Woodlots In Maine, Buying Wooded Acreage For Sale.

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You want to buy a Maine woodlot, something with some timber on the land up north.

Like soils in Maine, woodlots, acreages of timber are different too. The moose in maine photodrainage and lay of the land, how the woodlot was last cut and when.

The mills in the area and price they are currently paying. Up or down.

All make the timing to buy a Maine woodlot to require a little skill.

Some thought about when is the next harvest of the wooded sections due to happen on this Maine forested land?

That scheduling and who to use in the cutting operation are all intrical parts of the property listing purchase consideration for each and every Maine woodlot.

More and more woodlot management questions come up and there is nothing like a current Maine land forestry report to know the true health of the timberstand.

A selective harvest to remove individual trees from a crowded stand helps keep the cycle going. The one of regeneration and maintaining an uneven-age stand of tree species.

The goal ? To maximize the yield when you thinking of the Maine wooded land areas as if it was “tree farming”. It is. A crop of trees please to super size. With the wish to maximize the per cord increase in the acreage of the Maine wooded land. By applying tried and tested sound forestry practices.

The woodlot in Maine you want to invest in, to enjoy years of a heating source. If close enough proximity to make heating with wood from your maine sunshine woodlot photoown wooded land in Maine feasible.

You might want to consider membership in the Small Woodland Owners Association Of Maine.

Known as SWOAM with the resources that are invaluable in membership.

Education, good land soil conservation principles to adopt.

And to keep current on Maine legislation that affects woodlot owners.

Everything from what’s a vernal pool or the difference between a seedling and a sapling that populate your Maine woodlot. Maybe tapping trees for a maple syrup operation in Maine is what you have up your sleeve.

The plans for a surgar shack spread out on your kitchen table.

Studies, modified, dreamed about for the someday it happens.

Or maybe just the desire to build a hand hewn log cabin from the Maine woodlot’s own trees is your plan.

To be surrounded by the sound of the forest. The winds in the pine needles vibrating outside.

While the fire snaps, crackles, pops. Heats your bones inside the DIY Maine log camp in the woods.

The Maine woodlot that is deer and other wildlife infested.

balloonin maine woods photoYour rest and relaxation station located off grid, pretty much hidden from the World.

Until it is time to pack up, head home and cross the big green bridge over the river in Kittery Maine.

As you stay good bye for now.

Knowing you won’t be able to stay away long from the Maine woodled land.

Those new four legged furry neighbors miss you and the connection goes the other way too.

Having a forestry plan in Maine for the woodlot sets the goals, the time table.

For when a timber stand is considered ready for a wood harvest under the management plan. Known as the rotation age.

And because of blow downs from heavy winter wet snow loads bending over and snapping off some of the trees populating the Maine woodlot.

A sanitation cut is the removal of damaged, diseased, overmature and undesirable stems from the stand of land wood sections.

Hardwood, softwood, mixed woods, the flavors of your Maine woodlot can vary depending on the location on your wooded land acreage.

The network of roads that criss cross them from old farm fields now long gone and grown up.

The same jeep trails will be widened for the larger forestry equipment to do their thing.

The ridge of maples, birch, beech, ash and other hardwoods, the five acres of softwood bog in one corner.

That is only able to be harvested in the winter when the Maine eagle in maine photowoodlot land, the ground is frozen firm.

Allowing entry and exit of the trees removed to head to the cedar mill from the Maine forest land.

Which forget it any of the other tree seasons.

Especially spring due to wet springy soil and more time spent getting equipment unstucked than hauling wood to the yard.

The long, sturdy spruce timbers used up in the purlins.

The eaves for securing the roof of the many local log cabin, home makers using native cedar, pine.

On the log home or camps made in kits with numbers on each piece.

A set of plans for the play by play of the go together a piece at a time. 

Trucked somewhere on a flatbed to assemble like Lincoln Logs.

Bigger versions of the ones when you and I were kids on December 25th waking up way too early. And because back then it was easier to have been moderately good the past year.

And the red suit, white fur wearing snappy dresser with the flying deer left them. Along with other pretty paper and ribbon wrapped loot. Under the multi colored twinkling all natural fir or pine Maine Christmas tree.

Opening and empying maine woods land photothe tall can with the metal lid of wooded parts to build whatever our imagination dictated.

The species of the woodlot in Maine, the market for the uses it can be put to when someone hollers “TIMMMMBBbbber”.

Removing the Maine woodlot overstory to release the established regeneration of trees that keep on growing.

Replacing themselves if sound forestry principles are applied to maximize the yield in the thinning of undesirable trees. That do not produce enough income to cover costs in removal.

Trucking them whole, chipping them for open box top box rides to the far away markets.

For each type cut, delimbed, chipped or racked and stacked.

For the lock and load, off we go to market.

If you are looking for a Maine woodlot, wooded land to manage, enjoy, watch increase in value. We have wooded drews lake maine woods photoiland acreages in Maine of all sizes, prices, locations.

Many with owner financing, a seller willing to carry the Maine land mortgage.

So it’s look Mom, no bank.

Custom made payments that fit the wallet that also has to wrestle with all the other household expenses each month.

Maine woodland, woodlots, have those ready to go.

We need to talk about Maine wooded land. Woodlots, how about one with long views, with or without power, year round access or bordering something waterfront.

Creating your own private sportsmen’s paradise for all four seasons in Maine where the fun all revolves, happens on your land, at the Maine woodlot.

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