Pet Friendly Real Estate Listings, Thinking About Puff And Spot Buying A Home In Maine.



The home buyers we deal with factor in their animals, all of their pets in most Maine real estate purchases.

Studies show over eighty percent of home buyers consider their furry friends in any house selection. Fully ninety five percent in one Harris poll survey show the home owner considers their pet as part of the family. Spot is not a dog, he is a little person in a fur coat right? Your grandmother does spoil the little feisty ankle biter. Your sister’s cat is treated like a child as having one is put off until heavy college debt is reduced.catsleftbehind

So like the need for a granny flat, a mother in law apartment, a man cave, the household pets weigh in as highly important in the property buying.

Close to eighty percent of recent home buyers survey said they would pass on a house not meeting the needs of their pets.

The majority of our pet heavy house buying decisions involve big yards and lots of land for a pleasure horse. The search for real estate centers around lots of pasture acreage for livestock. A big dog like a St Bernard or many pets sharing the same household space makes it mandatory to find a home with space inside and out for Rover.

If you were a home owner with cats looking for a Maine property, what would be the features Puff would want? Southern exposure for those cat naps could make Puff purr loudly. Built in cat doors to come and go without relying on the owner to open or shut the exterior door would be an added plus.

Unlike urban landlords and condo marketers who install dog runs and pet salons, Maine is wide open for animal lovers.

No need to add the roof top areas for pooch or the kitty cat to get their exercise. Out in the Maine woods or the farm field, the need to pick up animal waste is gone too. Don’t bother putting on the plastic glove that reverses for tidy scooping up what they leave behind on the walk.horsebarn

Your own the fifity or more Maine land acres surrounding your country home removes the need for strict home owner association pet regulations. And no other property owner in sight in rural Maine that is offended by nature calls made by your household pet.

Where does the cat box go in the new Maine home?

Where did the last owner set up that pet task routine?

Did the owner keep everything neat and tidy or were the lax?

A dog house, places for the farm animal in the barn, stables and lots of pasture fields, carpeted runs for cats. Those are extra areas pets that a real estate home buyer want to see in the listing description and during real live showings.

Pet friendly space, a neighborhood that does not have a pit bull next door to terrorize your tiger stripped, ginger, tabby or solid colored cat is important.

Especially if the last place where the cat or dog lived was not pet friendly. Other people’s animals, your own unhappy one. It can add to the stress and be a source of higher vet bills if Fluffy or Spike are causing damage or just moping around in their new home sweet home.

Lifestyle choices in what property to buy have always been highlighted in the narrative or way we shoot images, collect the video loops. What you do for fun along with the knowledge others in the area around you share the same passion is what real estate buyers today seek. Birds of a feather flock together right?

Pet friendly for pleasure or service animals to help their owners is a big consideration for home buyers. The greater percentage of others with the same lifestyle pursuit in an area means there will be the professionals needed to support the hobby. Pet groomers, product suppliers, health care providers all will have an audience to cater to if the area is ideal for the animal and their property owner.

With houses, shows for competition, indoor riding arenas and being close to more of the same in nearby Maine towns. That is what a real estate buying looking for a Maine property will add to the gotta have list.

Buying or selling a property with pets adds a new twist to Maine home sakes.

mainecatsSome animals are banned by house insurance providers.

And how do three animals the size of small ponies and over a hundred pounds each live happlily in a shoe box ranch or cute cape?

When the pets, their famlies, all their toys are jammed in a tight neighborhood setting?

Of course if a home buyer is allergic to pet dander, the hair that can shed and drift into the cracks and crevices is going to be a no no deal killer. The real estate property search narrows quickly as the inch starts or running nose and eyes begins.  To find a pet free home much like motel lodging or car buying a space where no one lit up and smoke ’em if you got ’em happened.

I have listed places with cats that you would never know were on the premises.

No smells, no stains, no signs of pets whatsoever. No overflowing cat boxes or moon pies to watch your step during the outside yard showings. No heavily scratched door ways, trim, sofars or chairs.

During showings the pets were gone or hiding under a bed or beneath the covers. Waiting for the home buyers and I to wrap up the house tour and leave please. The tough part of properties listed with animals is to avoid them in the images, the video loops collected for editing back at the office. Barking dogs, either the home owners or someones down the street turn off even folks that love them out in the real estate audience.jackson brook lake 23

No one wants to listen to a child whine or a barking dog whether it is yours or another person’s during real estate showings or home watching videos.

The three cats sitting on the dining room table watching me and refusing to leave make me think, find a person who likes cats. That can see their cats doing the same hanging around. I have had cats follow me room to room and sometimes it is difficult to take photos without the cat or dog wanting to be in the image. 

Maybe the cat or dog do not get much company and they are curious to see who this guy with the coat, tie, camera and clipboard is. What is he up to and why is he in our home? Can he run a can opener? Did he bring a treat or will he scratch behind my ear? Play ball with me in the backyard. Do we have to be fearful?

Will he let us out despite strict orders during real estate showings to make sure we stay in the house for sale in Maine?

Pets, properties, people that are want a space for the kids and animals. Part of the real estate matchmaking we do in Maine. When helping buyers and sellers find the best fit for each side of the Maine real estate  transaction. Looking to buy or sell a property in Maine? Here to help and please reach out with the list of what your perfect home or other property “looks like” in your real estate dream. That listing sale that might involve pets, a special animal considered like family.

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