Watching The Television Real Estate Show | A Victorian Out Of Maine Home Tour.

maine farm scene photo

The Victorian, outside of Maine home real estate show property is termed a steal at $860,000. 

The buyers of the west coast home listing keep the camera rolling. Let us be voyeurs. To shadow them through the post purchase renovations. That cost, peel off an extra $75,000 of currency to remove the sharp edges, rough spots.

With many Victorian home improvements made but lots of surprises along the way. maine farm scene photo

Oh oh’s that damper, replace the original oohs and ahhs. The rip out renovations of the home, property lising uncover surprises that can not be ignored.

Needs addressing and strain, tap into the above and beyond to do list.Whittled down, that gets shortened. The scope of the updates reworked, cheapen, put on hold. To divert funds to the unknowns that creep into the rebuilt, make over.

To feather the nest and make it uniquely home sweet home.

Watching the show on cable, the big flat television screen makes me glad I list, sell Maine homes with lots less zero places. Just as much house, way way more ground, lawn, space around it too.

In the real estate show, the home in California buyers exclaim how hop up and down happy, escatic they are about the back yard.

We are spoiled in Maine with acreage, open and wood space with no people. Like some places where it it busy, like ants hurry scurry. And packed tightly making it hard to even turn around without being at the end of very small property space.


As I watch the show and tell, the tour of the home enters the rear deck area. Overlooking what is described as the “back yard” I chuckle. downeast maine lighthouse photoIt is an area about the size of the small deck again. The side yard is really a four foot dark strip.

Where side, back windows on the tightly packed, one after another property on top of each other compactness. Of neighboring Victorian homes just way way too close. The glass is not so not much good, valuable.

Their normal function for letting in light, emergency escape, the hopefuly scenic view all replaced by a tall wooden fence for security. Making a prison compound feel hang over the property. Creating dark shadows.

The “yard” and lot is just a few extra feet barely beyond the original building foot print itself.

The Victorian home buyers must have a rental income, to lease out parts of the house to swing the purchase. There seems to be a given that you share space under the same roof in these larger number real estate markets than I am used to that is so cheap. Low cost, attractively priced that property listings can be all yours. Not shared, sections rented out.

The real estate markets across the country are so different in many ways.

Beyond just the size of the price tag number hanging off the property listings. While watching the show I am thinking about how much mooers logo signature photohouse in Maine, with a real big yard, lots of space would cost $80,000 and down. Heck have a home for sale in Houlton Maine for $22,500.

Watch the video in the link, take the Maine home tour. Add it up. See the big difference in cost and space. The four bedrooms, 1.5 baths, fireplace, garage and wrap around open porch. Plus only two blocks from the local hospital for peace of mind, maybe for ease of employment.WARNING |  Be prepared for a sticker shock on property listings in a good way. The Maine real estate, homes are way way lower priced, don’t use up so many zero places.

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