, History Helps The Story Telling Process.

The properties all are unique, every piece of real estate in Maine listed for sale has special history. A story to tell hides behind every property listing that is marketed. But does the history get weaved into the Maine real estate marketing story? Not if the stories about the place are never discussed. Or the folks in the know die. They take the stories to their...

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