What Maine Real Estate Agents, Brokers Don’t Like To Hear.


Buyers and sellers of Maine real estate, there is one thing agents, brokers, REALTORS do not enjoy hearing whatsoever.

 dogsorryWhen an office visitor, caller, emailer starts the conversation slamming another in the same real estate profession. There is no joy in hearing snipes, pokes, punches directed at another Maine real estate professional.

We all want the list, market, sale process of matchmaking of buyer and seller to go smoothly. To help make the transfer of property easy, fun, educational. 

When another in the Maine real estate trenches is labeled a jerk, pinhead. Or something equally less than flattering in a campaign to discredit him or her, I cringe.

Pull back and listen to the accuser’s list of offenses, grievances. Their version of events in the real estate exercise before I was invited into the fray, drama and bad mouthing.

But often the other office agent, broker is not a villain.

If I point out that the advice the buyer or seller of the Maine real estate was given was sound, solid, raised eyebrows can happen.

 With a glimpse of betrayal glared at me from activating a hair trigger when suggesting that I am not going to join in on the maligning, reputation bashing of the last real estate agent, broker. The last of sometimes many will be marched in and out. Where each are eventually placed one by one in the attack cross hairs of the not so happy camper soliciting our real estate services.

The expectations of the Maine real estate buyer or seller needs to be realistic. Often they are angry at the situation but have to realize others are just trying to help smooth out the wrinkles. To get to the real estate closing. Salvage something good from a bad set of circumstances. We work hard to be solution oriented and not take part in personal attacks that benefit no one. And to explain from experience, this is why we guide the process this way. To explain what is going on and why. What the next step is and an overview to establish what has to happen to move forward. 

When someone surly snipes at another in the same Maine real estate business, I have to wonder how long before I am on the same receiving end of nothing good to say about me too.

 When I fail to achieve the results the person expects, wants and that may not be possible, obtainable. An over priced Maine property listing will not sell. No matter how much extensive marketing is applied to it all over creation. Banks don’t accept lower than sale price appraisals on properties needing a mortgage. 

maine dog snowBuyers don’t pay more than a property is worth just because the seller could use the extra money. Or to make up for mistakes that were made in over investment in the property listing.

Expecting a closing to happen too quickly on a Maine real estate listing before proper exposure on the market advertising channels and to provide enough time for the process involved in the sale creates undue pressure.

Stress because the seller is over extended and needs this sale to happen right now, yesterday. For more than the property listing is worth. Means someone is going to take the heat when it doesn’t sell quick enough.

Misplaced blame on the Maine real estate agent, broker happens. Accused of “they” did not do anything for me when “they” had suggested the owner do these same list of repairs. Tackle the same areas of clean up and improvements to make the property more attractive that just were not completed. Explaining what has to happen for a real estate sale to take place. To get to the long conference room closing table to pass papers. Do the property transfer.

Also buyers of Maine real estate with poor credit that can not get financing can be a cranky, not so happy too.

Upset with banks who have lending guidelines that they don’t meet. Or trying to buy a property more expensive than their debt ratios will allow. Or the property condition not up to muster but lacking the funds to make it up to snuff. And upset when the seller does not agree to needed updates, repairs, renovations. And has to explain that is why the lower price, “as is” sale they agreed to. And it sinks in the buyer does not have the extra funds to correct deficiencies outlined by a building inspector and / or the appraiser of the Maine real maine dog frisbeeestate. 

When someone is upset with another Maine real estate agent, broker, agency, mistakes down the street can happen. But often it is what is left out of the complaint that shows no foul play or poor representation.

Or it all boils down to a way over priced Maine real estate listing should just not have been taken. So the seller would not expect a sale that could not happen without a major concession on the price.

Maybe the buyer was told up front to get a loan on the Maine home in the only program you qualify for from a lender, this particular home needs extra funds to fix this, this and the rest of the long list. 

Sometimes, after thirty three years of listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate, have to say pass.

I can not help some buyers or sellers. Not because I don’t want to, or because they are bad people. But what needs to happen for a sale is just not possible with the set of circumstances. Or if the individuals involved just refuse to do their part, take on their role to make it happen. Those situations with rigid or no win situations don’t have happy endings. And hard feelings are the only result if you say “I do” and get involved. When destined for failure from the get go because I should have said “no” and backed away.

Maine, we try to be candid in real estate, be as frank and up front helpful as possible in our day to day dealings. Only way to roll and simpler, honest, real for everyone involved.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

info@mooersrealty.com  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North St, Houlton ME 04730  |  207.532.6573





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