You Open The Newspaper, The Headlines About The Real Estate Market.

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You unfold the newspaper, see headlines about the real estate market up or down.

And you figure the reporter is talking about the local area. No, they are reporting on certain areas or trying to give a real estate forecast for the horses group in maine photoentire country.

Or focused on a region that is rebounding or lagging in real estate. That is the  spotlight.

But local. The real estate market where you live, work and play. Surrounding your day to day.

Where you are invested. Or wishing to buy, needing to sell a property listing.

That is the real estate forecast you are most concerned with right?

In Maine, we live in two major sections. Southern Maine that warms up and cools off, tied a lot to the Boston MA real estate market.

In Northern Maine, we chug along. Live like we are in our own little world.

Because we are. In a county the size of Connecticut, Rhode Island with eleven people per square mile. That is all. Less people, less problems.

The crazier it gets in urban population centers where eight out of ten people live, the more folks want to bail out. Longing for small town Maine values where there is a close, intimate connection. Where you as an inhabitant are more involved in the crime free area. Not just living there.

More than making a living, raising a Maine family.

Because you the individual are the small Maine town. Involved, working community events, having a personal stake in everything that happens. Raising the family that attends local Maine schools. Making the local headlines. hero the cat photo

Your talents, skills in a small Maine town make you the candidate to step up.

Get involved.

And not just Johnny One Time. No no.

Signing on for life.

Because when you look over your shoulder, there is not a long line of replacements to make the step forward.

To pick up where you left off.

The Maine real estate market where I live is so much lower priced, has a larger selection, lots of land, all the time.

That folks in the land of six and seven, more digits in the real estate property listing prices are shocked. Kid in the candy store in awe when peeking into the Maine real estate crystal ball property listing portal.

Because to buy a home for $20,000, $30,000 or a waterfront cottage on a top three biggest Maine lake for in the $70’s is unheard of, inconceivable. Where they live in a city setting. With high prices lots of crime all the time. And zip for space. Standard procedure. Easy to think everyone else rolls like that. It does not in Maine.

two maine seacoast ladies photoIn my area, owner financing for Maine land happens all the time.

No Maine bank mortgage.

Just set up the budget monthly installments, the down payment that fits the budgets and custom made happens.

Tailor made for the unique situation is worked out to keep the Earth spinning.

We don’t like or do mortgages in Northern Maine.

Not for long anyway. It is not about impressing, making any one envious, jealous either. Down to Earth, friendly, trusting, family oriented, community minded in a fierce way.

It is all about small town Maine living. That is Northern Maine where our real estate market ups and down are minimum blips. Never spiking way up and then roller coaster way down.

So when you read the headlines for the real estate market, zero in, ask where does this apply?

And do not apply what is happening on the west coast, in Vegas, down in Florida or whatever real estate venue to Northern Maine. It is not not like this many place and those who live here are so so lucky to have this area of Maine as the backdrop for their life. Learn more about Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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