The MLS Real Estate Transfer Of Property Listing Information.

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The MLS Maine real estate transfer of property listing information, the mechanics are similiar.

But the substance of what is relayed and how is not. Like jewels, not everyone shines the same. Like people, there are distinct differences. Something blaring, other times more subtle. cows mooers maine farm photo

And some of the property listings herded down the MLS real estate pipeline just did not get the treatment needed to make a true transfer of what this one, that one is really all about.

For starters, when a listing in a zero lot line, Home Owner Association tightly reined home on the west coast is listed. And on the other side of the country, a farm home with lots of land, bordering the waterfront, in a smallcountry town without restrictive zoning layers is listed.

Both are so not a like, the approach to trying to show and tell just how to the online real estate property listing buyer could not be more different. Peas and carrots not apples and apples.

Has to be because the real estate buyers for each property are too.

The yes, no, maybe and number fields for the rooms, bedroom, baths and square footage of the inside living space can only take it so fast in the mass transfer of information.

The MLS has to be streamlined and efficient. But the narrative space to really drill down into just what this property listing is all about, and to spell out the condition, the local community surrounding it, does not get in the spotlight pool.

That’s why the images have to reinforce and pitch in to show the true picture. The copy space that is afforded has to have clear, efficient language the audience can hook into and glean. Not full of real estate jargon, titles, initials that only someone in the industry would recognize.

 If there is a video, then the property can tell, show the story of what do we have here. The blog posts about the local area can seem to someone in the community as a waste of time. loons maine waterfront property photo

Because they already knew this information because they hang their hand in this part of the country. It is like preaching to the choir.

But the shift from just waiting until the local buyer darkened the doorstep, walked through the front side or back doorway to see for themselves is waning.

Even local buyers are so busy that they want big box convenience store shopping to get it all in one drive through quick swoop.

To be NASCAR pit stop efficient. And filtering through the stuff they don’t want, to get to the property listings they do is critical too.

The total information, a full turn your head and cough physical of each and every property listing whenever the time of day or night strikes the real estate buyer.

That is the mission today and to increase what is put on the MLS pipeline with the plat map, aerial view, blog posts about attorneys, bankers, where to eat, where to stay for a motel room.

All this and more information is needed at the fingertips. And to be updated, kept time, money and gas saving. Because we are all little red hen service providers in the how can I help you. Or better be. houltonmaine town photo

Once the websites, social media circulations and print media are wired with full cargo of information, they don’t want to be kept in the dark.

The broadcast, the circulation has to be longer, stronger and the reach, the frequency of the marketing message for the property listings and the local community flavor has to extend far and wide. To attract the largest real estate audience possible.

We find videos for real estate are the best tool in the marketing box but also the most underused, misunderstood too. There is a learning curve and you don’t just do them on the REALTOR’s, agent’s, broker’s most expensive real estate property listing.

The buyers local and out of state, the country expect them once you start the shoot, edit, render and upload of real estate videos.

So back to the difference property listings themselves, let alone the way both need to be exposed to expand the audience to consider buying them.

The west coast house on a fraction of an acres does not get a lot of questioning about the lot amenities. The farm property listing in Maine does.

Because the lay of the land is critical if you make your living from it. Knowning about the amount of open fields, the property acreage that can be tillable for crops. eggs maine farm photo

The Maine farm buyer has to have this information.

To make an educated selection and not waste precious time fumbling around to figure it out on his own.

Why should the buyer be made to have to come see, walk and talk about the property listing when they are many states away? You are right. They should not.

The soil conservation maps, the size of each field or pasture, a timber cruise or forestry report should be in the packet of online information.

The basics like property taxes, what type of roof, siding, foundation on the house and condition and details on the rest of the buildings in the farm property collection. Where are the spaces on the MLS for all that?

If a real estate professional is peddling a condo and all of them look pretty much alike, it is hard to create more to market then is there.

Yes real estate is emotional and you the agent or broker can shift to how will this property cater to the needs of a retirement buyer and spell out the fun, leisure recreational options.

But the property itself. The video could be 90 seconds long and do the job.

But with a far away buyer and a rural farm property or waterfront listing or Victorian house, more details are never discouraged. Second, third helpings and more are asked for when the buyer is hungry and far away. andrew mooers maine realtor photo

The desire to make the long expensive trip hinges on how much information can be quickly secured to proceed to buy those silver bird airline tickets.

I don’t know about you but I also like to do my independent study of a purchase.

If a salesman meets me at the automatic glass sliding doors and his first words are “I know exactly what you want, need” I recoil.

You do?

I don’t for sure know what I am after but will know it when I see it.

There is a process in the study of what to buy for anything. And for real estate, the property listing represents the largest purchase ever made by most.

So point me over to sporting goods, to automotive or DIY home improvement and let me graze on the information. To compare products, read the side panels on the boxes and compare prices. Usually I have done a little research so this is the next leg.

Once I come up with questions, okay, where is the salesman? But until then, put the what I need to know in a bullet point presentation to hit the highlights.

But have the extra details all locked and loaded to keep it going as I drill down through the information.

Until I get to the point where I know what I want and need to do. If I am ready to purchase and the homework is done.

Our job of listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate has changed a lot over the last 36 years.

We love what we do and how we do it. Your time is important to us and we appreciate your visit. Want you to return. New technology is to be embraced not skirted away from and we hope your online real estate property listing experience is worthwhile and rewarding.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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