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You know the feeling from getting your money’s worth when eating out, dining away from home.

Maine land acreage is like that. You always leave a closing on a property listing for Maine land loaded to the gills, happy, giddy. farmer market photo

Feeling the same buying Maine land as loaded down with the carry out white boxes of food.

From the local Maine diner. Where you always get your money’s worth.

That you paid for, just could not eat. But get to save for another sitting.

When hunger returns and you wander out to the refrigerator for a little snack. A quick looksie of just what hiding in there. On those shelves during a commercial break of some reality show. And you are thinking about grazing, putting the feed bag on.

Maine land is plentiful, always included in large supply in a property listing purchase.

Around the in town home with extra lots. Surrounding, wrapping loosely the farm or waterfront property listing in Maine. That includes plenty of acreage in the property trade. To add to the experience of all four season outdoors. With the real estate in Maine, the property listing you zero in on. You decide to purchase.

 Enjoying the layer of protection, added insulation to preserve the peace and quiet. That is Maine where more wildlife, outdoor rolling terrain, plenty of waterfront options happen. All day long.

So if you want the maximum amount of land in Maine, head north.

The further north, the more Maine land acreage included, added with the property listings.horses winter photo

Because the population thins. Which means more Maine land for the buyer of real estate.

When it is all about the land in Maine.

Because we all know, underneath all is the land. Land in Maine.

You don’t get this chance to guarantee space around you that happens in Vacationland when parked in other places on the planet.

Looking for open ground to raise, grow something on the Maine land? Maybe horse around a little?

Or is the idea to just have a cabin all by yourself in the middle of the North Maine woods? Maybe on a stream, river, pond or lake. For the solitude. To hear yourself think.

Or a small business, like sporting camps in Maine. That’s the dream to wake up and put into action.boundary maine canada photo

Maybe you want to be a guide on the Maine. To show others out of state vacationers, sportsmen where to fish, hunt, have fun.

Build cabins one at a time. To rent out for lodging. Feeding them and suggesting where to experience the most in your area of Maine.

To take the lead navigating around the trails system. Be the tour guide. To introduce, to help in the meet and great. Of the neat local people of Maine. To enjoy four seasons in Maine as fully as possible.

Cross over into Canada too.

We are parked right on the border remember with folks waving the red maple leaf flag.

To hit deep inside a person, create the setting to get the most of out of the short time on Earth. That just does not happen in the hustle bustle when in a dangerous, crowded, impersonal, noisy area like cities provide. Where eight out of ten people are doing time in a concrete jungle.

So when you think land in Maine, consider here it comes. You are going to get lots to enjoy. Half orders, easy does it. Plenty of land in Maine, extra helpings of property acreage always in the trade, exchange.

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