Best Location & State For Retirement Living? Hands Down, Pick Maine Small Town.



Retirement communities in Maine, where is the best place for elderly senior housing?

I don’t like to use the terms “elderly” or “senior” because to many in society they carry negative meanings. Learn more on the term coined back in 1989 about ageism. In Maine we have close to twenty five percent of the population fifty five and older.That means lots of worthwhile programs in place to cater to the aged and for those retired to help others of all ages. Maine is all about volunteering and being useful, giving back and sharing. More on the Aroostook Agency on Aging as one perfect example.

Real estate buyers definitely have an advantage relocating to the state of Maine if purchasing a home. Are you are toying with the idea of a move to Maine? Looking for low cost property listings? What area is your best fit when you do retire from your career job? When you change it up the 5-6-7-8 dance steps to make the shift from work work work to lots more leisure time? small maine real estate 1

Why pick a small Maine town for a retirement home location?

And is retirement for you gravitate into a part time job? The plan to slowly ease back away from the forty plus hours a week you are used to spending the bulk of your time at up until now?

Lots of reasons make Vacationland attractive for senior citizens, older folks no matter what stage of retirement living they Planning to do in Maine.

This blog post will discuss the topic of retirement in Maine from a relocation stand point and for someone brand new to the northern most state in New England. If experts predict you need seventy to eighty percent of what you made at work for your shift to retirement years, congratulations. You can pull that off here.

Moving from an urban area, high priced real estate market to small town rural Maine is going to be a very pleasant surprise.

Lots of money left over and many of your highest cost day to day items to pay for are sharply reduced or disappear altogether. Maine is all over the topic of low cost real estate property listings. Your Maine home is going to be bought for a song compared to what you know for prices out of state. The numbers where you live in a high cost urban setting now are three, four or more times what a Maine home will set you back to own free and clear. That’s the plan right? No mortgage and simpler living in Maine?

First off, before you can settle in on where to move for a retirement property investment housing pick or to consider rental apartment options, you need to research the subject. Ever heard the expression “I’m new as being old?” The transition from full time employment  and retired from work is a serious one. Up until now each year you have had some long weekends, a few vacation weeks to try your hand at what it is might be like to be away from your real job and that’s been it. Just a taste and nothing final.

For most of us working up to and past the 65 years of age has not gotten proper serious thought when the time to call it good arrives right on time. None of us really knows what it is truely like to not have to report to work to make ends meet. Not working is harder when you are happy at your job and if you don’t have a lot of hobbies to replace the nose to the grindstone chasing the dollar to make ends meet.southernaroostookcounty

Some folks start a business, work a stress free, easy part time job that does not come home with them at the end of the day. It seems sensible when transitioning into retirement living on an easy does it gradual scale.

Others have to retire early with a medical bite size smaller disability income to manage in a highly creative way. To make the forced transition best when they have no choice in the timing. When poort health decided for them.

Staying well helps us live better lives and to contribute to our local small Maine communities. When you can stay in your home, you can be comfortable, live independently.

The time to make mistakes and learn valuable lessons to apply to life is early on. Not on the other end where the delicate golden years happen and the stakes are high.

So, how to begin your personal discussion on the all important transition when you finally let everyone at your place of work know you are done for good?  Putting in the paperwork to push away and retire after the routine gold watch, engraved plaque and big send off party?

The four season location, the peace and quet, the friendly people and lower cost of living are on the top of the list for why many getting a little older, that are aged, or the term I don’t like “senior citizens” circle Maine. It’s picked for many because on the national map Maine is the 4th lowest crime state. No gangs, no drive by shootings, no fighting for parking spaces or having to pay for one. Older folks are respected, needed in Maine. Heck if you are over fifty five you are considered old and get a discount on your purchases right?

Less less people means not so much of our life is wasted time in traffic. Fewer accidents, no one comes this far to steal a car and most of those vehicles in the yard have keys left in them. Plus on most of them too many miles for someone after a fresh and exotic ride to heist. We keep it real, practical and paid for not trying to call attention to ourselves living in small town Maine communities. littleton me community

Like most things considered in where to buy or rent Maine property, it is a lifestyle choice and a math exercise at the same time.

And instead of making the move for employment or to advance your career goals, the Maine retirement living mode requires other important needs to be considered.

How you are going to spend your time daily and making sure you have enough to pay for monthly expenses become combined questions. Maybe you purchase a place with an apartment for rental income to help subsidize the new Maine home.

You needt to stay self sufficient. You want to live comfortable but not lavishly right? Taking care and managing your money best makes Maine one heck of a pick for the a great retirement state.

No one wants to toss and turn sick with worry during sleepless nights pondering financial retirement questions.

How long are you going to live if experts say 85 for men, 88 for women? No one wants to be a burden on their kids and quality of life is not just existing. A game of frugal simple living in Maine is never a bad exercise to easy does it and practicing moderation. 

It is not as easy as telling yourself and your family and friends you like to hunt, fish, golf, repair old cars in the garage or putter in the woodshed shop or quilting, hobby farming or whatever you see yourself devoting a lot of time to now that you are in the retired mode.

Your regular job traded in for a full time pursuit of one life long hobby pastime pursuit is a wonderful dream but reality sets in. After a month of straight golfing, doing the ten and two of the big motor home, whatever leisure pursuit and you may miss the streamline that working full time causes. As you finish scanning the meat of “Retirement for Dummies” propaganda and have quizzed all your family, friends. old cronies from the lodge or co workers, anyone who has taken the plunge to stop work, to start retirement living.

