The Process Of Finding, Trying On A New Maine Home, House.

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A buyer that needs a new Maine home, house for sale is a special situation to tackle, help.

maine little league players photoFor over 33 years I have been lucky enough to be involved in over a thousand Maine real estate transactions. The list and sell has never lost its appeal.

Because the first time buyer of a Maine home is excited, nervous, scared and anxious all roll up together. Real estate buying or selling is emotional.

Involves a major change in a person’s life. A transition happens. Some fun, enjoyable, others not so much because an estate needs to be settle, or a divorce, lay off happened forcing the sale.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is an honor, a priviledge to list, market, sell and help buyers and sellers of Maine home property listings.

And we don’t just peddle home, house properties in Maine. So with land, waterfront, farm properties and mom and pop small business listings, it is never a dull moment. Never gets stale or boring.

The way we market properties has changed dramatically over the last three plus decades. The market is no longer local and the outside, far away buyer needs local information first. Before they rip cord, jump out of the plane searching for a new area to call home. Before shifting focus to the actual property listings in Maine that could work just fine. That match their long unique shopping list. The wallet they sit on, the purse they carry.


Videos are the by far easiest way for a Maine home buyer to lock into the signal. And one after another tour properties, listings. No matter where they live on the planet now. No matter what the weather or time of day where the home in Maine is parked. Because with a mobile phone, device especially, real full motion video with natural sound delivers best.

Quickiest, most memorable is what the video for Maine real estate listings make it for the buyer.

Can be watched, listened to over and over. To learn, see how the puzzle pieces of the property listings in Maine fit, go together. To get in and out of more Maine homes when some free time in a very busy life happens. Which means making way more What are you looking for photoinformed decisions.

Signing on the long term dotted line. On the most important, largest investment most people ever make. Bar none. And doing it on the buyer’s tight time frame. Not tied to a real estate professional’s regular office hour schedule any more.

More imagery and enhanced sites on REALTOR.COM and other platforms open up the detail channels.

 To help the Maine home buyer on the other end of the signal online where 85% of prospects do their searching. More narrative, copy information so the focus on the Maine home becomes crystal clear and complete. Nothing left out.

So the sorting, filtering and picking the ones to actually do a walk through and consider buyer is done easy peasy. Simple, cut to the chase without time wasting on places that just don’t make the cut. For consideration as a Maine home the buyer would actually consider owning, enjoying, buying.

Blog posts on the FAQ topics like this one are hashed out, thoroughly discussed and addressed. Again to save the Maine home buyer lots of time they lack in this busy fast paced world. That we live work and play in. And for sellers to avoid the extra traffic Houlton Maine Shiretown Town Photoon the carpet.

Then the answer to the how did they like it being, houses too close, not enough yard, need a garage, etc. The areas that better, more complete marketing using video, larger, more plentiful imagery provides.

All the details of the Maine homes, other real estate property listings weaved into the copy about each is so essential in this information society .

So the eenie meenie miney moe for a new Maine home is simplified. Done professionally to not waste any one’s time.

To avoid getting the hopes up and dashed because of missing information that should be out in plain sight, available 24/7/365 for the Maine real estate buyer. The one by one we want, need to reach in the audience to tap on the shoulder.

To catch the corner of their eyes to develop interest. Attract attention so the buyer of Maine real estate property listings can easily, quickly and completely glean. And develop their list of places in Maine for sale  to check out, tour for real.

Then the shift andy mooers maine realtor photoonce one is picked, is how to navigate to the Maine real estate closing. To trail blaze, educate, help the home buying process.

To explaine, set the expectations, avoid the pitfalls and see the wrinkles. Avoid or maneuver to keep everyone in the boat. Through the rapids, twists and turns before they happen and upset, stall, drown the process.That can be discouraging, expensive if not done right, professionally.

Everyday, that’s what we do in the list, market, sell (repeat) in Maine real estate sales process.And like every buyer, each property, all the sellers, no two are the same situation. Which makes it a game, sport, challenge.

Are you ready to buy or sell a Maine home, house?

Can I help you find that new Maine home, house, other property listing for sale?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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