The Many Roles Of A ME Real Estate Agent Or Broker.

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When you have a job to do the longer you do it, the harder you work, the better you get in Maine real estate sales.

And along the way of helping customers, providing service it is more than just do a good job. Educating about the what is going to maine land photohappen, take place. It’s critical to avoid Maine real estate buyers and sellers jumping ship. Not getting to the closing on time. Or at all.

When you understand what a medical procedure, operation involves, there can still be some fear.

But less worry happens when you are involved in the process. And it is explained what the problem is, the various ways to fix it.

And why we all in the room, you the patient included picked this remedy. As the course of action to fix the ailment. Make it all better. Arrive all together at the same place, solution. Hopefully.

When your Maine real estate buyer or seller is kept in the dark, it only causes confusion.

What’s happening? Jumping to the wrong conclusions from lack of information, not enough communication is a scary, needless place to go by themselves. Pick up the phone, email,  text, visit them.

So one of the many jobs, hats the Maine real estate agent or broker wears is one of teacher. Educator for why we are doing, what we are tackling like a teacher up front in the class room would. Without the quizzes, tests. And lots of questions get asked, answered and a feeling of we are all in this together happens. Or should. Back and forth communication all along the way is critical. We’re partners.

Like most industries, real estate listing, marketing, selling property listings has gotten more complicated, technical.

jeep way fun maine photoThe reason is more flavors of lending to help a Maine home buyer find the right fit for the property listing he or she wants to buy. And the marketing has shifted from just local to around the World.

Whew. That’s a big place. Lot of ground to cover. So we have to have lots of real estate ammo to hit the target quickly, cleanly, successfully. All the time.

The tools needed to provide the high level of service means education. Being a Maine real estate teacher to discuss the process of what we do and why. For the real estate professional that means passion for what we do oozes out.

Having to stay current, sharp. Pay close attention. For the Maine real estate buyer and seller who have a clock ticking. A life milestone objective to meet and they picked a particular Maine real estate agent, broker for a reason. The results are high. But the experience was enjoyable, something good came out of the process. They have a level of trust, there is a connection or otherwise the search continues for that unmet need.

Because there was involvement of the Maine real estate buyer and seller in what we have to do and why, when.

It takes all of the players, bankers, lawyers. Not just the buyer and seller, but the appraiser, code enforcement, soil tester for septics and repair professionals to all be in synch. Working toward the same goal, to get to a Maine real estate closing. harvesting maine potatoes photo

In my Maine real estate career have had lots of listing kitchen table talks with questions on the minds of the sellers being asked.

Or riding to a property listing with buyers who fire away at the FAQ Maine real estate questions. The FYI garden variety list of queries fielded. But lots of new ones too added on to keep me sharp. To get a good work out.

Real estate in Maine listing, selling is a passionate sport for me.

I love what I do, the interesting people I meet, the folks I get to help.

Have taught a real estate practices class for the University of Maine system to help other agents, brokers get licensing too. Not just buyers and sellers needing a helping hand.

Have enjoyed wearing the hat of Maine real estate educator, teacher as just one of the many required today to stay on top in a professional agency listing, selling property listings of all types.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730


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