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How’s the real estate market in Maine, how are home sales shaping up today?

What’s a house in Portland Maine going for today? What about if I wanted to find a place on a Maine lake or an ocean front home? If you were looking for oh, I don’t know, say forty acres or raw land for recreation somewhere in Maine, you would be wondering how are land sales in today’s real estate market?

This blog post housing report like others before it jumps into the here and now for current Maine real estate market news.

To sneak a peek and tell the tale of listings, property sales, days on market and actual final sale price compared to the beginning listing one. To take the temperature and report the real estate market findings. So let’s hop to it and roll up the sleeve, take the pulse and check the blood pressure of today’s real estate market housing report results.

As always, instead of just statewide blah blah blah, an attempt is made to make the statistics have value to a buyer or seller.

If you are in now or plan to be soon one of those two camps, real estate market values are very hot news you can use. It’s the biggest investment most of us ever make right? So it’s kinda important when your wallet or purse is attached to the news you peruse. That ‘s why we do Maine real estate market reports.

So the headlines first in Maine real estate new reporting.

This month for the entire state of Maine 7617 current listings are for sale. This compares to 9361 listings a days on market reportyear ago this month period, a reduction of 18.6 percent.

Further study of today’s Maine Listing’s housing report inventory shows for the year, inventory numbers are off, down 6.3 percent for active real estate listings.

From the latest numbers, there are 955 new Maine real estate listings in the last thirty days.

A year ago this month, 852 new sellers put their Maine property on the market. All these real estate market stats are for residential. Maine is way more than just houses for sale and a little further down the blog post let’s look into land listing sales, other property types to round out your take away today. 

 The number of real Maine real estate listings sold over the last year was up 1.9 percent.

For the current month, the number of solds are up nearly 24% statewide. Pending listings,  fingers crossed and expecting to become slid into the SOLD statistics column are up six percent for the last year. The number higher by18.9 percent for this month than a year ago comparison. 

Myth buster, Maine real estate sells in winter weather.

Over the holidays people go online to see what is for sale for properties. Snow flakes or not it does not matter for someone in the mood to shop for real estate for sale in Maine. The online surfer checks out what is new, what’s been hanging around and hoping has a price reduction.

If you are not listed, your place is out of the running for consideration of what to buy any given day.

It’s like winking at girl in the dark… poor results. Simple as that. List, delay possession date but get the property exposed online. But not if someone tells you otherwise and you wait until spring to list. Again, snow on the ground does not mean properties listed in a Maine winter will not sell.

New listings for the month are up 7.1 percent but for the month because of demand and were down 1.8 percent for the last year.

So the Maine real estate market as a state is up, good. Things moving right along. Rosy real estate headlines maine real estate market grmeans those on the fence slide off to list their property for sale.

Here’s the blurb from Maine REALTORS sent around the Word today about the Maine real estate housing report.

Sales of singlefamily existing homes in Maine jumped by double digits last month.

According to Maine Listings,1,497 homes changed hands in Decemberup 23.21 percent from December of 2018.

Prices were also up 7.83 percent, reachinga median sales price (MSP) of $234,000comparing December 2019 to December 2018. The MSP indicates that half of the homes were sold for more and half sold for less.Statistics for the entire 2019 sales year indicate a statewide 1.55 percent increase, compared to 2018. The yearly MSP rose 4.65 percent to $225,000.”

If you hear nothing is selling and you get the idea sales are slow, you don’t bother to list.

It’s real estate human nature.

Unless there is an estate sale, a pending foreclosure or divorce proceedings making the relocation ASAP important.

The casual listing is usually higher priced than it should be.

When the property lingers and does not sell, the public often blame the current Maine real estate market.

When the real estate agent or broker taking the listing is the one telling the Maine property owner what to expect for a final sale figure. Overpriced real estate listings don’t sell and it is not because of the up, down spikes or flat line real estate market operating at any given time period. Lack of full throttle, helpful far reaching marketing is needed too. To partner up with the realistic price combined with marketing for less days on the market. To sell quicker, easier without an expensive time and money hassle. To make a listing end up in the latest housing report sold column.

But let’s be real.

Unless you are a real estate buyer, seller, investor, were an economics major or a politician trying to take credit mainemapfor a healthy real estate market, that sort of news report blurb can sound pretty dull. Making your eyes glass over wondering what does it all mean and does that figure apply to my corner of Maine?

Goes right over your head without much attention provided most of the time unless you are buying or selling.

Like the Dow Jones industrial average or NASDAQ stock market report.

You’ve heard the NPR radio or television announcer. Pretty much summiung it up with “the market is up two points, trading was brisk in the Hong Kong and London exchanges over night.

Ho hum summed up so quickly and with numbers jargon only floor traders and those with a large fat stock portfoliio smile or panic over. 

That is a waste of your time and not the best way to use recycled electrons creating yet another blog post that few eyes will ever scan. Because it is like Wonder Bread full of hot air and not much else. Here’s the latest Maine REALTOR’s Maine real estate market report that hit the email inbox after this blog post was hammered out on the current state of affairs.

Land listings for sale in the Maine real estate market, how are things going in that department?

Most Maine land buyers are recreational users. Oh sure there are housing developments in the handful of Maine cities. Some commercial and industrial applications for the Maine land being bought and sold. But Vacationland, that’s what all the bottom lines on the license plates used to read before vanity or special causes took over.

Land on a lake, for hunting camp, for hobby or commercial farming, for the woodlot renewable resource to heat your Maine home.

maine land 100 200 acresLand to build a new home. To get rid of the potential for a neighbor building too close or for expansion.

Maine real estate is all over those type of properties we list and sell.

It is not like so many urban markets just homes, houses and condos, apartment complexes.

Maine is a rural state with lots of land, more wildlife than people and S-P-A-C-E.

Today 5691 Maine land listings for sale is what the meter reads.

There are sixteen counties in Maine and the values go down as the acreage supply increases the further north then east and west up into the interior of the state you venture. Of those Maine land listings,  there are 162 parcels for sale where the property size is 100 acres or bigger but smaller than 200 acres. Like the weather how big a supply and demand changes.

There are literally hundreds of real estate markets operating within the state totals for units and types.

Tap into a local Maine real estate professional. To log into the Maine Listings numbers to dive into the place incumberland 451 land listing the real estate pool you need to know more about today.

Search now the statewide, Maine Listings real estate portal.

Stay tuned for more Maine real estate market reports.

For multi unit apartments, business listings, waterfront and the many other different types of property listings bought and sold on the Maine real estate market.

No matter what interest rates are or the time of year, there is always a Maine real estate market to buy and sell in.

Arer you looking to buy or sell Maine real estate? We don’t just list houses and homes for sale in Maine either. More than cabins and camps, or structures. Land in Maine for sale is a big part of it. Which is what makes our Maine real estate job so interesting and diverse in small markets where we live, work and play. 

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