The Color Of Your House, Does It Really Affect The Sale Our The Home?

maine falls colors photo

Dorothy reminded, remarked “that is a horse of a different color” as the procession around Emeral City unfolded.

But what about the color of your house, and if you are needing a sale to happen quickly?

Does the color of your home affect the real estate property sale? Or the value, or the time to expect it to be sitting, hanging around the market?

They say real estate is emotional.maine falls colors photo

And there was a time when you went to insure a red colored car, the coverage for fender benders, thefts, etc was higher.

The color of the guy or gal with the perceived lead foot tied into the picked color of the outside sheet metal.

Considered a little more racy, exotic than basic Mr Ford Model “T” black everyone else was 10 and 2 driving.

But if real estate buying and selling is emotional and if a home is painted the right trigger color to cause interest that leads to desire. Well, should you play it safe like inside colors like home stagers coax?

Or are there a few colors that just work best? Just like a couple colors in the box get used, worn out more quickly when you were a kid creating refrigerator art work.

Like most things in life, it depends. On the local real estate market and the norm, traditions there. In New England basic white with black or some other pretty limited field of colored shutters happens. Seen out vehicle windows  as you ply the streets, tool the roads of this region of the country.

At Sugarloaf USA ski area where condo colors are controlled, to blend in with the poplar, white birch and other trees on the slope side hills. I noticed one stand out, a red colored one of a kind.

colorful maine home photoThat must have been the original builder of the subdivision phase or the mountain owner or somehow got a special color pass.

To deviate from the color wheel of light gray, bleached out skim milk tans.

In that condo case I think it could make that unit worth more.

Because grandfathered in and no matter who you are, how much money in the bank to spring, get in line. You have to tow the color wheel chart line of one or two flavors to blend, fit in.

More and more conformity is not so popular.

This is the age of selection. The “don’t tell me what to do” slightly willfull tone today means give me lots of choices. I will pick the best color that reflects my taste, mood, and defines who I am.

I want what I want and will get it. Not going to settle for what the rest of the pack selects. Daring to be different.

With a color statment stamped, slapped, two coating the property, the real estate of the house called home.

Great to be a daring individual, to take a stand, live your life, be your own new limerick home photodestiny captain.

But resale of the real estate, the property listing in Maine that now has a sign out front.

Announcing to the World, hey.

This place colored just the way you like it is now for sale.

Here is your chance if you are ready, willing and able.

Presentation is everything and if at the curb, the color appeal of the outside tops the list of the buyer’s most disliked shades or hues, we have a problem.

As they speed up, simply drive away.

No matter how exquisite the interior appointments, color scheme or award winning layout.

If you live in Maine, you see lots of the prim and proper New England fort knox maine home photostarched white homes, red barns to accessorize in the case of a farm.

Or at lakeshores, lots of playful, color rich exteriors behind the lighted Chinese lanterns hanging around the vacation property with the outdoor fireplace.

Because vacations are more casual, less uptight and no paint police touring the neighborhoods with top ring, reporter’s style  citation booklets.

Lots of log homes in Maine too. And yes you can stain the cedar or pine exterior hortizontal timber grids with sky’s the limit color coatings. But something about a honey natural log chalet with a green roof to say Maine.

In an LL Bean sorta way and furnished inside with rustic furniture of native woodwork. Moose pattern, outdoor theme curtains, lamp shades and rug houlton maine courthouse photomotifs that say Maine’s outdoor living.

You made it. Unplug, relax, catch up and connect with me, myself, I.

Up in the St John River Valley of the Crown Of Maine, you see many bright blues, reds, yellows, and not just basic black and white two tones variety homes.

The French Acadian culture, half off discounted sale on high voltage house colors at local hardware stores, poor eyesight and color tone deaf all swirled together?

Contributing to the pick something bright to make finding your way home easier?

So look around at the colors of the Maine homes populating the landscape works best. Stay in that color pattern. Unless it is an old classic Maine victorian home, a painted lady with five distinctive colors.

Where the Miss Kitty at The Long Branch bar and good times approach to whatever strikes your fancy works just fine. In plush red valour, velvet. Because you are not thinking quick flip, resale. But settling in and having it your way when it comes to the inside, outside color of the home in Maine.

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