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Maine waterfront properties, they have care and repair associated with them.

Protecting your investment is part of it. But being a good steward of the Maine lake, river front, pond, ocean property or whatever you border for water is the major concern. It’s easier, cheaper to do the annual maintenance than the consequences from doing nothing. retainer wall 3

Sometimes the shoreland zoning project involves retainer walls.

Because everything is about protecting the water quality. Thinking like a fish,what if you were one. Or passing the waterfront property onto to your kids means give it to them in better shape or at least a good as you received the real estate.
Retainer walls, when you have one in place to keep the erosion of soil from happening, repairing them has to happen. It can be as simple as one section has pushed out, tipped on the top but still doing its job. Or underneath the retainer wall is combing with forces from up on top to make the movement helped with the forces of Mother Nature and Jack Frost. Ice in a crack expands. Concrete or man made retainer walls don’t hold up forever.
So how do you know what you can or can not do? And when it is time to replace the retainer wall with rock rip rap to make it more natural and longer lasting. What are the options, what are other happy camper property owners around the waterfront doing to keep the soil in place?
Check with your local Maine DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) and your closet soil conservation office of the USDA. The latter can tie you into possible funding for your say Maine lake or at least work on your project along the lines of the plans for your waterfront to keep it as clean as possible.

 Roadways put in with missing culverts or undersized ones around a Maine lake.

 Or the slope to the water or steep pitch of a waterfront lot combine with the pressures from the roadways to access them all combine to cause erosion. Sharp inclines on rugged terrain and too little money for proper site development, plus not much experience with roadway civil engineering training hurt the environment. They all hurt a Maine lake’s water quality and your waterfront property investment when attention to detail is missing. Education helps show why development erosion happens.lakehomemaine
The timber cutting operation from a wood’s harvest many miles away impacts the water quality too.
The equipment used in the brand new roads needed to remove the cut trees all add to the what happens to a Maine lake in a bad way.
Unless someone is paying attention and knowing there are lots of operations with tree cutting going on around the waterfront, nothing is done early one. Many individuals all working on the network of roads around a waterfront property need the education on road building or to raise the funds to hire someone who does have it.
Bad business, when water races and dumps into a lake things that don’t belong there. Bringing in contaminants especially after a heavy rain that hurts whatever lives and depends on the lake quality stablization. From lake loons to land lock salmon and everything in between all enjoy or get concerned when the quality of the Maine waterfront suffers.

Here are some retainer walls in Maine images.

And for more reading material on the subject, check out the Maine waterfront property owner handbook. Education helps. Doing things late at night or on your own without guidance is a big mistake. Permit by rule standards needs to be understood so you get the right go ahead from the government authority that oversees what needs to be done around the state.
When you are constructing, repairing, altering a permanent structure on the waterfront, you need to get permits in place first. Or do see what can be done for options or what does not need a permit. If replacing the retainer wall is not possible financially, other options can help keep the damage contained or to slow the movement until you can afford to make the investment into a better solution.
Some lakes in Maine have strong, organized organizations to help you get the information you need to protect the waterfront. Many small Maine towns which most of the state is famous for have very active planning and zoning boards. That work with the issues that come up around the waterfront that better be handled quickly and consistently. loonskayak
Septic system replacements, holding tanks, not just retainer walls along with safety on the water all come with the territory. Because Maine is blessed with lots of property bordering the recreational H2O. And everyone wants to protect their real estate investment along with the natural water quality that go hand in hand up or down. It is a partnership between everyone lucky enough to be on the Maine waterfront.
The need for a retainer wall comes from nothing present to hold the ground in place.
Ground cover to strain the dirt out of the water racing toward the waterfront is important. But when a slope is filled in to make it easy to walk on or to mow when lawns were common on the early years of development around the water before shoreland zoning regulations, the retainer wall was a temporary fix to keep things level.
Old long length logs that did not fix together tightly and that had no fabric screen to hold the soil in place were not the answer. Retainer walls, even the best of them wear out. Not designed to stand up to the pressure of outdoor wear and tear over Maine’s four seasons. And whatever is used to hold the soil in place and movement out into the waterfront had better be cribbed correctly. To have an inner anchoring to keep the retainer wall holding eveything in place. To separate the water from the land terrain.
Maine, a state very protective of the shoreline around the waterfront.
And clean, preserved for a reason not just by chance. Looking to buy or sell a waterfront property in Maine? Here to help and to work within your budget, to get as many feature items on your real estate wish list as possible.

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