The Maine Land Buyer From The Florida Keys.


The buyer for a recreational Maine land, cabin property listing is from Marathon, the Florida keys.

snowsledmainephotoHis phone call just now this Saturday morning reminding me he had 76 degrees and sunshine.

While it’s sunny and getting ready to walk five acres with a measuring wheel with a seller who is carving off the Maine home, outbuildings and just this much of the farm property acreage.

It is hovering as I hunt and peck electrons right around 38 degrees.

No black flies today as Thanksgiving week approaches.

Have my snow skis ready for downhill fun.  New Maine snow sled registration in hand.

This buyer for Maine land, hunting and sporting camp property is clear as a bell.

Crystal on what he is after, wanting. Why the call was made. He spells it out with a list of “here is what I am looking for” bullet points. I have $20,000 cash to buy as much land as off the beaten path as possible. Dead end road, a dirt lane is fine. I can live without power he says and round up a generator to fit that need. I want to be in a great hunting area. I need wooded sections to create enough fire wood to heat the camp or cabin.”


“The place can be a derelict, run down shack and that is what I used to do for a living before retirement.”

Breathing new life into tired, weary sticks and bricks. Don’t want a million people around it. And tries to explain he mainetourismdoes not like people and I stop him. I tell him it’s okay. Does not make him anti social or a weirdo to like his own company.

Maine is less people, more wildlife and wild open space I remind him. You have come to the right place.

I remind him that just land in Maine purchases make sense too. Without the shack.

Because even if he was not a black belt in carpentry, there is a whole field of already made Amish buildings from local providers.

And that Ward Log, Katahdin Forest Product and other log home, cabin kit manufacturers are set up to do business right here in the area. The northern woods is full of white, red cedar, pine varieties and ninety one percent of Maine is wooded. So nothing to truck in, lots of low cost wood products to create something with that is his little piece of heaven.moosepeekingout

To use the Maine real estate property listing purchase summers, fall hunting and then retreat to the Florida Keys.

Will stay in touch and just sent him a package of videos for properties one by one like he wants.

Land listing, images of the Maine property acreage all emailed with a click, click and double tap to send.

Easy peasy. And we don’t just do one at a time, it is a volume approach to the slow drip email and direct mail campaign.

I love this job and the new ways to connect through online efforts using video, blogging posts like this one and multiple websites for niche, segment audiences.

What are you after? What can I help you with and do you need Maine real estate owner financing on that property purchase? Let’s connect, reach out like the Marathon Florida Keys buyer just did whatever way works best for you. Call, click, email, smoke signal, or dog and pony snail mail. Here to help with your Maine real estate buying, selling needs.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew  Mooers, ME Broker

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