Weston – How To Get Here

859 us rt kayak lake


Welcome To Historic, Friendly Weston, Maine!

How To Get Here

US Rt 1 is the main artery coming up from the twisting, winding roadways from scenic coastal sections of Maine. But traveling over from US RT 2A that was the “Interstate” before one was made in 1950 is another approach to Weston from the west direction. Traffic in from Canada from Forest City is another source to access Weston on the way north to Houlton Maine. Or are you a private pilot of a plane with wheels or pontoons? Set it down in Houlton International Airport or on East Grand, another large lake able to handle a float plane! The town of Weston is criss crossed with lots of side roads that take you to places around the interior of this six by six mile Aroostook County Maine town. Bring your paddle, kayak, a life jacket and swim suit when you set out to discover Weston Maine!

859 us rt kayak lake

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