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Community pages , real estate listings, they do go together like peas and carrots.

Yes Jennie, you need both if the audience of buyers includes local AND brand new to the area outside real estate buyers. Locals like being in the know of new events, the buzz of anything happening around them. And out of state Maine real estate buyers are alway hungry, starving for local information.

To help them feel safe and secure and not left out in the dark with anxiety. About the relocation to Maine decision making and the thorough study of just exactly where is the best local community to land. deerwintersledtrail

So besides the fully stocked shelves of Maine real estate listings of all types, locations, size and price, our website contains community pages.

Many of the local communities around Houlton Maine are low population and very small bedroom towns, platations and unorganized townships.

But they all have unique characteristics to appeal to the appetite of the Maine real estate buyer. 

For example, if you love the water, the Weston Maine community page would be an attractive portal to visit. To learn about the local area and then dive into the search filtering of what is for sale in Weston Maine

If the real estate buyer wants to homestead, his farm and wooded land might be smart to be around other agricultural neighbors.

The Littleton Maine community page is a valuable resource. What is on the the market, what’s for sale in Littleton Maine all sliced and diced would just make the hide and seek for listings that much easier. Saving time, frustration and getting the best deal for your hard earned dollar is what Maine frual living is all about right?

The blogging on Aroostook County, Northern Pebobscot and Washington Counties is not just created to be helpful as a local resource.

I love where I live and sharing the local information is fun not work for me. By encouraging others that this is a neat area and showing them why, it reinforces the many reasons I really enjoy living in Northern Maine. Sharing the local events, telling the historical stories and the role as a tour guide is easy blogging. Because the posts are just explaining how the local turf rock and rolls day by day, as the four seasons change.portlandlight15

What is it like where I live in Maine?

That question gets asked a lot and can have many facets.

What do you do for fun? What is the weather like?

Are there jobs, employment in your area of Maine?

Are people friendly and accepting? What’s crime like? Is there a Walmart? Tell me about your health care and nursing homes.

You and I would have a lot of questions about the unknows if picking up stakes and moving to a new home.

The community surrounding it concerns whoever would be doing a search for information on each and every one.

In small Maine towns, there is a not a lot of current online information or local folks putting the details into digital print and imagery. That’s a big reason why we blog on living in Maine.

Low crime, little traffic, less noise and way way friendlier people. Clean water, fresh air and lots of S-P-A-C-E. Don’t have to lock your doors or have an array of security cameras. That is what small Maine communities offer anyone buying a part or full time use Maine real estate property listing.

Fresh helpful content that saves time, answers questions and shows pride in the local area is very beneficial for those in search of answers. For as much local information as they can obtain online and without the need to physically be in the area to generate it. Those trips cost a lot of money and eat up time the buyer does not have to waste. COVID19 makes travel harder or for a time impossible because of quarantine periods, coronavirus testing result delays.

So remember, in small town rural Maine. There are no bad communities or areas to stay away from that are dangerous or blighted or a bad investment area.

homesteading me farmsteadThe biggest factor to consider when buying Maine real estate is location.

How far for a distance measured in miles do you want to be away from the conveniences?

Your job, the hospital, shopping, schools, golf course, lakes, etc.

We encourage Maine real estate buyers to draw a circle.

To make a physical choice of how far from the center, say Houlton or Patten or Danforth or Mars Hill do they actually need to be?

To make life easy and to spend less time running the roads to get from “A” to “B”. 

What lifestyle choice is made by the Maine real estate buyer impacts the best location and property type to purchase. Like to golf, then multiple greens to chase the white ball is high on the gotta have list. High speed Internet to work online remotely is key for someone tele-commuting. Not every small far away Maine community will be able to offer blazing Internet speeds.

And if you have to be handy to an airport in Maine, then plugging that factor into the search filtering is considered.

We only have so many airports in Maine and what property would work best becomes more apparent. As one by one less properties are under consideration while others move up the consideration list as possibles. Or the desire for the property listing for sale in Maine being on the waterfront. That is a fequently made request from out of town and local Maine real estate buyers.

My biggest real estate job is to listen.

houlton me early years 1To make believe if I was this property buyer considering what they just shared with me.

What hand picked property listing suggestions would work best for me as the property buyer?

What the perfect location would be and what real estate listing priced in this bracket .

And say needing financing through this particular bank mortgage underwriting program.

Which ones on the current listing market would fit each individual buyer best?

It is not one size fits all. Like the weather and clothes, there are major differences in what you consider off the rack or for the forecast.

For this reason we are more of a matchmaker instead of real estate salesperson. Find the best property to fit a buyer’s needs today and it sells itself because it works to fit best.

The real estate search is done and the buyer is able to segue into the local community fabric.

They can get on with the life because now they know where they are going to be living it. For now until the what works best needs change. Real estate is always involved somehow in life changes and the aging process. Looking to make a move, relocate? 

MOOERS REALTY, we strive to reach a larger market than just local. Community pages, real estate listings do indeed go together like peas and carrots.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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