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Welcome To Weston, Maine!

The Story

There Are Lots Of Settlements In Weston Maine.

Butterfield Landing, Croperly Turn, Dark and Little River Cove, Selden up on the Nine Road, South Weston.

All are areas of one township, Weston Maine.

Like most small Maine towns they started with a few families scattered here and there as the roadways opened up more parts of it.

Weston Maine, part of the Hampden Academy grant.

weston me community 1
Weston Maine, Lots Of Lake Water, Million Dollar Views!

Land grant colleges got their start by selling off new lands to subsidize academy education in untamed areas that needed to be opened up and populated.

Weston was named after it’s town surveyor who first defined the unorganized township boundary lines in systematic grid rows of lots.

The major industry is now from the the heavily timbered forest or outdoor tourism in Weston Maine.

Hunting and fishing never lost it attraction from early days to the present. With all this recreational water, there are so many options to float, sail, paddle or motor your boat.

Roughly 25% of Weston Maine is covered by water.

Learn more about Chiputneticook Lakes. Over 16,000 acres large, East Grand Lake itself is 128′ deep, 22 miles long, 4 miles wide.

More on Maine’s fishing laws and other valuable resource information.

East Grand Lake that is in the top 8 largest for Maine gets lots of ink splash and the eye candy is pretty tremendous from the Million Dollar View.

But Brackett, Deering, North, Faulkner Lakes all are pretty special waterfront Weston Maine locations.

Explore the snow sled trails, the four season networks for your hiking or ATV four wheeling adventures.

Located high on the hill at 5 Church Lane, there is one incredible view in your lap as you park in the town office yard north, next to the non-denominational summer church. Learn more about Weston Maine.

The Million Dollar View is just part of the magic of Weston ME, the southern most township in Aroostook County.

Weston Maine is the last town in Aroostook County and sits on the north line of Washington County.

The town of Weston Maine is on the way to Downeast Maine, along US RT 1 that is so picturesque and photogenic. Head South to Lubec, Eastport and other locations along the rugged Maine coastline that is not so commercialized.

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How To Get Here

US Rt 1 is the main artery coming up from the twisting, winding roadways from scenic coastal sections of Maine. But traveling over from US RT 2A that was the “Interstate” before one was made in 1950 is another approach to Weston from the west direction.

Traffic in from Canada from Forest City is another source to access Weston on the way north to Houlton Maine.

Consider using your private airplane, with or without pontoons. Private jets use Houlton International Airport to touch down, look around, take off to head back to the city.

Internet makes telecommuting for online working remotely a piece of cake in Weston Maine.

Be surprised at the connect, the speed, the World wide web in rural Maine.

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Things To Do For Fun

With over a quarter of the township of Weston under water, the bulk of fun activities are tied to the recreational H2O.

There is nothing as relaxing as being out on the water. No matter is on the coast of Maine or parked on an inland waterway.

Bring a picnic lunch, park some trail side snacks and lace up your hiking boots.

weston maine lakes
Unplug And Recharge. Maine Lakes In Weston ME Help You Do Just That!

Don’t forget your camera to capture and share the amazing wildlife and community settings.

Make lasting memories of your trip to Weston Maine in Aroostook County.

Lots of sporting lodges if you decide to do more than pass through. What’s the hurry? Maine is Vacationland and has more second homes than any other state for many good reasons.

The people are friendly, there is not too many of us to maneuver around either. Maine is the 4th lowest crime state too. Relax, don’t worry, enjoy your time in Maine.

Hang around a few days to sample the community flavor.

Boat launches for easy in and out of the water make the Weston Maine area ideal for boating of all types.

Any of the four seasons offer new ways to enjoy Maine and to get away from people, up close with nature.

East Grand Lake is one of the largest waterfront playgrounds in Maine.

million dollar view 1
Weston Maine, Million Dollar Views Served Up Here!

It’s an International waterway so don’t be surprised to see a US Border Patrol boat drift by just doing it’s job to observe and report activity.

The water depth is 128′ on East Grand Lake and the acreage is over 16,000 large. It is clean, protected, respected and no milfoil infestation in the waterway!

Fishing, boating, swimming and all the fun that happens along the shores.

When you are lucky enough to own or stay at a place on the water in Weston Maine.

Those are the memories and traditions the entire family can enjoy and pass on to the next generation. Brackett Lake has lots of fishing opportunities but lots of rocks.

We’ll take your boat if you don’t mind. I want to hang onto my prop and don’t know the rock location like the back of my hand like a local happy camper would.

Deering Lake that has it’s northern shores in Orient Maine is another Weston waterfront delight.

Land locked salmon can be pulled through the hole cut in the ice or trolling in a boat along this Southern Aroostook County Lake. There rope swing the kids will like on Deering is also known as Longfellow Lake on maps.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers your host and here to gratefully serve you.

Looking forward to providing the best insider local information from a native passionate about living here. Let me share what living andy mooers realtorhere as a native I can offer you! Get the insider information from someone local that lives here and has experiences to share.

Thank you for visiting our Maine real estate website and we will work hard to show you the ropes, the lay of the land. To give you the small town community online tour perspective the best way possible to educate and not waste your time.

Ready when you are to talk about Maine your real estate property requirements.

You get involved living in small Maine towns.

They need you to serve and volunteer. I do. You will too. You will fit in just perfectly. Proud member of the state and national REALTOR associations. Past president of the Aroostook REALTOR Council, Rotary Club, Chamber Of Commerce, the Southern Aroostook Growth Council and Drews Lake Property Owners Association. Past chairman of the Houlton Zoning Board.

Get way more back in return than you put into volunteering in Northern Maine, Southern Aroostook County.

Specific questions about Weston Maine, as a life long native of Northern Maine, I can help get you answers.

Look over the affordable Maine real estate listings located in the township of Weston!

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