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We get the call at the Maine real estate office about land a property owner is thinking of putting under a tree growth plan.

Should I do it and beyond the lower property taxes, will I regret it later he wonders. eagle in tree photo

The biggest concern a real estate agent or broker has is making sure there is an out parcel not included in the tree growth woodlot plan.

A building spot that will soil test for a septic waste water disposal system. With an approved design that makes it possible, allows the new land owner to get a permit. For construction of a structure or two on the ten acres of more woodlot being managed.

The small out parcel not covered by the forestry management plan standing out clear as a bell. Like it is wearing blaze orange. So if the owner of the Maine woodlot decides he wants to sell, there will not big a stiff penalty for taking the land out of tree growth to be able to do it.

Or a penalty because the new owner has different plans and wants to clear large sections of the woods under the management forestry plan.

Or to build a cute cabin in that bluff overlooking the river with the big wide open view. But that was not excepted out by the forester. The licensed Maine forester who did the forestry management plan. Has a lot to consider beyond walking the woodland. Putting it on paper what needs doing to the forestry land to comply with regulations, recommendations.

Ever thought about buying a Maine woodlot, land acreage that is forested with lots of tree species?

Growing stock, trees capable of producing at least one twelve foot sawlog now or in the future. The application of a sound forestry plan designed with best practices and logical principles possible.

Makes sure all the plants, animals and the waterfront elements are protected. Live together in lake dusk photo in maine harmony. Keeping it clean.

The forestry plan, the one you record so the Maine woodlot is in tree growth will have lots of terms in it.

That get explained out to understand the approach to maximizing the potential for the great timber out put. If the land owner of the woodlot in Maine follows the guidelines and suggestions in the forestry tree growth plan.

The tax parcel containing again at least 10 acres of “forest land” with a forest management and harvest plan, to be updated at least once every 10 years.


Trees removed before they lose value or because they stunt the growth of others around them. All in the delicate nitty gritty meat of the Maine forestry tree growth plan. sick trees needing to be cut, stack, hauled away.

Along with the overstory crown larger trees. Cutting off daylight to lots of little trees on the Maine wooded acreage of ten acres or more.

All struggling, competing for sunshine to grow tall and long vertically. Nothing worse than a tree not developing and made to grow in the dark of shade.

In competition with other woodlot sections that live in the “cellar” for lighting that is so essential to foster growth along with nutrients, proper drainage.

And selective thinning out practiced to weed out some of the too close, over populated areas of the Maine woodlot.  maine lake woodlot photo

Natural regeneration of the woodlot is key for the investment to shine brightest in your forestry management plan.

To encourage the next generation of tree saplings, seedling to kick start the growth process.

To assure a healthy woodlot with all the mixed timber needed. The soil type and lay of the land, terrain contributing to how does your woodlot grow Mary Mary.

With softwoods in the lower areas that might be wetter or a cedar swamp allowing mostly winter cutting operations only.

Or the high, dry ridge hardwood regions that a maple syrup collection operatoin might be considered. As an option that is fun, profitable at the same time. Mixing business with pleasure can be win win.

If the wood timber stands are considered even-aged, that is a good reading to find out is happening over the land.

The difference between the oldest and youngest trees if less than 20% of ice fishing lake photothe length of rotation means even aged is happening in the Maine woodlot.

Blow downs where some trees have been thrown over, broken by wind or heavy snows, the weight of ice build up.

Besides increasing the yield of the woodlot timber output to harvest, haul to the mills, protecting the environment is another concern brought up by the forestry planfor tree growth.maine ice fishing photo

BMP’s or Best Management Practices are the guidelines for the reduction of erosion, sedimentation of water bodies from logging operations skidder ruds. Never wanting water to raise to a stream and picking up loose sediment along the way.

Soil erosion around Maine lakes in particular are a major threat to the life of the waterfront property owner. Fish hate weed and feed, don’t like lawns or pressure treated decking. Choke when sediment is released into small Maine brooks and streams, into rivers and lakes.

All this protection of the logging operations and BMP’s essential to make sure nothing is damaged from the timber harvest. It is all spelled out in the forestry plan when your Maine land is put into a tree growth plan.

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