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The need for two master bedrooms in a home may not be for the reasons you think.

The polite habit of giving up the best bedroom for your house guests and retreating elsewhere would not be needed. If there was a second master bedroom with its own bath, you the home owner would not have to vacate and retreat to the cramped back bedroom. Because that kind of swanky comfortable could quickly wear out the welcome of the folks from away who decide to stay on and on longer.

They say company is like fish. It can start to smell after a few days. No matter which side of the family the house guests are related to in the home away from home, we’ve got company experience.  bedrooms 2 130 main st

A second master bedroom is catching on in home building house plans for lots of reasons.

The King and Queen in the home might have health problems that interfere with a good night’s sleep. You know how grumpy you and I are if the rise and shine is after a night of tossing and turning. Counting sheep pretty much all night long.

If Dad snores or likes to read detective novels long into the night, if Mom is a night owl and watching murder mysteries while her mate is trying to saw logs causes a delay for the visit from the sandman. Or the queen of the house sadly develops a hiatal hernia that means the bottom footer of the bed has to be jacked up like the back end of a 1960’s muscle car, the two situations clash. No easy remed sharing the same bed or setting up twins. It can cause discomfort for both of the home owners. So the remedy could be a pair of master bedrooms. No one person gets the penthouse quarters in the coin toss, both do. In vacation homes, all the brothers and sisters want equal digs. Mr. Carpenter, construct more super sized master bedrooms please.

Elderly parents moving into to live under the same roof line need larger than average bedrooms.

They have deserved the right to have a special master bedroom and not be crammed into the back bedroom with no window, missing a closet and located pretty much as far away from the nearest bathroom as possible. That won’t work with a walker or poor eye sight in the middle of the night one hundred yard dash or crawl. Some have breathing machines to place in the already tight for space bedroom area. Expand the walls please. Don’t fence me in.

The senior citizens should get a master bedroom just as plush as the home owner because they are helping to swing the house payment by subsidizing living expenses. Or the Golden Girls set up in Florida all should have equally nice appointed and just as large master bedroom retreats.

So master bedrooms, is it just the largest of the collection of the areas designated for lights out sleeping?

Whichever bedroom has one or two extra feed is dubbed the master? Does it have to have it’s own bathroom and walk in closet? And if it is suppose to hold a California king size bed, the exercise equipment, the reading and dressing area and night stands, bureaus and the big screen television, that means the 8×10 bedroom is not going to cut it. sullivan 34

You and I watch TV and sit through the flicks.

We’ve all seen the master bedroom suites with atriums, spas, his hers and ours double or triple featured everything. Walls of closets, sleeping porches, vanity make up areas and the doo dads go on and on to top whatever you have seen before for master suites. Lots of glass, all kinds of plants, art, celebrity photos, trinkets from travel displayed heavily. With tennis courts of clay playing surfaces and in ground lap pools in the mini gyms off the home theatres with stadium first class seating.

Status, luxury, the out to impress because you somehow earned the right is contagious in many upscale neighborhoods ruled by snarky home owner associations (HOA’s). Lots of rules, plenty of high cost penalties if you the home owner does not stay on the straight and narrow. No laundry hanging on lines, no pickups or service vehicles in the yard and your lawn. Better not let it grow a quarter inch out of grass length compliance standards.

We’re not touching on the married but sleeping alone aspect of why not double up on the master bedroom count in a house play layout.

Frisky, frigid, this is a G rated blog post. What happens behind close doors with all the mirrors and candles, soft SADE or Chris Isaak, Al Green, Van Morrison or Marvin Gaye lovey dovey tunes in your castle when the light clicks off is none of our business. Do people still buy water beds and lava lamps or UV lighting? There are other reasons some folks believe two master bedrooms make for a happier marriage. But the other desire to seek more than one is it would be handy if you can afford it. gervaishoultonme int17

College kids coming home could use the digs. So could the divorcing daughter or son that might have a small child and need space for the crib, the baby accessories. They are not here for just the long weekend but an undetermined length of time.

Two master bedroom suites means we’re not talking about the layout of a 5-3-1 shoe box 1008′ square foot ranch USDA home.

But luxury homes, where the trend is more than one master bedroom please on the check off list for gotta have features. Like McDonald’s menu, it is not just hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, milk shakes and an apple or cherry pie anymore. Folks want and will get selection to set themselves apart from the average Joe home buyer if their salary allows to purchase the above and beyond.

In small rural Maine real estate markets, the concern for more garage space bays, a large country size kitchen or out buildings for a farmstead use of lots of acreage surrounding the home. More important than a set of masters. gervaishoultonme int21

Here where wildlife outnumbers people. Where land is vast, no one needs to outline their backyard in fencing and you don’t see a neighbor.

The Maine house price tags are lower to the ground and the buyer has a distinct advantage in findingaffordable homes. Glitz and gold trim is replaced with practical, easy to heat, cheap to operate places with up to snuff maintenace. Those trump the homes of the rich and famous in Mayberry type small town living.

Here are some house plans providing for more than one master bedroom in your new home design.

Thinking of building a new home and with all the things you lacked in every place you lived before. But also filled with the things you don’t want to give up and have enjoyed in all the houses before this brand spanking new one.

It is fun to dream. To have a stick built from scratch using a set of blueprint plans to get what you want. To have it your way like the place with the cardboard crowns promises.

But I have to say. I have always wondered why you would need a home with 8 bathrooms, only 3 bedrooms too. Doesn’t anyone share and take turns? How many bathrooms can you use at the same time? Or are most of your friends the kind with weak kidneys and just well hydrated and needing to powder their nose a lot? Heck in small rural real estate markets, the 1.5 baths is wonderful. Does the trick just fine with a little planning in the daily living routine in a house in Maine.

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