The Best Time To List, Sell Maine Real Estate?

Deer Timid, Nervous About Selling Your Maine Home, House?

You’re on a game show, in the final round and the question that comes up for all the marbles is “when is the best time to list and sell your Maine real estate property?”.

Deer Timid, Nervous About Selling Your Maine Home, House?As a seller, property owner you might think, say during warmer summer weather and cross your fingers. Hope you were right.

The answer to the question to the best time to list your property for sale in Maine is when you don’t have to sell.

Because no pressure, no stress, no gun put to your head, do or die situation to get to the real estate closing stat.

When you are up against a deadline, a relocation to a new job or running low on funds and a sale of your Maine real estate is needed like yesterday, you are forced to take less money.

Under the value for the Maine property listing than you would have been able to realize happens. As you sadly walk away from the home sale after the real estate closing.

Because you ran out of options, had no choice. Put yourself in a boxed, only one way out canyon to ride with that bone tired horse to get on with your life. 

The hurry to get out of the Maine home or house causes emotions to run boiling point high. And over.

 No fun. Mistakes and lack of decision pathways takes its toll. To the point where you as the seller just want the Maine home, house sale over. With high high motivation to make it happen.

No matter what it takes. The angst from a major clock ticking loudly in your head heard by everyone in the room. Time being short short short. Running down like the red hour glass sand similiar to the one Dorothy clutched. Held dearly while worrying about her friends. And her little dog too “my pretty”. And with getting back to Kansas. Wondering if she ever will totally consumes her like the house, home sale that’s gotta happen for you the seller. Butjust  isn’t quick enough. 

The time to sell your Maine real estate property listing is also when NOT your every Tom, Dick and Harry owners assume it is.

The dead of a Maine winter could be a time when you can not see yourself loading up a U Haul trailer. Trudging out into the middle of the night blowing, drifting snow storm. As you head to the retirement home in the sunny south. Leaving behind your snow shovel for good. But the home in Maine you have listed during the winter months with a quick occupancy is ideal for that new US Border Patrol agent. Dressed in green, carrying a fully loaded side arm and ready to report for duty defending the border while the winter snow flies. 

Being flexible as the owner of a Maine property listing means thinking of the buyer, the new owner.

 Getting In Or Out Of Maine Selling Buying A Home, House.Not just falling into the same slippery slide thinking and waiting to put your home on the market in the spring. Like many Maine home or house sellers do.

Believing I’d rather move in the summer and so would everyone else. Flawed logic as real estate listings in Maine sell year round. Because people’s lives don’t stop because of a little fluffy white snow.

Life happens year round and a real estate sale is needed, will happen when you pull out all the stops to tell the world about the place.

A real estate sale in Maine on a property listing will occur only if what you are wanting to sell is actively on the market for all to see.

The best example is winking at a girl in the dark. The flirting works a whole lot better if the lights are on and she has a clear idea of your interest. And can see what you are doing to get her attention. That either works or backfires. But at least you know where you stand. Or don’t and move on.

If the property is not on the market, it won’t sell because it’s a big dark secret. SSsssssh. Don’t tell anyone. 

The place is not being seen, heard about, exposed to the Maine real estate buyers that are always looking. Interested in what is for sale in the market around the listing. On top of getting the property on the market as soon as you know a sale is in the cards, what you need to see in the crystal ball of life, it is really a supply exercise too.

More Potatoes, More Barrels Picked, Same A Maine Home Sales.If there are fewer Maine homes, houses on the market in say winter, your chances of finding the right property buyer for a higher price happens. Better odds like a horse house race.

Remember musical chairs, the game as a kid when everyone gets light head dizzy chasing round and round the limited seating in the room?

Same dynamic in the real life game of list and sell, twist and shout marketing about your Maine home or house.

The long and short of it is list your Maine home, other real estate property before it is dire to have to sell.

 So it happens naturally. Has time to be rolled out into, onto the spot, hot light bright market place arena.

Without the time constraint forcing, causing a hammering a square peg in a round hole wood splinters, shavings everywhere urgency.

The more people that know about your Maine home, house property listing, the quicker it will sell.

And with less haggling, horse trading antics to chisel away at the price tag figure.

The Maine home buyer knows you are in one big hurry to sell pronto. And that you will practically give it away they reason because you are playing cards nervously.

With all in your paw held high.

Outward facing you for all to see what you are holding. To easily see what’s at stake. The grim situation as your cards shake. Flutter nervously in sickening anticipation that is written all over your sweating brow, anxious, desperation obvious not so happy face. As Larry would say, “git ‘er listed, git ‘er dunnnn” if you want, need to sell your Maine house or home.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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