What does retirement in Maine look like?

You are going to volunteers to get involved in your new community and be an asset, to contribute to the landscape. That is a sure fire given as the best way to make retirement rich and worthwhile like any stage of your life on planet Earth. Home grown food is going to be what you place on the table too. Walking, better health and less stress. Welcome to Maine, the way life should be.

Vacationland is stamped on the bottom of every plate for a reason. Your Maine retirement is going to be like one never ending vacation lifestyle and you get to sample year round what many only get to settle for over a few days relaxing in the Pine Tree State. Have you ever vacationed in Maine? Please do to get a small taste of the lay of the land called Maine. Is Maine retirement for you?Mooers Realty Little League

So why Maine so at least the state you move to is established?

The numbers show that over twenty seven percent of Mainers are fifty five or older.

With a population in the niche you are entering, you know lots of recreation, medical and housing services are all here in Maine already.

I can not imagine moving, relocating to an area where I was one of the only ones in my age group. It would be like taking a sea cruise on school vacation week when you did not have kids, were not so cranked up about the noise from spring break crowd hooping and hollering on the floating hotel.

The best places to retire are ones where affordable housing happens. Where services for the different stages of retirement living are readily available. What if you have to live on pretty much social security alone and to manage a small nest egg set aside for the later years?

Maine is a good pick for lots of retirement reasons.

Some of the main ones are no crime, no traffic, low cost housing, gorgeous four seasons living with fresh air, clean water, libraries, health care providers. But folks drill down into an area looking for details on who’s around to keep my pet happy and peppy? What is there for public transportation? videomooersrealty01

What exists for church choices? Who’s taking care of my banking or curling or cutting my hair or riding herd on my cholesterol or sugar levels?

More on Northern Maine if you have discovered the beauty of the “Crown of Maine”.

In Maine, being on a border with Canada offers extra retirement perks.

It makes it like a two nation vacation with more to offer with an international spin. Two different, distinct countries is a very very good thing in offering more to folks retiring, moving to these Maine locations lucky enough to be on the International border.

Enough to live a good life and feel proud of where you live. Who does not envision retirement that way? Free of work and having the option to spend your days from the 9 to 5 of a regular job. Hopefully not replacing the employment hours with trips to medical specialists because of ailments. Don’t work so hard and long that you are forced to retire. Most folks would like to have a say on when and where they see themselves retiring to enjoy a sense of independence and choice of where retirement is going to happen. 

The lake place up in Maine used for vacation that becomes a more permanent address. The land in Maine bought for the future dream home built with everything you loved in all your previous homes and nothing that you did not particularly enjoy. Who would not to once in their life build the perfect home for them at a particular stage of their life? Unfortunately the retirement years for many don’t quite transition the way each of us expects. Death, divorce, disease or financial set back happens. 

Coaching a sports team, driving school bus, bagging groceries or being a greater at Walmart.

Painting houses on days when it does not interfere with your T time at the local golf links. Exercise like any period of your life is key to keeping your mental brain waves clear as a bell and your body running like a top. Retirement messes up your routine and what replaces the time on the job is different for everyone. Everyone is an expert too on how others should spend their retirement. Thank you for the advice and ultimately it is up to you how you spend YOUR retirement.eastportmaine

An aging family member that is ailing may be part of the decision to retire a tad early.

Health care for that elderly loved one is key to where to start looking for real estate in Maine.

Retirement on social security checks, the interest off investments. 

Or what you can do for “mad money” to add some spark to the fixed income reality of calling it quits chasing the weekly paycheck.

You need less if you spend less and that is where Maine shines.

Maine. Expenses are lower, money is not what drives our entertainment.

The fun is low or no cost because we are outdoors all four seasons. It is like being at Disney Land without the tourists. Natural, real, clean, four season drop dead gorgeous beautiful! The folks are friendly, hardworking, help each other out. No one is out to impress, hoity toity does not work in Maine.

Free and clear, paid for works best too as a Maine habit chummy. Being up to your eyeballs in debt is considered dumb if the reasons you waded out that far in expenses was to keep up with the Jones. Knowing you could buy something you don’t need is satisfaction enough when you were taught impulse control. Do I need it, do I just want it?

Here are some resources for aged folks in the audience if you wonder about what is available if you do settle down in say Aroostook County Maine. Meals on Wheels. Aroostook Regional Transportation to help get you around if driving is not an easy option for the new Northern Maine home buyer or assisted living renter. Here is another helpful link for aging, disabled residents of Maine.

It’s all about improving your older person’s quality of life.

To promote the quality of life and well-being of older people in our Maine communities. Retired older people have so so many talents, life experiences to draw from and to contribute to the rest of the population. In Maine we get it. With close to twenty five percent of us 55 years of age or older, meeting the needs of this population segment is critical to add to the enjoyment of this population segment.

You may learn a few new lessons in your Maine retirement move.

We take our time and research. How much of the operation needed can be done ourselves knowing most true Mainers are jack of all trades? Where is the best deal for the goods or service or repair? In retirement, you will have even more time to make a game out of finding out your best solution to whatever comes at you living, not working, playing in Maine retirement. 

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