The Conversation With The Maine Real Estate Buyer.


The office phone or cell rings and the Maine real estate buyer provides the top ten list of what he or she wants.

houltonmainewintersnow1Their dream for a relocation, retirement, or just some recreational real estate in Maine property investment.

In the course of the conversation, the emails fired back and forth before an actual office visit happens with the out of town, not in Maine or the USA real estate buyer, common themes emerge.

The high crime, traffic, insincerity, expensive living in other outside areas make Maine pretty darn attractive.

Our listings in Maine cost less. You can find yourself on a Maine farm, a lake and that might not be possible where properties are just too high priced.

It makes me appreciate living in Maine more. Because it is not this four season beautiful everywhere else. Not everyone is surrounded by such friendly neighbors, famly and friends.

Small town Maine living is special. Less people, more wildlife, less regulations, more freedom to live your life without interference.

Sometimes when the buyer from New Jersey is going on and on venting, ranting about the traffic, how much time and money is wasted in trying to improve the quality of life, I say whoa. The conversation can get bogged down.

The unhappy living there outside Maine buyer wants to ramble about what is wrong with their location. That used to be great when they purchased property, a home years ago. But nine times out of ten, the ills that ruined it is population caused. Just too many people. No longer a neat, picturesque, quaint small town. Ran out of space, which jacked the price of everything with any sky high. That made having some of your own pretty precious and few. Hard to obtain without a major wallet, large purse.A snarky blue blood last name.



So as a Maine real estate broker for thirty three years, have to keep the buyer on the other end focused on how neat the Pine Tree State is. How different and remind him it is not that way here. The one after another complaint about where they now call home. Hang their hat. But our job is to help them get out of town, out of state or the country. To cross that big green bridge on the other end. To bee line quick as you can, park it in Vacationland.

Often it is advice about getting their present home on the market, under contract, sold. Before the eenie meenie miney moe of Maine homes, houses, lets make a deal.

Because many times they can browse, but are in no position to buy until what they own now sells. A mortgage for a bridge loan is more jazzbandmusicoften than ever not possible because many Maine wannabee buyrs have two and three mortgages on what they already call home.

Overextended, up to their eyeballs in debt and part of the major reason they are moving. They stopped being able to afford their current location coupled with the spending patterns they developed to “self medicate”. Cope with the unhappy surroundings they are stuck in. The up to the hilt, out of control spending.

Maine is not for everyone.

But it helps if you view it as you get everything you need, can live without debt and the fear, early old age it causes in worry.

But the whole small rural America approach to living is survival. Stripping away all the doo dads that are expensive and cloud real living clarity.

With a replacement vision to simplify, reduce and make room for what really matters most.

A safe place to raise a family is pretty important.

A community where you step up, serve, contribute.

Where property values don’t sky rocket and then dive bomb andymooersphotospike up and down.

 In our own little world and not likely to change too fast, radically either.

Off the beaten path in Maine is not a bad way to roll. More awarements of the Maine rural outdoors around you happens. It is where we spend all the time possible. The reports from folks doing time in the concrete jungle, the concrete urban areas serves to make me higher about where I live in Maine.

Glad I do not live where they do with the horror stories. They provide the black and white testimonials about how different it is here in small town Maine. Compared to where eight out of ten people live… in a city. Not the country landscape of a place with the space called Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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