Maine Real Estate Agents, Brokers Roles Have Changed Greatly.

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In any profession, the Maine real estate list and sell no exception, there are situations that can cause discomfort.

 Our real joy is listing a property that is realistically priced and will sell. Marketing each and every listing aggressively. And having more maine farm barn buddyback up property listings like it to meet the demand. For when it does get a SOLD real estate sign rider panel screwed on the top. Helping property buyers of all ages get a place.

From the match up of new first time home purchaser and the elderly widow that owns the house that out grew her. To the group of recreational Maine land buyers who love the sporting, outdoor natural Vacationland setting.

Or the Maine hobby farmer land buyer that wants to grow, raise something local good to eat.

Maybe it’s just Maine land purchaser, or a waterfront retirement lake home buyer who decides to leave the city living behind. Replacing it with rural, simple, less people hustle bustle that Maine offers much needed relief. After years living jammed in an urban, city area for way too long.

These folks appreciate Maine living even more than locals that know they have it good. But not just how lucky they really are to have missed out on much expensive urban living. Skipping all that crime, living in fear and wearing a taser, looking over their shoulder. Being vigilant for personal safety can get old, wear a person down. Change a person’s life from getting pretty beat up, rag tag rope a doped.

The small mom and pop real estate business buyer is challenging, fun to help actually get financed too.

Because it is a whole different approach to help them into their own commercial property listing. Special financing help with bank and government programs weaved together. Sometimes owner terms and the seller taking back a mortgage because they believe in the business. And the new buyer to make it fly. Keep it going. Finding the path to get everyone one to arrive at the Maine real estate closing varies depending on the people, circumstances.

But what makes the job helping Maine real estate buyers and sellers harder today? That would make the days more productive, fruitful, enjoyable if these situations did not come up so much?  They say it’s all fun and games until someone’s eye gets poked out. In thirty three years of listing, selling Maine real estate, I have seen a slow shift.

From both parties, buyers and sellers knowing everyone has to be happy, content. Left with a good taste in their mouth during, after the Maine real estate sale. To more and more only concerned about one side of the equation. Looking at the listing or sale from just one side boxingglovesof the Maine real estate teeter totter. And sometimes messing up the sale from being unreasonable and forgetting their role in the balancing act. And getting hot under the collar, gasket blowing over the top emotional if things don’t go a certain way in their corner of the real estate ring. 

Part of the frustration, shift happened because of society’s old thinking about put others first.

 Rapidly replaced due to marketing spelling out to achieve greater personal happiness it is by making sure your got your own share of the pie upfront. Expectations of others becomes greater and sometimes unrealistic.

It also is okay to take advantage of someone because you can, that is now considered by many as good business. Being number one. Improving the bottom line for you. It is all about you for many more folks these days after the prize belt in the duke it all. Come out on top no matter what it takes or what lengths you have to go to do it.

Besides the informational shows Sunday mornings, all the CD’s and books on programs to get rich quick without working up a sweat, buyer agents, brokers of real estate help fuel the drama.

 Rural Maine real estate buyers I deal with are pretty savvy already. Careful to not let go of a dime until value is received from the other end. Shopping hard for the cheapest financing, lowest closing costs and knowing the local property current values backwards and forwards. So it was not like these buyers were left out in the cold with approaching wolves circling at dinner time. And the buyer is the main meal and helpless. 

Suddenly property listings that a common sense wise buyer could decide was a good deal or not all by their lonesome, with the bank appraiser and family members watching over their shoulder, now are desperately needing someone to represent them.

 The buyer agent, broker of real estate that gets paid with a share of the seller’s commission can take up a Perry Mason courtroom stance. Drawing clear lines in the real estate sale posturing, sabre rattling representation. And painting the seller’s side as dark, shady, not to be trusted. Which leads to distrust from the other side and builds to a high pitch tension.

And the mechanics of the purchase and sale agreement becoming more like a heated court room litigation. When it’s not a murder trial and no one is on death row waiting for a call from the Governor to change the ending of the movie focused around the crow bar hotel. The distrust spilled over into needing building inspectors. Where common sense and being raised around building, the parents and grandparents that were Jack of all trades, meant get their opinion. Bring in a real carpenter, plumber, electrician not a in and out clip board inspector who never made their living knee deep in the trades.mainepotatofarm

And realize for the price of the property, certain less than perfect brand new home qualities, conditions are going to come with the trade. Or the price would be higher for the property and the buyer could not afford it.

Expectations of getting the seller to improve a laundry list of items before the buyer purchases partly caused by banks selling the mortgage too.

Bringing the property up to specs so the underwriter of the loan can package it up, get it dumped and out of their hands on to the secondary mortgage market.

Where every one’s home mortgage rate is lower because they are packaged, sold on the secondary mortgage front to investors buying into a piece of the action.

Luckily in rural Maine, list the property, sell it as one agent, broker still happens.

Way easier, less drama and tension and together, a deal is hammered out everyone is happy with. Because not too many cooks in the kitchen.

Less chairs filled with players at the Maine real estate closing table. It seems the more involvement of real estate professional, lawyers, home inspectors, and more layers of banking overseers, the greater the frustration, delays, misunderstandings.

Most industries, businesses have seen dramatic increases in more complicated ways to run their operations to stay profitable. It used to be simple to decide to sell your Maine real estate and to find a buyer that could make the purchase. But these are still the good old days when looking back to this point twenty years from now. I’ll get back to you on how things are going with our everything real estate approach to this blogging platform of the Mooers Realty site. Thanks for stopping in, following us, reading along. Sample our Me In Maine Blog offerings too!

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