Wiggle Room, What’s The Mark Up For Real Estate Property Listings?

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Wiggle it just a little bit, to find the room to negotiate on the real estate property listing price.

What’s the mark up to the real value today? How low will he or she go? The owner of what you would like to buy. What is going on inside his head? How badly does he want or need to sell? boat harbor  maine photo

Or is the Maine property listing owner that you are after in no hurry whatsoever?

To sell and let go.

Timing is everyting in life, real estate.

Is there something going on in the life of the property listing seller that is pushing the need to get to a closing pronto?

The gotta have a sale stat, ASAP?

Or quick like a bunny as we told the kids around bedtime. When the clock on the walls says we are all holding up the nightly Sandman visit. This pressure drives the sale price up, down, sideways.

So wiggle room, what is the market up in a real estate listing?

It is murky, there are gray areas unless you get some good answers to hard real estate situation questions. Because people are involved and supply and demand is always a factor in the current real estate market.

Had a buyer bird dogging for his son in Iowa who wants to buy a farm in Maine we have listed for sale. He wanted to know is there always a ten percent market up on real estate in Maine?

 If we were talking about a product made in China, Mexico or the Silicone Valley, Pluto, wherever. Then the prices are checked online and by pennies, a few dollars you can hunt down a distinction for pricing.

Real estate is made locally and they stopped producing it a few years back.houlton maine court house photo

Did you get that memo?

The local economy, the number of properties just like the one you have the red dot of the real estate rifle on competing for a buyer.

To pull the trigger and make the purchase. All combine for how negotiable the price tag is going to be. It all mixes together to create the specific situation to work around and find a common ground where everyone is at least moderately happy.

Or a good compromise is neither side is hand stand overjoyed because both feel concessions were made to hold the deal together.

Is there owner financing on the Maine real estate property listing?

Land in Maine comes with installement sale methods where the seller takes back the mortgage. Holds the paper and makes the sale of the Maine land an annuity. Nice tidy checks coming in like clockwork to do the check mark on the amortization chart.


Does the seller have another home to buy and boy, it sure would be nice to unload the present one?

Is there a family where dear old Mom, Dad, Gram or Grampy have recently passed away and none of the kids are going to take over the keys to the homestead? horses in maine photo

A sale of the estate home in Maine sure would be a good thing.

Financially and for closure of the loss of a loved one which means healing, acceptance of the loss needs to get underway.

Put in perspective and because all the family members have their own  places to watch over. To struggle to keep insured, maintained, heated and to make sure the grass is mowed, property taxes current.

And the heirs to the property listing for sale in Maine.

That are inline to share the proceeds pie have something in mind to buy. Are itching sometimes to free up their share of the equity to make the purchase or to pay bills.

They often have the inheritance already spent before they get the estate check sale of what has to be sold.

Working on their monthly debt that most carry around their neck for a burden. To wage the battle. The attempt to hold their head up, to keep from going under in overspending for the match with what they bring home for a paycheck.

If you ask questions, you can sense the urgency or big delay show stoppers in a Maine real estate sale. Because the players, buyers and sellers have special needs. Property sale requests or contingencies before just up and buying, selling. The devil is in the details right? fireworks 4th of july houlton maine photo

So back to the blog post question about how much wiggle room, what is the market up in real estate property listing prices?

There is no set number that you pull out of thin air as gospel. No Monarch or Cliff Notes to refer to for the magic number. To decide what to offer so no money is left on the table.

Overspending is hard for a Mainer brought up to be not cheap, but frugal. We have better impulse control on how we handle the spending on anything we need not just want in Maine.

If the property listing is overpriced, under marketed it won’t sell.

So the mark up, how much extra is added onto to what the seller, owner of a Maine real estate property listing. It is not a standard number like the suggested twenty percent tip for a good waitress. MooersRealtySearch

And prepare yourself that the price being quoted on the MLS merry go around carousel is the rock bottom figure the seller would let the property go for in the final analysis.

Not everyone plays the horse trading game to dicker it to death. To find the bottom line, lowest price possible on the Maine listing.

The attitude being if you can find the same place at a lower price, grab it and growl. Jump on it. Lucky you. And there is no discounted property listing price to razzle and fight over.

Learning to recognize a good deal and not pushing for more.

No mark up. It is often take it or leave it and no wiggle room on the always low property listing prices on Maine real estate.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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