Small Rural Real Estate Markets, What’s Important In Property Sales.

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Small rural markets in real estate sales, the treatment of property listings is vastly different.

Than the approach with urban offerings of real estate for sale. What should a seller do to enhance their real estate listing in less populated areas like canoers waiting race photoMaine?

In a small rural market, like city settings what is important is pricing first.

Then possession date, the over all condition of the buildings. If there is a house and bank financing is involved then those come right along into the picture.

Of the adding any perks to enhance and attract interest to the property listing for sale.

It’s all way way less important in small priced rural markets like in the less populated, out in the country Maine real estate areas.

Practical considerations, like low cost to run. Easy to maintain features trump the fancy, luxury elements. Everything is lower priced in small rural markets too.

Less money flowing, better impulse control managing or spending it wisely happens. The condition of the roof, heating system, foundation, overall structure of the property listing is what gets eyeballed hard. Like the cost to heat to keep the household budget balanced, in the black.

Not if the zip code is exclusive, hoity toity. Or if there is smooth, polished granite, quartz counter tops for the kitchen work surfaces. Or an olympic size pool, tennis courts out back with extensive landscaping around “the estate”. Family living outside more the rule than being a social butterfly in the entertaining at home using fine gold rimmed china, crystal glass wear and having servants on staff handing the exclusive silver. Flown in prepared dining fare.

Maine is outdoors, many lakes and pools are often a burden, not value increaser.

loons in maine photoFlorida would be a different matter.

Local customs, traditions, economy and Maine weather considerations come in to play.

Auxillary structures like extra bay garages to protect vehicles in the Maine winter get high marks.

The pellet or wood furnace installations cause greater interest too. Lots of land around a Maine property listing is a given.

We measure our yards in acres not inches or feet like highly populated real estate markets are forced to do.

Distances for travel, driving in our everyday life causes a circle to be drawn for full time property listing buying in Maine. To make sure it is within this number of minutes or miles. Traffic is not a problem so it’s missing altogether in the picking “the one” that fits, works best.

There are no bad Maine towns to avoid investing, looking in. No gangs, no drive by shootings in certain neighborhoods like a big crime riddled city has to contend with daily.

Maine is the 4th lowest crime state makes all that go away, missing. maine lake photo

So neighborhood of where the real estate listing is parked is not talked over, a big factor in the eenie meenie miney moe of where the buyer finally ends up land.

How far away from home is the school, Wally World, fishing, hunting, golf? The hospital from where you lay your head down at night from your home is key.

To save time and money. Shave both off the to and fro that being too far out in the country can cause.

But that too depends on are you driving to work daily, working at home telecommuting from Maine, or just plain retired ?

So one or two trips to town to shop are plenty. And there are days when the family car stays parked. Never leaves the driveway. Or you beat feet, ride a bike and your two feet do the transporting.

So what are the top items on the list of what buyers and sellers of property listings in Maine expect to see?

When buying or selling Maine real estate? Quality, pricing in line with market value of what similiar properties are listed for, selling for has to happen.

Is a given. Or you are wasting everyone’s time.

Quick possession date on the Maine real estate property. If there is a full time house or seasonal say waterfront folk festival photoproperty, 2nd home vacation cottage or camp involved.

Of course no title issues, right of ways that interfere with the enjoyment of the property in Maine under consideration.

None of that lurking in the background at the registry of deeds.

To surprise, derail a Maine real estate closing. The clear to close instructions to be sent out to the attorney or title company.

Not a lot of costly repairs s given. That make banks selling the mortgage on the secondary market decide thumbs down, no thanks either.

And neat, clean, free of debris or foul smells. Or neighbors with meth labs, yellow tape crime scene warnings, etc.

So keep your finger on the real estate game piece. Know what is worth doing for updates to up the ante for a higher price return on property sales.

Solid and well built more important that elgant features designed for luxury or to impress in the Maine real estate.

Maine is simple living, down to Earth hard working people and getting value in property purchases. Hiring out for services is not the rule.

Being pretty thrifty, frugal, doing as much of your own work is a Maine tradition too.

So small rural Maine real estate markets, how do they differ from a city setting when talking property listings?

The biggest difference is the price levels. Everything you know about city real estate prices, divide by three, four or more on what to expect to pay for Maine property listings.

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