Who Starts The Real Estate Rumors, Fabricated The Myths?

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Old wives tales, something circulated that might have applied at one time but not anymore.

Or just a myth, fabrication for the secondary gain. Like the one about no swimming until a half hour after lunch kids. Was it because scientifically in most cases swimming cramps happened if Mickey’s little hand moved half a notch, his big one a half turn? maine falls colors lake photo

Or did the ladies want to clean up the paper plates from the cook out, talk, have a coffin nail to puff on and then, okay.

Butting out the Virginia Slim. Let’s get back to motherhood, apple pie, baseball and Chevrolet. Adjusting the curlers and nodding their head to summons, bring those kids back into action. Quaker’s Meeting is over and childhood resumes.

In real estate, the myth about home property listings don’t sell in winter.

Or the other misinformation about no one buys real estate, even thinks about what’s for sale around the pair of year end holidays, New Year’s Eve too.

Life does not stop until you take your last ride. It’s time for the RIP. Because jobs open up, promotions happen, the replacement or death, retirement of another can open doors for the next in line. Those new to the area folks need a home as they relocate.

Sure, some will rent for a spell. If they can find a house available in the winter that is empty to slide into easily, quickly. Have to because their other house in the midwest, southeast, wherever it is on the planet may have to sell first. Before moving on to buy another new home in Maine, wherever MooersRealtySearchthey are headed next.

But the real estate buyer who has already sold their home, never had one and excited about getting the keys please to a house of their own.

They look in earnest round the clock. They study what is new, what property price has been lowered, what just sold down the street. They are in let’s buy a home, real estate property mode.

Something comes up, they pounce on it. If they know about it online, the local newspapers, brochure hand out and the rest of the social media real estate marketing that should never stop.

And all the turkey, tinsel, egg nog, bring in the new year nose makers and confetti will not stop the urge to get a roof, four walls, a floor to surround their family.

To house the kids, create a place for their holidays. To invest and buy not rent a Maine home. While interest rates to buy a home, get a low cost house bank mortgage loans are pretty darn attractive.

crystal ball soldSo the myth about homes, real estate of any kind don’t sell around the winter months, holidays, raise your hand.

Whoever started that misinformation.

Maybe it was back when mostly local buyers for property milled around.

Were all you had as an early time caveman real estate agent, broker to work with when new listings came up.

And the early professionals wanted the holidays off to spend more time with the family, tend to their wooly mammoth. Take a trip on the pterodactyl with the kids strapped on a wing to visit someone related on the south shore of the lower lagoon.

So the rumor to stop the real estate conveyor belt because nothing moves, sells in the winter or holiday weeks, months was to free up the guy or the gal sporting the blue and gold “R”.

Pretty self serving and a way to stop the real estate World from turning for a short time.

But fast forward to real estate list and sell today.victorian turret maine home photo

Picture the stranded airport traveler with time to kill, a smart phone and one by one watching your property videos.

See the home for the holiday GI’s, family and friends that have some time off.

They gravitate to the computer to see what’s new online.

Whether there is snow on the ground or not. No matter what calendar month is showing on the wall.

When the table talk during the pass the turkey please, more cranberry sauce turns to let’s buy a vacation home on a lake in Maine.

Or we ought to sell this big old home of Mom’s that is going down hill since Pop died. And she can not afford a new roof, front porch, heating system cows mooers photothe place needs.

Get it on the market sound like a good idea?

Real estate decisions to buy and sell, happen year round like life.

When your buyer wants to buy a Maine farm, small mom and pop business listing.

Whatever the property desire, real estate mission. Holidays, winter snow, nothing will stop the quest for what they need.

Don’t stop the marketing fireworks. Because if the place, whatever tuype of real estate is not online, it ends up like winking at a girl in the dark.

Results are poor, someone pulled the plug. Tripped over the cord and maybe started, then stopped the show and tell. So out in the real estate audience the thought it must have sold. Forget about it.

Promote the place with real estate full motion video and natural sound so the on demand open house goes on around the holidays.

The buyer ready, willing and able to purchase a property today can see your place completely with video. A fully stocked buffet of information online and open for business no matter what the time, weather, location of the buyer for real estate.

So list the place, home, whatever type of real estate for sale, get those property listings exposed, online for all to see before, during, after the holidays.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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