When To Lower The Listed Price On A Maine Property?

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The listing price on the real estate property for sale, when should it be adjusted, lowered?

For starters, if there is a ton of wiggle room in the purchase price, the seller, agent are off to the wrong approach. maine baby horse photo

Setting the wrong expectations of how the real estate sale is going to unfold.

Not headed in the right direction for a happy ending.

The real estate agent, broker guides the process.

The best way to lead the marketing of real estate. To gain the most exposure of the property listin. Is to have the property price in line with the current market.

Because if ignored, the over priced property only helps sell other real estate listings.

It makes them shine as a whale of a deal. Because they are in line, dead center. With the other property ducks parading. Waddling up and down the real estate cake walk runway. For the “make me your home, pick me pick me” dog and pony.

If the property owner leaves the price parked too high for year after year listing renewal, the market that is ignored.

Shelf life happens and mold on the real estate listing tarnishes it’s chances of ever selling. Moving on down the conveyor belt to the hop off. Sit down, sign the paperwork shuffle with the keys at the real estate closing.

 If the seller thinks they want to sell, and only if they know it is going for more than market value, lots of money is wasted trying to hit the missing closing target.eagle nest in maine photo

The frustration with the real estate agent that is blamed for the lack of sale or not many showings.

When the property price was just parked way up too high.

Maine homes that are up to snuff, clean and free of loose ends, smells or obstacles to show them.

That is key in addition to the sales price being realistic. In line with what to expect with current market conditions. That take into consideration the supply of just like it homes in Maine for sale that compete for the buyer’s attention.

And that are priced in line with other properties like it that are selling around the local area today. Not five years ago or maybe what they could be worth in two years.farm barn sheep dog photo

Current accurate information in anything in life is key to making the best possible decision.

Pricing real estate is the same serious business.

But if the seller wants to above and beyond what is normal to expect for a final sale price wants to add on other agenda items, watch out.

Have had the property owner who says in addition to selling for this price, I expect the buyer to purchase the lawnmower, the boat out back and other items for set in stone figures. Stay focus on the sticks and bricks and not the wouldn’t it be nice to move a lot of the trinkets for top dollar.

The Maine real estate for sale, when searched online is not looked at in total with everything else around it either.

The buyer today is very busy like the seller. He or she around the glowing computer screen no matter what size of device dials in search boundaries. busy bee maine photo

So what spills out in the survey says, slice and dice is just a layer of the real estate market.

To find the sweet spot. That’s just right.

Specific priced for their budget and wallet or purse horsepower for that monthly installment. Added to the other payments they juggle.

So besides pricing, learn about other mistakes sellers of real estate make and can avoid. More on what can go wrong in real estate sales to help understand the process.

I am here for more real estate topic discussion for buyers or sellers.

Fire away to ease the concerns and tackle those questions rolling around in your head that need answers. To use for information in real estate buying and selling decisions, the biggest ones most people ever make.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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