How The Real Estate Buyer Feels When The Property Owner Starts Giving Away Personal Items.

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The buyer for a Maine real estate listing has been located through marketing, realistic pricing and the satisfaction because it works.real estate brochure ad1

It fits the needs of the buyer of the property.

But here is a little devil in the details that can creep up and put out the fire of desire that burns within to get to the real estate closing and make the successful property transfer happen.

The personal property, what is inside the real estate listing in Maine.

What about the case of a camp, cottage or second home, an estate that is not empty of personal property?

What can happen to make the real estate sale go sideways?

Giving away what was stated would stay in the property listing.

That letting go of items to the next door neighbor, your brother in law Bob.

The buyer of the property who revists the pending listing for measuring the windows for curtains starts to sense the evaporation.

Of stuff, the extras he or she may not need but that suddenly feels like someone is stealing them. Even if they don’t quite own the property yet, the buyer starts to act like they do.

Is getting used to the idea of being the new property owner as the process to buy through the banks, appraisal, legal channels is put through it paces.

Communication, spelling out what stays or goes is critical. The antique light in the dining room that is going to be kept should be removed before the buyer tours the sticks and bricks.

 It should have another less expensive version that showed up in all the imagery, the video, the marketing propaganda. Nothing removed even though it was stated don’t plan to keep this, this and this.

It is a classic best real estate practices of “out of sight, out of mind”.

Same with the ceiling leak stain from before the old asphalt shingled roof was replaced being sealed, repainted. You don’t worry about what you don’t see. That is not in your face. mainechevyrepairmainephoto

Even though as the real estate agent, broker, REALTOR it is pointed out that up there on the top of the Maine home for sale there is a brand new asphalt, metal, straw, whatever type roof on the place.

That old stain makes the buyer think roof leak. Fix it. Or I will have to after the real estate sale. 

Don’t care, didn’t hear what was said for reassurance. That stain even though no longer an active leak causes a cash register sound inside the head of the real estate buyer to sound. “Ching ching”, new roof costing thousands is a big surprise with this property listing.

But back to the contents, personal property of a real estate listing for sale in Maine. When it is not wondering what stays or goes. Because everything is not leaving. Or the buyer was promised that before things changed.

We’re not talking the pile of old tires, the three worn out couches in the living room or a dozen almost empty dried up paint cans or dead water heaters scattered around the basement of the property.

But the kitchen table and chairs, the microwave on the counter, the wicker furniture out on the glass porch or beds, bureaus, night stands and lamps. Maybe a TV or two like the owners just took their clothes and left. Not lifting a finger to remove a thing. andymooershoultonmainephoto

If the contents, everything stays is what is promised, don’t bend or break your word.

And start giving everything you don’t want to keep to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Anyone but the buyer lines up for the help yourself.

How would you feel if you were the buyer, not the seller?

The lawnmower and anything else that could be bought for extra funds outside the real estate closing is another thing. When eveything, every fork, knife and spoon and dishware, the entire contents of the Maine home for sale is not included.

But the buyer is given a list of buy some of it, none of it, all of it… and first crack at the cargo inside. 

Again, if you were the buyer, not the seller, wouldn’t you want to have the first crack and not be the last to know you could have bought this, this and that for this sum that you would have gladly reached into your pocket to purchase? Sure you would. birdsnestphoto

When there is one real estate agent, broker that mediates the sale and not two hostile ones treating the property sale like it was a court room with strong lines of distrust drawn, eveyrthing can be friendly. That’s how rural real estate in small Maine towns still works.

The buyer and seller come together in peace. Attack problems, situations and not blame people.

The real estate sales that are difficult, drag on, where everyone gets bloodied, are the ones where emotions rise high, nerves fray.

Tempers get short. And real estate sales can crash just because the scary, uncomfortable movie goes on too long. More and more surprises and muttering “what now” can be heard from unhappy campers.

Keeping everyone happy in a real estate sale that is more complicated now then either veteran buyers and sellers can remember is a challenge of the people skill set.

And stuff inside is walking out the door and who took it is not known because it can seem to the buyer everyone but them has access to the contents they thought was going to be their’s to keep, enjoy and do whatever they wanted with after the real estate property closing.

The contents of the inside of a property listing, if you say they stay, make sure they do.

Because if things promised in the sale suddenly walk away, disappear. So will your real estate buyer who does not like the treatment.

When he or she feels like the last person who gets what was promised inside the property for sale that they thought they was going to be there to keep or dispose of as they saw fit.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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