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Over 73% of property home owners say they’re more likely to list with a REALTOR creating a video for them, but only 4% of agents do and upload their real estate videos to YouTube.

NAR, the National Association Of REALTORS does lots of studies. To see the habits of the real estate buyers, sellers and to share with the us out in the field. loons in maine on lake photo

These real estate surveys, studies find 90% of home buyers use the Internet to hunt down, learn about property listings one by one.

And 85% of real estate buyers find the images useful.

But that video rockets by just photo displays and skimpy property information copy details.

Trying to turn the images into a video is a cheap imitation and recycle the same old stills that wastes time. A trick of the same images zooming in and out. Causing the buyer to grab, hold on to something steady.

Of images the Maine home real estate buyer has already seen.

Real video is full motion, the sound adding 40% of the online experience. Using the eyes and ears to showcase the property listings and help the other end of the marketing signal distinguish the differences of each offering.

There is an easy way to make real estate videos.

The magic of videos is they save everyone time, gas, hastle. The middle of the night open house showings, no matter what the weather happen easily. Round the clock help yourself come in from the curb on every property listing.

If you shoot, edit, render, upload real estate videos for properties for sale. For the local community events too. Because new to the area out of town real estate buyers need the chamber of commerce, welcome wagon videos tours. We do those for the local flavor using community videos.

Videos for real estate also help put the property puzzle pieces together the right dog sheep photo

Pulling the buyer thru the property listing after showing the four corners.

What you are looking at from every angle helps the buyer get a sense of the lot, the layout of the home.

And to easily know that there is a bedroom and bath on the first floor for your Mother honey. (Groan but quick smile and happy happy face.)

Leaving information out causes confusion in property eenie meenie miney moe efforts. The real estate buyer if nothing is there may jump to the wrong conclusion based on what he or she hopes for in a property.

Or big disappointment comes out during the real walk through where this property is nothing like they had imagined.

Because you the agent, broker REALTOR did not provide enough to get the clear 20 20 vision on what do we have here on every single property listing. brochure-ad photo

And to cause them to mutter under their breath, ask the all important question.

Why are you wasting my time, your seller’s and your own too?

Real estate video with the blinking red light and open shot gun mic captures the what do we have here for sale.

And delivers it to the buyers local and far far away.

Making the audience as large as possible, not limited in any way.

It is easier to land on the front page of search engine queries with video.

The buyer can sort out the ones that get removed from the tour list or which decide on their end which real estate properties make the cut.

Using their own filtering, the cross check of the gotta have, don’t want criteria they apply to the listings for sale.

Video tours for real estate properties.

Usually done at our peak time from log study. Around the time of 10:30 at night, or early morning on weekends. Those are the spikes with heavy demand, thousands of hours worth of video downloaded and watches, listened to and rewound. To rewatch the real estate and area videos. videos mooersrealty logo

Definitely not just assessing them 9-5, Monday through Friday.

And grazing what’s new or doubling back to keep their eye on a particular listing using the videos for real estate and local information. On tablets, smart cell phones, portable devices of all kinds these days.

Not just cross legged, cradling a lap top, sitting up straight in front of a desk top. No No, heck No. On the run, whenever they have a little time tapping into the 24/7/365 clear channel broadcast signal.

Ready and waiting for the double click and sit back, watch, listen. To lots of real estate property listing videos for whatever is for same in our Northern Maine market. pie time in maine photo

Over half of mobile devices are using video to glean, slice into the get the biggest piece of pie information.

And instead of linking to a blog or website post for further details on a subject, around 40% of the links are to video channels. Instead of a boring static page. For a reason.

Retention of information and ease of access. This is a film, television, movie kind of World we live in by choice. And these users of video share the links so others can engage, see what they are up to as well.

You know some folks, you may be one of them that learn faster, can recall more if they use their ears not just their eyes in the read read read.

Video was made for this cat. So don’t waste the audio channel with dead air or just music filler.

Put in the details like new furnace, new roof last fall and this property is a half mile from the golf course, the school, rec center. How is the property listing going to improve their life?

Can the viewer, listener see you are talking to them by the approach that the property offers to fit their needs? If pointed out using real estate video, audio in a two punch connection.

Real estate video does the heavy lifting in marketing using the easiest, quickest way possible with technology making it all possible.

Mooers Realty uses video for real estate listing and selling with amazing results.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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