Why Are You Selling Your House In Maine?

Selling Your House Moving To Houlton Maine

Why are you selling your house in Maine?

Usually listing your Maine home for sale is not done on a whim. The idea of packing up and moving to a new location is not an idea decided on in earnest over just the last 20 minutes.

Selling your house in Houlton Maine. Why?
Why People Sell Their House In Maine? Here Are The Reasons People List. More On Houlton ME.

This blog post drills down into the what motivates a home owner to plant the for sale sign and decide to sell your Maine house.

Let’s get at it. Count them off one by one.

Reasons pushing the desire to sell your Maine house.

Life events are the main cause of why folks decide to look for a new home address.

Your current house in Maine is not in the best location.

You want to homestead, have a farm in the country up in Maine.

Homestead, Living Off The Land In Maine.
Farming In Maine, Field Workers Prepare For Any Kind Of Weather.

The home you have now is no longer cutting it. Too far from work, not close enough to school of shopping, something. You list your house to sell because spending too much time behind the wheel. Making expensive stops to fuel up way to often.

Or a lousy neighbor on one side is making it hard to enjoy your Maine home.

You are now on the house hunt for a place with no neighbors. Maine is low cost, rural and friendly but uncrowded with no traffic, little crime. Looking for that?

You are selling your house in Maine because it was inherited.

You already have one nest that is feathered just the way you like it. The inherited property is a wasting asset and one extra place to repair, heat, mow the lawn at is plenty. Plus, renting it out and dealing with tenant issues is not your idea of a fun recreational activity.

Houlton Maine, Small Town To Buy A House Or Home.
Moving, Relocating, On The Hunt For A House In Maine? Come To The Right Place.

I’ve had many real estate buyers tell me no thanks to a multi unit apartment house purchase.

They would rather have a daily root canal or colonoscopy. Ouch. You and I would be better than average renters right? But we want to own not rent a place.

The job transfer to move your way up the corporate ladder is the reason you listed your Maine home for sale.

It is usually harder to buy the next home when your old one needs to be sold first.

Timing is everything in the list and sell a home in Maine.

Volunteering In A Small Maine Town. Everyone Does To Contribute Not Just Consume.
The Need To Belong. Volunteering And Making A Difference Living In A Small Maine Town.

Sometimes moving to a temporary location needs to happen once you do sell. To wait for the ideal next home to come up on the market. Buying a home is not something like purchasing a tie, a sweater, something you never wear that gets tossed back into a deep, dark closet.

The reason you are saying good bye to your present home is a simple case of downsizing.

Too big a place to clean, update and rattle around in now. Because the kids spread their wings and flew the coop. One floor living can be the carrot causing the move.

Or the old home that needs so many updates to check up makes it cheaper in some smaller rural Maine real estate markets to list and sell.

And then quickly turn around to buy something all renovated or more modern. Small real estate markets behave that way when the cost to renovate is higher than simply buying a more up to date home with the housing features you desire.

Detailing, Fixing And Repairing A House In Maine For Resale.
Improving A Place, Fixing A House To Make It Attractive To Someone Not So Savvy With Tools Or Lacking Repair Vision.

The need to list and sell your house in Maine could be due to divorce paperwork because someone wants to untie the marital knot.

With one income, something different and less costly means neither wife or husband can financially afford to stay in the present home.

Another reason for why you are selling your house in Maine?

Maybe just want a change. Lots more quality of life in small town friendly Maine communities. Everyone volunteers and leans toward the contribute not just consume.

Your skills and talents are appreciated in small Maine towns.

You like, no love the challenge to fix and repair another home because your current one is done.

The tearing apart and tinkering is done in your current home. Like finishing a puzzle and ready to conquer another one. Or reaching for a new book to begin “Once upon a time” because you just read “The End”. Renovating can be hands on invigorating if you know how to use power tools.

Labor is a big chunk of the expense to repair or new construction of a house in Maine.

Retirement, wearing your new gold watch and taking the parachute of the same color to make the housing move.

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a Maine lake cottage that becomes your new part time home base. While spending part of the year in a location where a snow shovel is not needed in the sunny south.

Snowbirds flying back and forth to Maine part of the calendar year happens more than ever these days. But can’t do that until the once vibrant not quiet family Maine home is listed and sold. Learn more about simple living in Maine.

Houlton Maine Decked Out With Christmas Colors
The Sparkle Of Lights, Christmas Holiday Colors. Small Towns In Maine Are More Connection, Special.

Maybe the nice location you enjoyed at your home is not so much fun now.

The dead end quiet peace and quiet safe place to raise your family changed. A new partner says this is your home, that one is my home. Let’s buy or build our home in Maine. One more reason for why are you selling your house in Maine?

The commercial development or housing project spoiling your view make a list the place to move somewhere else necessary.

The house you sell in Maine not purchased to ever live in. Simply a buy, fix and repair, then flip. Investing for profit and because you have a knack for the color wheel. Know just where to put in the money and TLC for the biggest financial return.

small maine town community quality of life
Safe Watching At Nights. Small Maine Towns Are. Cities, Better Stay Inside. Hey, What’s On At The Local Silver Screen Movie Theatre?

Reasons for listing your current house to find a new home also include “it’s too small”.

Mom, your mother in law too both need granny flats attached to the current street address if zoning allows. If not, sell it, move to something more spacious with extra bathrooms and bedrooms is in the cards.

The divorced daughter with two grandchildren was going to move into the converted basement with high ceilings, dry floors and outside entrance for safety sake. But the contractors too busy, the building materials too high.

Home Made, One Of A Kinds. Crafts Big In Small Maine Towns.
Crafts, Home Made One Of A Kind. Big Deal To Be Part Of Or Shop A Craft Fair In Maine Towns.

So you are suddenly on the hunt for something bigger for a Maine house to call home sweet home.

A stretch, open up the wallet wide to accommodate family expansion situations in life happens when they need your help the most.

Lifestyle changes can cause the need to list and sell your Maine home.

You want to live in a neighborhood of other horse lovers. Ready on the drop of a hat to saddle up and go on another trail ride.

Country Living, Maine Rural Communities Offer Unspoiled Space.
Country Living, Simple Quality Of Life. Nature Is At Your Doorstep. Maine, The Way Life Should Be.

More land acreage surrounding your farm property is needed for fencing, the stables, hay storage.

Because the postage style fractional acre lot is not to going to fit it all. Plus the current neighbors don’t want to horse around or share your fondness of the four legged hay burners.

You may need to explore Maine communities before moving on to vacant land or homes for sale in the ones that are a good comfortable fit.

Horses in Maine. Want To Horse Around, Homestead?
Tending Horses, Livestock, Small Animals, Chickens. Thought Of Country Living At Your Next Home Relocation?

Being somewhere closer to a golf course or ski area could be attached to your new Maine home purchase. The one you buy after wherever you used to call home and spend the holidays, birthdays is listed for sale.

You need a home business location up in Maine.

Daycare, hair styling salon, you do accounting or counseling and want a separation. Between living and work area because you just can not afford to own a commercial building and at the same time struggle with the house payments.

Parades are big in small Maine town living.
See Folks You Know? Sure Do In The Audience Along A Small Maine Town Parade Route.

Regardless of why you are listing your house for sale in Maine, it helps to understand the motivation to sell.

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