The Feel And Flavor Of The Real Estate Listing In Maine.


There is an expression among Maine farmers, the one about “like people, soils are different”.

Well, like people, their property listings, the real estate where they call home is never the same either. Because of lots of factors.crystalballsold

We are not talking staging, where a place is painted in certain trendy shades of colors or furniture is aranged just so.

We see places, homes in Maine where everything seems to be picked up and orderly.

But something is still missing.

The heart and soul of a property, a home that is enjoyed and lived in.

You can tell as you drive in the yard or walk under the front or side or rear doorway about the vibes a place radiates. Partially because of the potential home buyer’s preferences and sometimes harder to explain. To put your finger on.

The criteria that a Maine home buyer has to select the “one” is varied and depends on the size of the housing budget, the needs of the folks under the roof and inside those four walls too.

If a mother in law needing a first floor bedroom is on board, then houses without the place to lay your head without going up and down a set of difficult stairs is the order of the day.

If no mother in law, that all goes away. Something else moves up the real estate buyer’s priority list of what they need in the present day to satisfy the housing need.

 But back to how the house for sale, the Maine home hits the buyer on the approach, the wandering inside and out, all around the real estate listing. How does it grab them also depends on the luxury of time to buy they may or may not enjoy. maine home interior photo

And the online web advertising, promoting the local community and the property listing itself weighs in on the reaction and memory retention.

Of a place that the buyer keeps coming back to in the final analysis because it works, due to something extra that makes the house for sale stand out.

Stay in the running front and center.

With every one in agreement.

Hopefully for both of the pair of partners involved in the house buying and with the encouragement of the younger members of the family who already have their bedrooms picked up.

Never under estimate the low to the ground, can’t drive children in tow of the house buyers needing a place to fit the family best.

If the house for sale in Maine comes with water front or lots of land feature, then beyond the sticks and bricks, the application of those extra features to enhance or create self employment options have to be considered.

There is much that rolls around the head of a house buyer making the largest investment bar none that most do in their life time. Emotions run high or low depending on how the home for sale hits the buyer and it is not always easily explained by the new to this experience observation.

If the imagery shot for a property listing is done in a hurry, on a dark and gloomy day, then strike one.

In this property not working it’s marketing magic to court and spark, to woo a buyer. No effort in the flirting means glossed over, forgotten, “next” is holler. By the buyer who usually has little time to fiddle faddle around and kill time that is precious.

Making a buyer hunt and search and be delayed getting even the basic information they should have right up front. That does not make that buyer or seller spread the word on your level of service.

No video for the house for sale means the buyer wherever they are has to hold everything, get time cleared to physically march through the property for sale. loons in maine photo

To determine if the shoe fits or not.

With full motion video and audio captured at the property listing, in the community where it is located too weaved into the splash, then better buying real estate decisions are made.

More places are seen and considered, usually late at night on a lap top, tablet or smart phone device. When video for real estate is an option to tap tap and watch and listen. People are in a hurry and jammed for any wiggle room of time to burn and waste remember?

Folks today are a visual, want to see, hear all about it right now.

To learn about anything new to the market for a home for sale as it happens.

So back to the way a place hits a house buyer, often the character and flavor of the place never makes it to the spotlight, stage, microphone.

The what it is is not relayed, is lacking rich details about room sizes, how many closets, what about features in every single corner of the place. Why? Time not put into the real estate presentation.

Or the die hard, don’t let go of the out dated thinking that the buyer will figure it out for themselves when they make the effort, take the time to set up a showing.

Leaving it up to them to fend for themselves is not the essence of being a little red hen running circles around the rest providing anything and everything that needs to be brought to the attention of the home buyer in Maine should be is my philosophy.

The older lady with the sea of smiling faces handing on the dining room wall, all over her refrigerator held in place by thick magnets.

The hand knit blanket, needle point, canning and preserves that are seen and smelled. Those in place help the buyer of a house in Maine feel right at home. houlton maine photo

Reminds them of someone in their family or from a period back in their childhood memory data bank that is pleasant, comforting, safe.

Shelter is a basic need, there is fear without it for lots of reasons.

So slow, home made, here is what greets you at this brand new property listing should be the approach everytime. When something new comes on the local real estate market for sale.The local history, heritage, mentioning who built the place and why, how it was used year ago. It is all important to add to the real estate tale.

It is a story needing to be told, facts rolled into the images, the video, the plat map and floor plan to make everything a buyer needs to make an intelligent decision to be present and accounted for day and night.

Around the clock to seriously consider each and every listing for sale with everything they need delivered sweet and complete.

We hope you feel that you get all you are supposed to from each property listing in Maine presentation that we roll up the sleeves, put on the web for all to see.

The effort to make sure the marketing is full throttle, wide open and far reaching is part of it. But without something to provide the other end of the real estate signal, it is just wasting everyone’s time.

Thank you for dropping in, following our Mooers Realty blog posts. Worthwhile, not leaving more questions than answers after the presentation is the goal in our 36 year history of list, market, sell Maine real estate property listings.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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