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Welcome to historic, friendly Weston, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

million dollar view 1Water, lakes, no place quite hits the jackpot for recreation waterfront like Weston Maine.

And coming in just as popular with travelers maineslogan1and locals alike is the view.

The Million Dollar View that with inflation adjustment, should be renamed with a larger number to showcase just how incredible the long view from the scenic turn outs really is.

Weston Maine has two opportunities along the US RT 1 highway to pull over and snap some images of the East Grand Lake.

And into Canada on the east on the north end of town. And then to the west on the south end where Mt Katahdin shows up in the distance. Weston Maine is doubly blessed with scenery and water.

Your fun is outdoors, often out on the water of Deering, Brackett, East Grand, North, Faulkner Lakes!

Camp fires, lightning bugs, moonlight and sunshine create millions of diamonds of sparkle to help you unplug and daydream. If you forgot or it has been too long since you last relaxed and felt at ease, Weston Maine’s four season setting will fix that itch. Just soaking up the sunshine, the major league view, all this time spend on and by the waterfront. You can stay at the First Settler’s Lodge and use the recreational trails around this stop in Weston. Or float your boat in Davenport Cove at Rideouts Sporting Camps

southernaroostookcountyTake the kids and climb the Peekaboo Moutain fire tower if you dare.

Any lake over 20 acres in Maine has a public landing. No lines, no tricky maneuvers to park your boat trailer and whatever is pulling it. Maine is less people, more open space and wildlife.

Kayak, troll for fish, tube, sail, swim to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

Save your hard earned cash. It’s free. No parking tickets either or having to get your rig out of the police compound. Space is not that tight and we have elbow room in rural, lower population Maine.

Or slide into a hammock connected between two trees for a little nap, to read a good bookin Weston Maine. To take in the setting, to listen to the sounds of lake loons, other song birds singing. Wildlife is everywhere you look. No people means more animals. Smile. You’re on candid game camera Bullwinkle. Meet Mr. Moose.

moose lake maine

Fish, hunt, hike, bike, tent, boat, explore. Trails are everywhere and you are are to discover Maine! In small Maine rural towns if used to crowds, traffic and the impersonal sea of people you don’t know or trust, it is easy to forget what privacy, seclusion, sparse populated feels like. Until you get to Maine and re-sync, unplug, recharge. Spot a moose, see white tail deer, listen to a lake loon. That does not happen in a heavily populated city setting. The people who do live here are connected, care about each other deeply and you are missing the crowd but never left to feel alone. Watch video of East Grand Lake area for the sneak a peek at what you are missing not vacationing, living here. 


You’re in Maine remember?

It’s the way life is suppose to be and called Vacationland on every license plate for a reason. Here’s a map and East Grand Lake information link. The campground along US RT 1 was pretty busy years ago during the summer months. Not so much now though but the beach sand is still fondly remembered. There are two highway turns outs in Weston Maine for the long jaw dropping view. For a photo opt with loved ones. The Million Dollar View with history and view expander has a paved parking lot on the north end of town. The town office close to the come one, come all non-denominational church is perched on one pretty impressive building spot. There is always a breeze to go with the panoramic views.

On the top of Harris Hill you can look out at the expanse two directions.

You are reminded of the elevation of the township that affords all these impressive views. Check out the little settlements like Selden. 859 us rt 1 land 24Wander over to Bancroft, Drew, Wytopitlock, sideways into Haynesville’s famous miles of woods to explore. I bet a lake or the Mattawamkeag River are on the list of what you did yesterday or plan to today. 

Take in the water water everywhere views with Peekaboo Mountain behind you as you pan the scenery that extends into Canada. Don’t forget, on the south end of town the view from another paved parking lot turn out offers the Mount Katahdin and foothills around it for a completely different view from a 180 degree twist.

Check out the two scenic turn outs in Weston Maine on historic US RT 1 on your way to Downeast Maine.

Waterfront is the ace card to lay down for tourists though. Another link for Deering Lake, 474 acres of waterfront fun.

Try out the rope swing, the kids will show you how to cool off on a hot summer day at the lake. One more, for Brackett Lake in Weston Maine.

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