You Own A Home, You Need To Sell, What’s On The List For A Quicker SOLD?



The Maine home you decide you want to sell.

Cleaning up, swamping out your current the home you want to sell is the second step. The first and most important one is pricing the property inline with the market. If you ignore current real estate market value, all the detailing, staging and removing clutter is a waste of time. The home you need to sell swims in a market of other listings that are competing for the same home buyers too.29 south townline aerial

 This real estate blog post is designed to show you how to get that home sold. With the steps in the order to achieve a quicker, more profitable and less hassle real estate sale.

The current market value has been determined, the list of what loose ends to tweak have  been put on paper for the check off one by one. Fixing up the house, landscaping the yard and thinking about the curb appeal may not be something the average home owner worries about until it is time to upgrade or relocate or downsize.
Calculating the home’s worth is done by comparing what else is on the current market like your home for sale combined with  study of past listing real estate sales. Cleaning up the home is not the same as staging it for resale either. New fresh paint, removal of over grown or dying shrubs, trimmed weed free lawns, clean windows all combined to make a more favorable first impression to a new home buyer. Bad smells hurt the sale too and the home owner could be nose blind to them. Said with all due respect.
In a resale of a home in a small rural real estate Maine market, hitting the high points of what needs attention around the property is the key. Make it better than it was and don’t put all the time of labor and expenses in just one or two areas. Spread the time and attention around the property so the tour of the place to a potential real estate buyer will not stall.

 There is nothing more frustrating than having a Maine hme buyer ooh and ahh about the kitchen and then moan “whoa”.

Go silent. When they are disappointed as they enter another room that is crying out for attention but that has been neglected. Often because time ran out or the money to fund  the continued housing projects is missing. Easy does it on repair expenses and is the expenditure really an improvement or just something the present home owner always planned to do? I have had home sellers in Maine bent on doing three more things to a house that will not help the sale. But because they always wanted to perform them, they do for the next home buyer who might have liked the color scheme you had before Mr. and Mrs Seller.

 How to improve a home best for resale is lots of little things with the love spread around the property inside and out.

Hate to rain on your parade but there is work needed before floating the presentation to sell your Maine home. Filled in potholes in the driveway mean your buyer does not rock and roll on and reach for something to hang on to as the turn in the drive happens and everyone gets ready to park. From the street driving by, if bushes hide the home, swamping out the vegetation will get the place noticed. And also may show the need for more paint around the window trim or lattice work on say a front open porch. Whatever is hidden behind what is overgrown and plucked out to showcase the home behind.parade mooersrealty
If you have not been out your front door recently, try that route that only trick or treaters or some pamphlet pushers use.
At the least, water hosing off the street dust and shining up the brass door kicker plate, making any glass sparkle will all add to the drive by appeal out at the curb.

 Trees, shrubs, flower beds that used to look nice may be out of control and need to be worked on before all the exterior images are captured for the mass promotion online, in brochures and local newspapers. Roll up the sleeves to take it up a notch.

How does the place look in the beginning of marketing is something that a real estate buyer never forgets. Sure you can and should weave in better images or ones from green grass seasons to replace the ones with snow or the dead grass of late fall or early spring. But try to make whatever you use to be the product of lots of thought. Maybe the home owner has some recent images that could work when listing an off season property.
Trimmed lawns, care around trees, buildings and removal of rusted swing sets or anything else hiding in the tall grass will help the home sale. The property owner has been at the premises so long that they may have forgotten how poorly the items look and how much they impact a real estate sale. The trained real estate agent or broker knows what in this market works best for expenditures that give the home owner the biggest ROI in a resale too.

It is not just selling for the most money possible but in the shortest amount of time that most home owners seek.

Because being in limbo is no fun and it is costly not knowing what to plan for when selling here and wanting to buy there. Plus the house of your dreams that is waiting may not be there by the time the old home sells. Pressure with the real estate dominoes is real and not a situation folks not in the market to buy or sell truly understand fully.
Your best offer is often your first one too. Don’t jack up the price to be inflated with too much wiggle room. You want to be competitive and have that motivation to sell reflected in your current listing price. Don’t wait for one brave soul to come forward to make an offer on the house. Reduce the price in small systematic increments to get attention, to increase interest and often to show up in the filter your home buyer uses to manage the number of properties they want to consider. Everyone is busy! They sort, slice and dice and don’t have time to crawl over each and every listing. Whatever they do see better be complete and well described, super imaged and loaded with helpful floor plans, pat maps and video.maineamish

 Which bid on your place is best and how to respond to any of them is something a trained real estate professional can help a home owner assess.

When you work every day in a profession like real estate you study the science, you see the pattern.
Similar scenarios present themselves and the steps to take to keep the home sale going are visible to the trained eye. Time is money and real estate sells year round. But certain properties like waterfront listings move easier when summer temperatures are high and the urge to grill and chill on a Maine lake or river or along the coastline is strongest. Get the place up to speed quickly to capture the best of the market that is. Be the early worm and online first for consideration by real estate buyers in the mood to purchase if they see what they like.
If the home is neat as pin, the premises maintained and easy to be shown quickly, and if the pricing is in tune with the current market, good things will happen. You as the home owner or aqent, broker can not control how many other houses will enter the open market to compete with your listing. But being short suited in homes like yours is a very good thing to get an iffy buyer to come back and give the place a second looksie. Better marketed properties attract more potential buyers too.

 Serious consideration happens when there is not much else in your price and feature range during house shopping.

Building is an expensive and slow option many just don’t want to undertake. Construction loans can be tricky and expensive. There is something about buying what you just toured and if the price is right, the place is maintained and in a good location that makes life easier for the new owner, there will be a real estate closing soon.
The home buyers are busy and the days of open houses on limited entry are gone. What your buyer today looking for a house today or tonight wants is video. Instant get me in and out and on lots of properties so I know what is out there for sale. They want to help themselves and it may be 10 PM at night, the buyer could be out of state and with a short window of opportunity to tap into the what’s for sale today on your you tube real estate video channel. Community pages on a real estate website help houses sales for those buyer brand new and in the dark about the local areas
Real estate video is the easy way to show and tell on the buyer’s schedule and it does not limit the times to take a peek. The 9-5 M-F old office hour chart is ripped in half and round the clock 365-24-7 can happen without any interruption. That means more real estate buyers are exposed to the house for sale to try it on for size. To take take it for a spin, to rewind and do it again. Picking up whatever was missed the first few minutes checking out the new home for sale listing in Maine!
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