Layers Of Players, Maine Real Estate List And Sell Not That.

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Big real estate markets have lots of professionals crowded around the trough.

You gotta have a stager to get the house ship shape. You need a REALTOR to watch over the building process. maine river rafting photos

You need an attorney with an esquire after his or her name.

To eyeball the bank paperwork, represent all the interests.

And everyone else needs to lawyer up too. 

All the chairs around the long conference room table get used in large real estate market closings. You need insurance for this, this and oh yeah that.

The tab for the layers of players, all the A – Z inspectors built into all those zero places in the purchase price tag of the real estate listings.

In a small rural Maine real estate market, all that changes. The prices for the property listings are low hanging.

Closer to the ground which means simple happens. The buyers and sellers we deal with are not just highly specialized in one area and severely lacking or blind in others.

No no, the hands on way folks are raised in Maine means you are not a stranger to power tools. Very hands on and confident from experiences growing up.

Most when you live in a small Maine town have been around the building trades all your life and plenty of DIY skills of the residents happens.

Simply watching a you tube video on how to tile, proper drainage on that foundation, anything. Reading a forum and study of the thread of comments is enlightening. derby new racers photo

Just Google it right?

So as a small rural real estate broker in Nothern Maine, reading blog posts on large platforms about this is the way it is done.

In small rural markets listing and selling Maine real estate. our buyers and sellers are verysavvy.

Sharp as a tack.

No wool fragments or strands hanging off the eyebrows where anyone tried to pull anything over on anyone.

When you move to Maine, you feel the hands on, more involved connection. With the community, with the way you rock and roll, shake and bake in the small Maine communities. cows in maine photo

Less money makes it more important to manage it better.

And to step up to the plate to do more with what you have.

Or to barter, reach out for others to help. And you return the favor.

So if you are buying Maine real estate property, you won’t need all the layers of players.

It is not like a court room with stacks of professionals crowded around one side or the other of a court room atmosphere.

We have full property disclosure so the good, bad, the ugly is shared before the sale. The best time because afterwards is not the time to find out about the fire that was covered up. cary library in houton maine photo

Like the heating system that was bragged up as working suddenly does not.

Has not for years.

Folks next door could have told you that well goes dry every dry summer. The basement floods from heavy snow spring run off unless you plug in the two subpumps.

Old fashioned values, honest dealings never go out of style in small rural markets of Maine real estate.

That approach spills over into all that is done because smaller is more transparent.

And folks have a voice in their head. At least one that keeps them on the straight and narrow.

Treating others like you would want, expect to be dealth with in business or all areas of living in small Maine template photo

No Angie’s List needed to pay for who do you call when you need a goods or service either.

Small Maine towns have folks who want to help, share what they have learned.

People reach out and are not smug, silent and keeping to themselves.

You are needed in small Maine town living and and get pulled in, involved in activities.

If you want to know something just ask. Who you gonna call is from the name of folks that are doing it right. It is that simple.

Quality work and at competitive prices with consistency so you know what to expect is all someone living in small Maine towns can expect.

Is it like that where you buy or sell real estate property? Here is my Maine real estate story.

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