The Break In Makes Maine Real Estate Sale Important.

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The owners of a property in Northern Maine live in Boston MA and a property break in happened.

Rare in the 4th lowest crime state where Aroostook County is half that Everyone Gets An Ice Cream. Usually.pretty impressive statistic.

But the copper plumbing was stripped for scrap value from a Maine vacation property.

And now the Maine home seller is anxious to sell.

Worried about a return visit from the help yourself gang.

But pricing, wanting what they paid for the place, all the money put into the property. And a tidy profit on top of all those numbers.

(Buzzer sound) Not so fast. And remember no insurance on the property listing so kinda of exposed, vunerable and on thin breaking ice.

The money put in to a place is not always something the local Maine real estate market rewards.

That comes back reflected in the proceeds. The bottom line figure on the HUD -1 property settlement statement buyers and sellers sign at the closing.

And depending on the supply of property listings just like the one new to maine chevy repair crew photothe market, the price expected has to reflect the other real estate offerings swimming around it.

What is currently available, what has sold pretty much like it?

So so important in the what is my property worth.

The what to expect for a return. But talking, education. Because it’s hard to fix what your real estate seller does not know it is broken.

This Maine second home owner again has no insurance on the property listing. There has been one break in, damage, costly repairs. The girlfriend, co owner wants above and beyond for a price return too. And wants it sold quickly.

Despite wanting, pleading to over price it and make it happen quickly. I have to speak up, tell the truth, explain what is not going to happen.

Ignore market value and no matter how razzle dazzle or extensive the marketing on the real estate listing it will stall.

oakfield me railroad train photoRust, mold, be forgotten and not taken serious.

Pricing the property realistic, aggressively upfront going in it critical.

Before the days on market, DOM start to rack up like high mileage on a car.

What’s it going to sell for, any difficulties to expect, when is the closing all something a Maine real estate professional can help determine.

But the partnership is two fold. Get everyone all aboard. The owner, seller has to not forget the market value. To understand the figure given for a suggested listing price is tied to lots of other information, data from the MLS list and sell statistics. That help shape the expectations, to set a time table of what is likely to take place.

The listing for property where the Maine real estate seller is wanting pie in the sky is best to be declined.

Early on, neatly, quickly. Real estate candor, candidly explaining here’s what we have. Saying why this figure is not going to lead to a real estate maine harbor boats photosale.

Backed up with other sales information from past property transactions.

Coupled with what else is competing with this listing for a buyer to say I do. That is ready, willing and able to buy without delay.

A seller can be surprised when an agent, broker, REALTOR says no to a listing.

It is a relationship, a partnership with happy endings if both work together and are on the same page. Just say no.

In the long run, it is best to right up front. Early on. To see the other boats in the habor, what else is happening in the market surrounding the property listing that is all the seller cares, knows about now.

Before hard feeling, hoping for something not possible, not realistic and time, money consuming with no results happens.

Spinning real estate wheels takes away from other listings that need the attention they deserve to get to a closing on time. Tell the truth, set the seller free when real estate listing prices are way way out of line.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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