The Lists Of Must Haves, Don’t Wants In Maine Real Estate.

Houlton Maine, Aroostook County Seat

When a call, email, text or office visit happens, the buyer of Maine real estate has a story to tell.

 Houlton Maine, Aroostook County SeatAn order to put into the kitchen so to speak. Because what they want to see cooked up, served to them in housing, a Maine home has specific features.

The ones that accommodate their budget, But also provides the space for their families. Or if the kids have left the nest, the vacation retirement property could be a small house.

That’s not too large a Maine house square footage to alligator wrestle.

A bunch of space to heat, clean and maintain. That is beaucoup expensive. Because they are on a fixed, limited income.

Maybe trying to handle another property in a place where snow shovel skills are not needed. More than one home property deed under their belt. And juggling other luxuries like groceries, gas, insurance, medical and auto bills too. Not just housing is the only financial ball tossed skyward in rotation daily.

So starting with a simple clipboard happens.

Taking very good notes. Being all ears. Has to, because if I thought as soon as the instant the connection is made with a real estate customer that I had a crystal clear solution to all their property, hello. I don’t, can not because need some details to complete the puzzle.

To ask lots of pertinent  Maine real estate housing questions.

Have to know where they live now, hang their hat. What the place is like to get a handle, size up the need if already a house owner. Based on their  housing history so far, the next logical step is easier to see. To know which properties to suggest that could work. So I become part of the real estate triangle by helping them discover what is out there the home buyer can afford. Would possible want based on the listening, note taking. And putting myself in their shoes. What would I want if I were them? And one by one, start trying on houses.

Summer Photo Houlton Maine, Aroostook County ShiretownWhat is the dream, goal of this house purchase. And if they are just starting out, maybe not ready financially to buy a place. So get them up t speed for down the road.

Explain what has to happen first. Explore all the housing options. Mom and Dad a possibilty to help with a leg up?

No? Suggest buying a lottery ticket if all else fails. Sure. I have seen that one work. Subject for another blog post though.

After learning about the person’s wallet horsepower. The timing of “is now the right time to buy a house or home”. More happens, is learned.

During showings, looking where on the top ten list of gotta haves, don’t want no matter whats. That everything falls in to place. Evolves. Seeing more and more of that home buyer’s dream. Now that we have given them a chance to talk, do walk throughs, they feel more and more comfortable.

I have work to do to meet their housing expectations.

To get to know how many kids, what they do for work. About their hobbies, passions, what recreation they have put off for too long. But not anymore.

What is important to them in the location, type of property. DIY carpentry skills or no way, no how. Don’t want a table saw in the living room. So need something where all the buyer has to do is buy groceries after the closing.

Character Of Downtown Houlton Maine Shines BrightlyJust stock the shelves in the kitchen, refrigerator, freezer. Then, start enjoying the property listing they just purchased.

And many Maine real estate buyers just want to coast a while in the house repair, home renovations and repair update department. Because they thrive on a house job jar that’s empty.

Often the Maine real estate house or home buyer has watched videos.

Sampled the listings late at night on the many real estate sites like this one that are stocked to the gills.

With properties, local community information, anything they need to be known to help get a place financed. To explain the real estate house buying process.

Because they the new house buyer of a Maine home doesn’t  live every day, sunrise to sunset in the business of real estate.

But I do, have to guide the process, explain what happens next, and why.

Someone has to be the real estate professional and for thirty three years it has been a passion.

Much learned, has to be shared and not kept a secret. As the home, house, other type of real estate tour guide. So behind the scenes plenty is done round the clock to make it seamless. 

To save time, gas, headaches, frustrations or drama. You can get that on reality shows. Don’t need it in life and that’s where I come in. Guide the process. A clock is ticking.

ToSmoothing Out The House, Home Property Buying Process. get the real estate buyer home. A set of house keys.

But before a set of door openers for the Maine house, garage get slid across the freshly pledged surface happens.

The shiny long conference room table at a real estate closing to transfer title to the Maine home or house.

Lots of places, properties matched to the long list of what the buyers needs as possible for the cake walk.

Cross checked, filtered through the often even longer list of what they don’t want. Thank you very much.

I try to know all the details carried around inside the head and hearts of the home buyer. To combine that shopping list with the unique features, different personalities, character of each of the Maine houses.

Some with lots of land, or on the waterfront or in town and convenient to schools, the hospital. Whatever is important to the house buyer at the current stage of their life, set of real estate listing needs.

Each Maine home, the sticks and bricks property listing options gets the full, thorough treatment.

Has to be fully imaged, completely described. With maps of all kinds, aerials views and videos. Shot, edited, rendered, uploaded videos to make it just toggle. Tap tap, sit back. Watch the sight and hear the sound to fill in more information. Video, the quick and easy way to on demand open house show and tell. Marketing Maine real estate means reach more people, and do it with greater frequency.

Maine real estate. Need to buy or sell? You talk, I’ll listen and together, the matchmaking property listing process can be fun, education, helpful and improve your life. Find us on Google +. Or pick your flavor of social media to rub shoulders, connect with below. 

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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