The Wrong Home Updates, Don’t Do This In Maine.

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Maine is a rural state, less people, so fewer homes.

And when it is time to sell a house in Maine, the topic of what should be done, what to avoid is discuss.

baxter park in maine moose photoAround the kitchen table of the property listing in Maine for sale, the talk centers on basics. 

Luxuries that might work if you were in Hollywood to boost the curb appeal, jack up the excitement with home buyers.

All that razzle dazzle are way way different than Maine. Where everything is kept meat and potato simple here in the Pine Tree State. Where money saving updates win the day hands down.

So if you are in a small rural Maine real estate market, the home for sale starts out clean. Free of debris. All the major house systems working properly and the price tag hanging off the home for sale is realistic. Has to be or real estate shelf life happens.

Whispers start about there must be something wrong with the place we can not see… PSssssst.

Hear that going around the grapevine, into the ears of patrons at barber shops, lady hair twisters. To weigh in on the new Maine home for sale.

The DOM rises rapidly to dangerous levels. (Beep beep increase of property sale monitors heard in background, whoosh of respirator sound) So easy does it. canoers waiting on maine river photo

Or ten foot pole bruises and bumps mentally are perceived.

Hesitation marks appear all over the property for sale, the Maine home that loiters.

Going without a new Maine home owner too long.

If you the property seller know a house sale is in the tarot cards, seen in your tea leaves or clouds in your coffee.

Then hold your wild horses on the updates you think you would like, that everyone else would too. Like snow flakes, differences in opinion florish out there in the real estate market, in life.

Tap into the skinny on what the local real estate home for sale market says about this or that before setting up the table saw. Erecting the staging for property updates.

Because often the local real estate market, not the one on HGTV or some other “reality house show’ is not reacting the same way.

As radiating from the boob tube. horses group in maine photo

We live in a Northern climate where winterization features score high on the judge’s card.

Add a garage to tuck away the car or pickup when the snow dustings blow in is a big bonus.

Like Maine home new windows that are insulated. And actually work for a little summer breeze, or to climb out of if oh oh, somethings burning. And it’s not love.

Go windows not wind filters. That don’t need paint and more than one layer of glass that is wrapped in vinyl to protect who’s inside from the outside elements.

To get loud oohs and ahhs out of the real estate home buying crowd. That watch, take careful note of each and every one that travels down the MLS cake walk conveyor belt of what’s for sale house wise today.

The extra half bath, a first floor bedroom for extended family that will be sharing the space under the Maine home roof.

That makes the property more appealing, have greater utility too. Just like handicap friendly bath, outside ramp with railings.maine hiking cadilac mountain photo

Not having to shingle the roof or there is a metal one for carefree property enjoyment is huge.

So is not needing a paint brush.

All the scapring and primer coats applied before the dab on your favorite house color.

That missing slip in the Maine home job jar for a place makes buyers warm up to seriously considering your place for sale Mr House Seller. 

The color of your Maine home can affect how long it takes to sell. For how much on the current real estate market too. Everyone wants to know what makes a Maine home worth more. Find out before your plow in all that hard earn money. Ask a real estate agent, broker, REALTOR early on for guidance. To avoid costly surprises.

Or watch it lost in the house sales price return and becomes the buyer’s gain for free. If they even appreciate the extra mile you went to create a one of a kind Maine home you never planned to sell. But that the property appraiser will not reward for either. The home buyer does not dip into the pocket to peel from the roll of currency to make up the difference in what you shelled out, that the market says sorry, no dice. 

Being able to afford a small price tagged Maine home helps shorten the list of gotta have, don’t wants. Like the simple living in Maine approach to each waking day, we enjoy the all natural surroundings more.

Because the hassle of making it more complicated and costly is out the door.

You’ll like what we have for beautiful four seasons landscapes, the people, water and woods to explore. But just as much what is missing you don’t need adds to the experience when you discover the real Maine. Go deep.

No need for indoor pools, quartz counter tops, or the butler, maid, chauffeur’s quarters in Maine. Make it solid, affordable, with a good layout and maintained. Not swanky or snarky or hoity toity works best on Maine home updates.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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