Whats Hot, Trends In Northern Maine Real Estate Buying.

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What the Northern Maine real estate buyer asks for, scribbles on their must have, don’t want list for properties.

 Making a living as a luxury broker in Northern Maine would mean the Maytag repair man experience. You don’t have the jet set for buyers of properties in Aroostook County. Or northern Washington, Penobscot or Piscataquis Counties either. 

The property features that get asked for, move listings in maine lake log home photoNorthern Maine revolve around lots of land.

The more the better. Bigger lots, acreages or hectares.

Fields, woods, waterfront with major views.

Maine log camps, homes in cedar and pine next to the waterfront.

Native woodwork interiors. Are tied to privacy, peace and quiet. Ease of care, low maintenance. Offering plenty of good opportunities for four season outdoor recreation no matter where you are in Maine, a rural state.

Right from your door step. Whether waxing for the correct temperature, strapping on winter cross country skis slide, glide.

Or lacing the sneakers to go for a fresh air and sunshine walk under a canopy of fall color slowly dropping leaves.

Maybe hiking up Mt Katahdin or along the seashore where a Maine lighthouse is parked just off shore. In the entrance to the quaint harbor town. Climbing on a four wheel drive ATV or snow sled to explore, discover.

Being parked next door to something wet, verbal. Having a Maine lake, swift river, pond or brook, maybe some oceanfront touching your property listing.

To make you feel grateful you are in Maine. Smack dab in the middle of surrounding natural, unfiltered beauty. It’s not like this many other places you realize. And smile. So features of property listings in Northern Maine for sale that cause the phone to ring a little louder, more often. The email server to glow red hot in usage.

The buzz from out of state buyers feeling like they have been transported to a candy store.

After tapping into your property listings, the northern Maine real estate for sale that you stock the portal shelves like a buffet experience.

For the property buyer to dine without the whine, delay, maine home lake view photofrustration of being teased.

Made to wait until the office opens up. little league maine photo

Because it is after hours. 

Or the mobile device they are holding is not working so hot. 

Not purring with an optimized, “light” version to flow like lightning in the property information transfer.

Or maybe they prefer reading all about it with brochures.

Color brochures you snail mail them on a regular basis for when they are ready to rock and roll.

Or maybe they are drinking grape juice online out of state, the country and enjoy touring the real estate listings in Northern Maine wearing jammies using your video channel.

Well insulated to be cooler in summer, warmer in winter. And the Maine home requiring less of whatever you use to keep the pipes from freezing.

To make it a summer oasis of comfortable family living. With an open deck, glass sunporch. Another feature is practical good maintenance.

Not needing a new roof, septic system, heating system and the kitchen, bath are updated.

Like the exterior siding, the glass in the home and garage. And speaking of garages, a couple of bays please. Because parking the Batmobile inside, not having to scrap ice off the stuck to the windshield wiper blades delay morning is a pain. And to make it easy for the guy who might be you that plows the long driveway.

Clears it of snow after a storm. Does not need all those covered with snow buffalo creating an obstacle course to have to neck rein around like a barrel racer on a pinto pony.

Features like first floor bedroom and bath for Gram or Gramp or both to avoid stairs they no longer scale so well.

Three generations to live under the roof of the Maine home like the Waltons. Features of theproperty like extra shed space attached that is not finished but could be for a home business.

A walk out, dry, daylight cellar mother in law apartment area existing or easily hammered out. maine parade car float photo

Maybe the real estate buyer for property in Northern Maine’s wife is a hair dresser, wants to run a day care. Or you want to raise animals, have a kennel.

Start a truck farm of produce, fruit, dairy products. Or have a safe place to raise a family free of crime.

Enough acreage in Maine needed to build one by one simple cabins to rent out. To use as a fishing, hunting, sportsmen’s guide post for week or longer trips to the great North woods of Maine.

So the features that sell are real estate listings in Northern Maine with flexibility for the family living, lifestyle of the owner.

Not to impress, not for show but comfort. For affordable and paid for which is what simple living in Maine is all about. Less is more, take care of what you have and avoid the galloping gimmees.

One thing for certain, all the northern Maine real estate listing buyers want safe surroundings for their family. Good schools, hospital, library, lower property taxes than where they are coming from and caused them to make the trip north to buy, relocate, retire.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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