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Save buyers and sellers of real estate property listings time and money.

That’s the mission every day and night from our corner of the World in Maine. Real estate marketing has a big component to fill under the heading of “education”.brownieinacan

To help confused, scared buyers and sellers get up to speed about the real estate process.

About who to turn to get the best deal working with complicated bank financing loan mortgage programs. To know about legal issues, easements, etc that need the help of a local lawyer to untangle that can crop up to threaten a Maine property sale if not handled correctly. Everything that is happening and why. What could happen and how to avoid the real estate quick sand. That’s what brokers, agents, REALTORS provide the owners, the purchasers. 

Here are some tips for real estate sellers. Apply more tips for real estate buyers.

Tips for Maine land buyers, including what owner financing is all about that gets used used in property acreage installment sales. And often farming the Maine land is the desire. More on starting a small farm in Maine tips. We learn a lot too from real estate post mortems to make sure they are happen infrequently. No one likes to throw in the towel, wave the white flag or have to toe tag a real estate transaction. Canceling a listing is no fun either. If an agent, broker, REALTOR studies the listing and property sales, learn how they tick. Then it becomes crystal. You see clearly the patterns, red flags when they appear. Staging property is important because if I can smell it, you may not sell it unless a buyer is nose blind or living with the same odors he brings with him from the last house. Reduce the clutter, clean the place, make sure there are lights  on and all the property systems work properly. If you want a bank to approve the home loan. To give the clear to close green light.

Both groups, sellers and buyers real estate remorse have it happen in property listing sales from time to time.

And don’t forget the local community information that the brand new to the area folks need first. Before moving on to the slice, dice, filtering the segment of the current property listings that interest them most. The real estate for sale that fits their price range and household / lifestyle needs best is considered after the where do I want to invest on the planet is decided. The “tell me about your area” is what I would want if brand new to these parts. To make sure I was doing the right thing buying here. Making the largest purchase most ever do involving real estate in a new unfamiliar area. It starts with learning how the locals live, what makes the small Maine town living sparkle. Why the lifestyle is so rewarding for the less populated small Maine towns the state is dotted with up, down and sideways.

 Learn more about Houlton Maine.

Maybe you are wondering about the Houlton Maine area schools? Or have questions about our Northern Maine weather? Ask questions, don’t swallow them. We’ll call with answers, send emails with links to the learn more on whatever topic interests you most. Text us at 207.532.8960 and we’ll respond at once. And is there a mortgage calculator parked on the right hand lane of this real estate site to run the figures. Play with the numbers for loan payments you are considering. More tips on mortgage program lending options. But first and foremost, maybe you are needing a job, work, employment in Houlton Maine.mainecoast0001

So this section of our MOOERS REALTY real estate website is labeled “Tips & Tricks” for a reason.

Because to work best, we need to be a partner with property buyers and sellers. To provide both sides of the closing table valuable information they need right up front. All along the way to the final real estate closing.

To set expectations and to explain why this happens, what is going to occur after that.

And to explain what everyone has for a job to do their part to get all of us to the real estate closing on time or at all. Based on what other folks in the same boat have needed to make the sale easier, more enjoyable. From people in the buying and selling, the questions they ask over and over. That’s where a lot of where we get the ideas for real estate blog posts that are hunt and pecked on a regular basis. Written, posted for others to learn from that have a real estate clocks ticking loudly in their lives. And a hungry with a burning desire to get fresh, accurate, total information quickly. It is what I would want if on the other end of this same signal. Estate sales, divorcing real estate owners, keeping track of all the players involved in a sale needs a captain to navigate. Often through choppy waters where if any one makes mistakes, crucial repairs are needed stat to recover from the damage and costly delay. That could cost the sale.

To do our job well, the real estate listing, marketing, selling means always think of ways to save the customer time, money.

Any unneeded frustration is what we hope to avoid if within our power. And every day our office applies what we have learned from thirty eight years of Maine real estate business experience. But reinventing our job due to better ways to deliver the service happens too. Technology is a wonderful development for real estate. As long as you read, learn, network and apply new methods to do what we do better.gardenmaine1 Blog posts on the more asked questions, the FAQ make it easy to drill down into as far as a person wishes to go. People want information NOW.

Like help help, “how much home can I afford” to buy one hot topic.

Throw them a blogging life ring. Don’t let them waste precious time treading water outside your floating boat. Hear their SOS and be there for the real estate rescue.

We don’t want to make the buying and selling audience delayed in getting information.

It’s not 9-5 any more. We’re open for business round the clock online with all the bases covered. A bit at a time  tease or not providing it all is like pulling hen’s teeth for your buyer and seller right? Please visit our Mooers Realty blog post section of this website. It’s loaded with rich tasty information you can use and need. Other real estate topics are in there to scroll down through and help yourself with endless helpings of information. Come back for more when you have time. Something for both real estate buyers and sellers to realize, over priced property listings don’t sell. That never changes year after year. Forget that key point and pull up the real estate sign. No one’s leaving home. No need to reach for your coat hanging on the hook. The one by the smoke detector, carbon monoxide sensor. Buyers are not dumb and do their homework on area property  pricing. Banks have mortgage loan appraisers that shake their head, point thumbs down when the price tag is nose bleed too high in the sky. Tips & Tricks in real estate. We put ourselves in the shoes of each buyer, seller in a listing property sale. No two real estate transactions quite the same set of variables and we work with all kinds of people as a Maine broker. Lots to share about the ins and out of how we market real estate too. Video is a game changer for sure using the eyes and ears to avoid a stall in the connection until the buyer can clear their schedule and physically travel north. Video allows us to deliver the property listings, the local communities surrounding them to the buyer no matter where they are on the planet. 

This real estate website is designed to not just have the information channels all covered to dial in but to be smooth in navigation.

Not needing to throw it in reversed using the back button. The design is to create easy passage from one area to another part of it. And to know where you are at all smallermooersrealtyscreenshtimes. We believe right off the bat when you enter our site, you better be feeling it is the right spot. To remove the anxiety of before you landed here and were frustrated in your last couple site visits to other platforms. And on our real estate website, if this listing, this discussion is not quite hitting the bull’s eye target, then more slightly different right here, here and over there to keep you interested. To get your answers fast. Keep you on the right path. To lead to a Maine real estate problem solving feeling of satisfaction. Your time is valuable, you don’t want to waste it.

Here is a recent blog post on VA home loans for buying a house in Maine.

We keep adding to the collection to help you buy and sell Maine real estate. Room for one more set of tips on moving, the relocating countdown check list. And what about the Interstate 95 exit number chart ? It’s right here, we’re riding shotgun with you on your trip to Maine. You won’t need GPS plugged in. Traffic is missing in Maine, the 4th lowest crime state too. Lowest car insurance in Maine and the list just grows long for the countless reaosns to make our neat state your new home. If I was moving to your area, I would want to ask a few questions. Feel free to do the reverse and to fire away about what you need answers to rolling around in your head.

Tips and tricks to help you through the real estate buy and sell process.

When you are ready, reach out, let’s connect and get the real estate process started. MOOERS REALTY is an experienced Maine real estate broker here to help. It all starts with me listening, you talking. The two of us developing a plan for the real estate puzzle piece. The one(s) you need that fits best in your life, the dipping into your wallet or purse to fund the property listing closing exercise.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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