Tell Me About The Property Listings In Maine.

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The property listings in Maine, the real estate for sale.

That is a big part of the discussion at our beehive, the kitchen where we serve up what we list, market, sell (repeat). But lots of ground has to be covered about the area the property listings in Maine populate.

Because not all our buyers are not all up to speed about the area.

The out of state, out of the country Maine real estate buyer does their home work from afar. They search online for local community information. Hard. houlton maine courthouse photo

In larger areas of Maine, the handful of cities there are paid professionals stocking the information shelves.

In small Maine rural towns, do an online search and not much comes up.

Not because the areas are ho hum and sleepy.

But because all the flavor of the life there is just not posted in prose or photos, video loops. Not arranged on four color brochures that sit on slanted display shelves in tourist information centers around New England.

For years the magic of these small Maine towns has been a best kept secret.

That’s why we buckle down and take on the task. To be the local cub reporter, wearing the chamber of commerce hat. Rolling out the red VIP carpet welcome wagon.

To blog post about Maine, the local area way of life. Same thing with videos for local Maine community events. And you have already discovered this platform, venue to learn about more thant just property listings for sale in Maine.

So missing from the discussion splash of real estate details, the room count, acreage amounts and property taxes, details about tell me about your area are sought. What is it like to live where you do is asked. Tell me about the Maine weather is a common query. maine lake home photo

And not everyone looking for a property wants to spend time on a real estate website.

Even if it is well stocked with information and easy to filter, do a search.

Some buyers for Maine real estate want a one on one discussion of each and every listing. Others just want to be pointed in the direction for answers and to go at their own pace. Without the personal touch, self guided help. The  looking over their shoulder tutoring to be in the know.

To have the information needed to move beyond mild interest in the listing to pulling the trigger to get into some serious real estate action.

To actually end up buying it, something in time. Take your time. We have had years go by with ongoing discussions about the area, the properties that come and go in these surroundings we call home in Maine.

So whatever you want to know to begin your process of buying or selling, trading a Maine real estate property listing, we are flexible.

Ready to help you the way you need things to progress. It is a honor to be part of the process and as the local who lives here where the properties for sale are located, we are ready and waiting. two sea coast ladies sunning photo

What is it like here in Northern Maine?

Ask the questions for specific answers that come up on front page search engine sessions. We are here to help. Will only need you to pick up a phone, type out an email or text and I will be anxious to meet you in person.

But remember. small Maine towns, plantations don’t all have television, radio, print media outlets to add the sizzle to the steak. To provide the extras to go with the Maine course on what’s cooking in Vacationland.

Follow your local bloggers who love where they live, work and play.

To enter the discussion. To talk about your interests in snowmobiling, snow sledding in Maine. To discuss what we know about Maine loons. The lighthouses in Maine.To hear all about it. Whatever it is.

How to start a small farm in Maine. To learn about owner financing Maine land. We are here in Maine. So you will be ready for an online or up close and personal visit. Whether we are talking about brook trout, bear, deer, moose hunting.

There is no limit to the topics to cover about Maine or the properties for sale here.

No time frame or quarters needed to drop in the slot. To gain extra time for the needed details that are missing or remain foggy, murky inside your head and down in your gut. bar harbor maine book photo

You decide on the topic of the moment.

You drive the discussion and no two are the same we have found in 36 years of helping the public buy and sell properties in Maine.

I want to make it an open book test easy. To arrange what you need delivered to you for information. Of any kind. As detailed and deep or kept light and simple. Different strokes for different folks and all about you. Not me.

When you can spare the time. Feel comfortable. To talk about Maine real estate listings, but the way of life around the properties for sale too.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


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