Things Sellers Do That Lose Real Estate Sales.

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You are the owner of a property, the thought of selling the real estate is on your mind.

A few things that sellers do to hurt not help the chances of a successful real estate sale. It all starts with the motivation, are you really sure you want to or not as the property owner letting go?balloon high real estate price photo

Not sure, but anxious for the let’s stick a real estate sign in the lawn and give it a whirl just the same.

Oh oh.

Start shelling out the advertising dollars to crank up the exposure, increase the reach for prospects as the real estate agent, broker, REALTOR.

But when a buyer ready, willing and able is located by the real estate professional, will you follow through with the sale? If not so sure, slow down. Let’s talk. Think this one over.

In your heart of hearts, as the owner of the property listing being marketed, are you up for the trip to long conference room table or not?

For the paperwork signing to transfer the title to the property. And to move along with your life to the next real estate adventure.

If there is doubt, don’t list. You are not ready and instead of hoping you get used to the idea of allowing a real estate sale to happen, wait. For everyone’s benefit.

No waste of time, money, emotion until you are sure in your heart and head that let’s get this place sold.

Second, if you the property owner are not ready to sell for a realistic value, but would for a price in excess of the real today appraisal. Wait. Don’t do it. Or better yet as the real estate agent or broker, don’t take the listing.

Because the real estate professional is suppose to know. Sets the expectations, helps in the navigating from listing to property closing. Deals whole heartedly with the kinks and knots along the way.

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You can not help someone sell a hopelessly over priced property. 

Two reasons real estate does or does not sell.


As the agent or broker of real estate, if your real estimate of value today of the property makes the owner mad and holler, politely say thank you. And leave.

The shouting “I’m not going to give it away” means the seller is not ready to accept the real estate value that is needed to hammer into a price to market with and locate a buyer.

Often the anger is not at you the agent, but themselves for over improving and never think they would find themselves in a situation where a real estate sale would be needed.

This seller shops until they find an agent or broker who thinks the bloated price is not big deal and takes the real estate listing.farmer market in maine photo

Six months or a year later when the listing runs out, other agents, brokers will be called to take over the marketing.

Time can make the seller realize that ignoring the realistic price tag approach to marketing the property listing is a frutile exercise. That just spins tires, like treading water or standing still.

More tips for sellers of real estate to keep in mind to help assure a sale of the property listing happens. Here are some mistakes buyers of real estate make too.

Not intentionally, but that can harm a listing sale of the real estate sale just the same. Thee property being marketed, needing buyer and seller to come together for the transfer at the closing.

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