The Maine Land Buyer From Hamburg Germany, Not Local.


The Maine real estate property buyer was looking for land in the USA.

And when you are located across the big pond, and puddle jumping is not always easy to schedule in for the lift off, tramping, landing back at home, roll in the video projector with sound. Video for real estate show and tell. Not just for properties but for the area first, the FAQ Maine questions we field about the communities that come up jeepwayfunmainedaily in emails, phone calls, office visits.

The land in Merrill Maine sold, closed today to a buyer from Hamburg, Germany.

I have never met the buyer in person but feel like I know him well.

He has never ridden shotgun in the black jeep touring the Maine countryside. Getting out to stamp, tramp, tour property acreages.

He has not set foot yet on the Maine land he has already seen, now owns. Dreams about using in the next life stage.

Getting here. Making time for whatever plans he has behind his eyes, between his ears. Is carrying around inside but now he has the Maine land. A destination to reach someday.

Skype, emails, texts, and phone calls fill in the murky, unknown in the Maine real estate hide and seek with buyers not so nearby, close.

From Germany he watched, listened to the videos about the area first. We talked back and forth. Zeroed in on the property listing in Maine he wanted after that first are FAQ video session went well, was done. Found the one he wanted to own, rewound it a few times to make sure he had seen the street scene. The quality of the woods imaged, video looped. To hear and gawked at the water frontage of Hastings Stream that borders this surveyed Aroostook County Maine land. Then heading to the check out. Reaching for his wallet along the way to wire closing funds.

Had a couple of ladies from France do pretty much the same thing a couple months back. Same cash sale route. No Maine bank to mess with and all layer of paperwork layer removed asking you to sign here, there and swear this is your free act and deed. Now lower your hand. This pair of Maine real estate buyers got 25 acres of land, a fairly acadia-6new modern home in Washington County to look forward to visiting some day.

Or history has shown busy people sometimes never show up.

A call comes in or email saying let’s list it for sale. Things have come up, not going to get to Maine sadly.

But then years later our paths cross again. And we match up a property listing that fits, works, is what they need at the time. With timing being everything in life. Y

ou have to help them consider all the other factors that affect the real estate decision of when to buy. And which one to select in the pin the tail on the property donkey.

Except with video, real full motion productions and natural sound, extra audio information mixed in, no one is buying Maine real estate wearing a blind fold. With all the blog posts, video playlists, website helpful time saving buyer and seller resources at their fingertips. Not so long ago we had a home listed by an Ireland seller who we found an English buyer to make the match for cash complete, sweet. Not just local buyers but round the World can happen with the right steps taken daily to put our area on the maps for all to see.

The online Maine real estate office never closes. barharbor maine photo

We may doze but never close happens here so ready when you are works just fine for the out of the state, country Maine real estate buyer.

Come and get it. But in the meantime when that is hard, not possible, on second thought, we’ll bring it to you. Making deliveries like the pizza guy without the half hour wait.

The shelves are stocked to the gills.

Piled high. Loaded up like a buffet of mouth watering, time saving information, images, surveys, videos, floor plans.

Loaded up, help yourself to second, third helpings of the Maine real estate works.

Nothing off the children’s menu or senior sized half orders served up from the Houlton Maine beehive kitchen to enjoy. We send out a constrant signal, broadcast round the clock. On whatever device, form of transmission format works best for you. On the ABC’s covering the area and all the property listings in Maine. We are pretty excited about having the world know both for a rich online Maine real estate experience.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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