The Location, Location, Location Of Real Estate.

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The Maine real estate buyer always has a laundry list of “gotta have” items.

But besides the long wish list, the extra one to go with it of “don’t wants” and the limitations imposed due to a price range cap for the as good as you can get in the current real estate market inventory, the three L’s kick in.

The mantra everyone knows about the three most important aspects of a property listing, of real estate being the location, location, location. cows mooers maine farm photo

If you were ever on a game show and the guy with the big grin.

Asked the million dollar question about what are the three most important features of a piece of real estate, hard to think of anyone not knowing the answer.

Unless hiding under a rock, or named Rip Van Winkle. Just out of commission for a very long time.

And every real estate market is different. In small rural Maine, the lower priced properties mean don’t be looking for a butler’s pantry, quartz counter tops or bidets in the bathroom either.

Practical, functional, durable is the order of the day on the low to the ground price tags hanging off the real estate property listings in Maine for sale.

So besides the garden variety items all buyers asks for like is the roof, foundation, the bones of the property structure good, the location of whatever it is comes into the real estate conversation.

Is the basement wet? What are the property taxes? Not many people ask for a swamp in their hunt for Maine land or a house to call home either.

High and dry, offering a view of the hillside, some water or a rolling pasture gets discussed when folks raise their hands high. Pose the questions about the local turf, the real estate way things roll in small rural Maine.

They also don’t want to be a million miles from work, a hospital or even a Walmart.

Everyone lives differently, has factors like a mother in law on board or divorced daughter or whatever the current life transition. Maybe they have a float plane and want water to park it out front. To factor into their decision on what to buy from the what is for sale in Maine real estate from the MLS inventory. maine lake land photo

The lifestyle that comes with the property structure helps move the selection dial on Maine listings for sale.

Horses, critters and crops need space to grow. Kids do too! An intown Mom and Pop business is going to be where populations gather. Has to be for the exposure and visibility that any healthy business needs to enjoy to be successful and keep their doors open.

So it is a given the price tags hanging off the property listings for sale in Maine are low to the ground. But even cheaper homes, land, farms and waterfront, business properties too can be found out in the willy wags.

But re-selling them is going to be a take a number, have a seat. Hurry up and wait situation. We are not the job capital of the nation but stretching those dollars becomes taken to a whole new level art form.

Paid for, free and clear and not mortgaged to the hilt is the way we live. We don’t like or do heavy duty debt in Maine. Because that robs life.

Retirement income following you to Maine, a nest egg is good planning if Vacationland is going to be your full or part time home.houlton maine fair photo

The price of gas is low now but you and I know it will head back north.

Have a stomach for that?

Higher and higher as history shows in the cycles of oil and gas production. The wear and tear on a car that dies early but still has monthly payments continuing on. That’s going to be an extra financial burden to consider in just how great a property listing is if every trip to town is a long difficult expensive proposition. Especially when factoring in Maine weather.

But remember. When you move to Maine, the properties for sale are all cheaper.

But so are the wages that surround them. Get more for less. But you have to be frugal and make a game to survive and live well without money involved. We try to take money out of the equation.

That is why folks move, relocate, retire to maine right?

They can not afford to live in the land of high costs for everything. Gotta get out and run away to Maine.

Had a fellow in the office from out of state looking to bring his online job with him and to telecommute remotely. Because where he works now, he does the actual travel time and wants a change. From the three hours on a good day behind the wheel holding the 10 and 2 position.

He figures he sees his kids on average about 45 minutes a day.

Lots of folks have the big house in the suburbs but are never there. It is important to make the 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd monthly mortgage payments on them for other needs to be met. To be in the right neighborhood.

In Maine, you don’t have a lot of neighborhoods and head a half miles in any direction from a small town and Ta Da. houlton maine court house photo

You my friend are in the country.

Look around, do the slow 360 degree scan.

What neighbors are there to consider out in the Maine countryside?

Your dog does not bother anyone if suddenly he or she starts barking at the moon or a squirrle dashing across the back yard. Target praciicing is not gonna be causing waves either when you have just wildlife for neighbors, not the two legged kind around you.

You can look up and gaze, see stars, actually constellations and not just read about them in books.

No light pollution, no jet engines roaring, cop or ambulance sirens. No  having to keep your wits about you and carry a tazer with the safety off. The heavy urban worries about crime, the intentions of the folks you hope not to bump into when clustered tightly in a city concrete jungle setting.

So location time three, it is so important in how you enjoy a place when it is in Maine. In the resale of the property listing in Maine, anywhere too.

The location, location, location is everything to the Maine property listing buyer in all the price ranges, types.

Because it affects the value, the use of the fixed position asset.

Here to field those Maine real estate questions, to help in the listing matchmaking and to provide answers specific to your special, invidividual needs as the local resource.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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