The Question The Maine Real Estate Buyer Has To Ask.

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Maine real estate buyers purchasing a property listing wonder what their taxes are going to be the following year.

Especially when buying Maine land and many buildings. So often the question comes up, what are my property taxes on the Maine methodist church parade photoreal estate going to be?

The next time I rip open the envelope.

Get the bill for my new property in Maine delivered.

They gonna walk it, sock it to me?

Property taxes in Maine go up.

They stay the same.

Some years they even drop. And every town in Maine is run differently. Some hip hip, ship shape, tight is right. Others, well loose as a goose. Not so cost efficient.

Each town, plantation, city also does not have the same features. That may help make the property taxes on the Maine real estate lower than others. Industry, making money off licensing, services all go into the same kitty as the property taxes of a Maine community. To pay the bills.

 For example, in New Limerick Maine, having Louisana Pacific, a wafer board, OSB maker in your town helps the tax burden of the residents.

And which town is picked for a purchase has other features monument border market photobesides the property tax amount to consider.

Like who is the power provider, utility with the lines?

And is that the lowest cost one in the area?

Add that in, to the savings by picking this location of real estate in Maine.

Just like how far is this property listing from where I work, the kids go to school, the hospital, etc.

Personal family considerations all blend in to which property listing in Maine to select when buying real estate.

The questions keep coming when the explanation that some Maine towns are cheaper to live in are brought out in the open. maine baby horse farm photo

A Maine county seat, Shiretown historically is more costly for property taxes too.

Because so much of the town, say a quarter of it can be tax exempt.

Not revenue producing to help water down the damage needed by the tax paying pool of property owners.

But there are jobs in many of those tax exempt buildings not paying property taxes in Maine.

So when asked how much is my house in Maine that will be built next year going to cost me for property taxes? It happens a lot.

Lower property taxes in one far far away town may mean home insurance is higher due to lack of full time or any fire department. Have to look at the total picture of “the costs”.

We have to remind folks it depends on the Maine house, lake cottage, woods camp, whatever on the property itself too. The square footage, number of bathrooms, how big is the attached garage and how many out buildings, etc.

The $30,000 of glass in the front of the Maine home is maine lake property photosomething the assessor is going to ooh and ahhh.

Miles of granite or quartz counter top.

Imported exotic flooring, crown molding.

And sheer square footage that MCMansion boasts that just goes on and on.

He or she takes very good notes about on the property, to calculate the tax charge which reviewed, adjusted yearly.

And right up front to establish how much the building(s) are going to add to the bottom line of the land underneath it tax on this Maine real estate property package.

Bordering the waterfront, having a corner lot intown with more street frontage on a pair of roadways. They all add to the real estate truck vending photoproperty tax amount needed to keep currently.

Your name out of the town report for delinquent property tax  payers in any Maine town.

Property taxes in Maine are public information, no secret.

Drive around, pick out some properties like the Maine house you are thinking of putting up.

Then trot in or call the call office to see how big a tax bill that property owner is footing yearly. Pretty good benchmark of what you should expect too.

Some towns in Maine that encourage development, population growth to add to the tax base will assess subdivided land differently too.

Progressive towns want a cookie jar of building lots. For the town to grow. Add to the number of tax payers of properties. These towns will not trigger the per lot house acreage price for taxes until the first one in the litter of properties is sold.

Other towns right off the bat assess the property owner for MooersRealtySearch photoevery single subdivided sub lot right from the get go, off the bat. 

Property taxes on Maine real estate, what are they going to be next year?

Depends on the town, community in Maine.

The town property tax assessor, the industry there and other factors that help limit the sting.

Or add to the heft of the Maine property tax bill the mailman delivers yearly.

That everyone is so happy, jump up and down estatic to see when oh look, the property tax bill arrives… always on a Saturday when the town office is closed. For cooling off before Monday reopening. If the Maine municipality is smart to plan delivery of all their property tax bills that way.

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