Things To Do For Fun In Houlton Northern Maine

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Things to do for fun in Houlton Northern Maine.

This blog post is all about what is there to do for local community events in  Aroostook County’s oldest town Houlton Maine. If you are like me, most folks like to see and hear about the things to do for fun in Houlton Northern Maine with video.

Things to do for fun in Houlton Northern Maine.

When you live in Aroostook County, the things to do list is huge. Because unlike a crowded city setting with no space and a high cost of living attached, rural Northern Maine offers plenty of room. Unspoiled because less people and more space all four seasons.

With over 14,000 miles of trails across a county the size of CT and RI, you have no crowded, get away from me feelings.

drews lake boat landing
Float Your Boat, Wet Your Fishing Line In Drews Lake Near Houlton Maine.

It’s just you and the wildlife, the natural beauty of the Maine outdoor setting. Head out of a small Maine town in any direction and within a half mile, you feel the elbow room.

Don’t get me wrong. People are great. Most of them.

But when there are just too many closing in on you. The sea of impersonal faces, when the six lanes of traffic around you are honking horns and not in the friendliest of moods. Well that road rage anger sucks the joy out of life. It is easy to believe everywhere else around the globe is like this too.

Small town Maine is not like that.

What to do for fun around your ME rental home
Things To Do For Fun. Help Your Maine Rental Home Tenant Know What’s Available.

Folks are helpful, handy, pitch in and hard working to be there for you. You return the favor in the other direction too. There is a more intimate connection in small town Maine simpler living. Down to Earth, nothing fake or pretentious. Sincere not blue blood snobby.

Welcome to Maine, the way life should be.

Other blogs on things to do in Houlton Maine, the events have been posted. The outdoor space, four seasons of trails to hike, bike, explore for free makes the list of things to do for fun a long one. Not able to begin to cover the topic on community events adequately in one 2000 word blog post. Small Maine towns offer all kinds of fun things to do. The atmosphere is friendly people,

houlton maine market square
Farmer’sMarkets In Houlton ME’s Market Square. Houlton ME, Aroostook County’s Oldest Town.

Living in a small Maine town is all about volunteering and pitching in to create the home grown local events.

Depending on the time of your visit to the Houlton Maine area, you have a revolving list of community activities to attend.

Check out the Houlton Maine state fair, parade, agricultural exhibits, fireworks and everything else associated with the 4th of July festival of events!

 What else to do for fun in Houlton Northern Maine?

The local two screen Temple Cinema offers 1st run movies. Munch on your popcorn, enjoy the silver screen presentation with surround sound in downtown Market Square, Houlton Maine. Lots of places to eat in Houlton Maine too.

Cary Library is another jewel to explore.

What’s your local library like is often the first thing folks scouting out a new place to live quiz me about in phone calls, emails and text messages.

Just a few things to do for fun in Houlton Northern Maine.

Walk the river trails, play tennis at the courts, visit the little league field of dreams. That and more for fun awaits you in Houlton Northern Maine.

Please watch the top video in this blog post showing your our Northern Maine soap box derby, the farmers market in Market Square, our local agricultural, lumberman’s and historical museums. So much rich local history awaits at Aroostook County.

houlton me aroostook county
Maine Has 16 Counties. The Real Estate Market In Each Is Very Different! Lower Cost, Friendly Small Town Living.

Pick a season, don’t need a reason to travel to Aroostook County.

And remember, being a border town opens up a slew of other possibilities. Maine being connected to New Brunswick and Quebec Canadian Provinces makes your stay in Houlton an international one. We are all related with our Canadian cousins and cross border traffic is a daily event for many.

For a broader statewide Maine things to do suggestion list, glean the Me In Maine blog posts. Everything Maine is fair game to hunt and peck for even more to add to your to do list.

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