The Count Down To 2014 World Acadian Congress.

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The World Acadian Congress For 2014 Is In Maine.

It’s time for Vacationland, specifically Aroostook County to take its turn at playing host. To thousands of Acadians travelling to the Crown Of Maine.

Unlike a Phish musical band concert, all the groupies following it, the few held on the former Loring Air Force Base Young Tradesmen In Maine Photogrounds in Limestone, this event differs.

The Acadian festival happenings are spread out.

Not so self contained logidstical details to iron out.

Traveling back and forth. Across the International border from Maine into Canada.

With opening ceremonies kicked off in a location where Quebec, New Brunswick, Maine are touch respectively.

To signify, add emphasis to the fact that the tow mostly wooded, farm spreads too countries embrace.

Where cultures blend and strengthen for the greater good of heart to heart, face to face discussion of common goals.

To look into solutions for similiar set of problems, issues each has to work around too.

The behind the scenes logistics to handle public safety at the World Acadian Congress 2014 schedule was one topic discussed at this Monday’s noon Houlton Maine Rotary Club meeting.

Head of the Troop F barracks of the Maine State Police, Lt John Cote spoke about the enormous task.That required lots of planning, special task forces to handle all the elements of the World Acadian Congress 2014 event in Maine this weekend.

To coordinate with available manpower and in conjunction with police, the RCMP, others from across the border. In New Brunswick and Quebec Canada to make sure everything goes smoothly. Comes off without a hitch to assure all in attendance have a memorable, productive, safe time.

Because of the sheer numbers of World Acadian Congress attendees, and those working the event to make it happen, crowd control, easy of moving here and there is critical.

police in maine photoPlus ambulances, EMT ‘s camped out where and when. To do the most good if needed. To be quickly  available.

Because personal medical complications happen no matter where you roam on the planet.

Don’t just occur when you are in your home town. But out on the open road too.

Right on schedule.

And accidents, mishaps take place that need professional, prompt attention too. Because of all the traffic that in addition to the World Acadian Congress, many other events are slated to take advantage of the swell in population from all the weekend tourists. This is a major economic event for both sides of the border. Trickles down into the local economies of all communities touched by the important gathering.

So the logistics and talks from both sides of the border years in advance of the 2014 World Acadian Congress in Aroostook County, spreading across the border into Canada have been on going.

To hammer out the details, smooth out the wrinkles, come up with the final arrangements.

To assure all taking part in the festival don’t feel restricted from enjoying all that is planned this weekend in the St John River valley.

On both sides of the International border. To foster better relationships. Becoming Maine Log Truck Photobeing better trading partners one big topic handled, thrashed out.

Discussed in the St John River Valley this weekend in Northern Maine.

Land of woods, lots of timber, all that forest track acreage in both countries.

More on happenings in the Fort Kent Maine area involving the World Congress of Acadians.

Opening ceremonies happen where Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec all form a common touching border point. To symbolize the working, coming together for the greater good of cultures, both countries.

Finding a motel, place to stay in Aroostook County has been challenged due to the pressure of so many people flocking into Aroostook County.

Residents in the Maine and Canadian communities around the events are opening up their personal homes. To rent out rooms, provide extra accomdations to stem the tide. From all the folks that made plans, travel to Aroostook County for the 2014 World Acadian Congress.

The first Acadian congress held in Moncton New Brunswick in 2009 to promote opening up trade barriers between the US, Canada and other world powers. To streamline open boundaries, free trade and benefits to both sides of the International border.

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