Seeing, Hearing What You Think You Are | Real Estate Misunderstandings.

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Thank goodness everyone we deal with in real estate in Maine buying and selling is not a clone.

We all know what relationships are like when one side is trying to make houlton me fair photothe other a carbon copy of themselves.

So in our job listing, marketing, transfering Maine property listings, much of what we do is crowd control.

Making sure everything is spelled out and layed face up on the table.

To avoid misunderstandings that do no one any good.

Assumptions are very dangerous and usually out of date or way off the mark for accuracy.

Off what is really cooking in the shake and bake. But the truth will set you free is what I read. On the front wall of a church in Houlton Maine.

Over the altar mentally tracing the letters. Thinking about the sign painter on planks, the metal scaffolding.

High in the air painting the block lettering hand scribed years ago. Read now when my feet would not touch the floor while sitting, reflecting on the sermon out in the pews. A few rows back and quiet as a well, church mouse.

As a Maine real estate broker for 35 years this April, my biggest job is setting expectations.

Educating on what happens in property listing sales so everyone in the audience is up to speed. Knows what happens next and why. And that everything is subject to change is lots of red flags show up in the real estate sale.

We navigate, we lead the charge from real estate listing, showing to closing finale. And if we don’t act professional. Let the property owner who shouts I am not going to give the place away and bangs his fist on the kitchen table during the listing process during the fill in the blanks.

birds nest in maine photoKnowing the realistic value of what to expect, we are not doing anyone favors by taking way way over priced property listings.

How to list a place, the best ways to market it coast to coast and beyond. The places to find pockets of the most buyers for the property listing in Maine.

We also spend much of our time answering the FAQ. About tell me about property taxes, the weather.

How are people like up there in Maine? We hear it all and are personal fans of Maine. So not problem breaking it all down and exchanging the what it is like in Aroostook County.

We raised our four kids here in Maine.

Have a stake in how things roll. I am involved in local community events and once you sign on, it is your job for life. More on living in a small Maine town.

So back to the blog post in Maine title about misunderstandings. Not seeing, hearing what is really going down. It happens because people hide. They can be embarrassed when a divorce forces a Maine home sale. bar harbor in maine photo

Or sadness filling the room when a lost one means settling an estate with real estate that needs a new property owner.

Selling the antique large rambling home in Maine some call a dinosaur.

That is not for everyone in real estate listings for sale being peddled.

But knowing someone needs the place if marketed properly, extensively.

Anger, impatience, just not understanding what is the process in selling a property listing in Maine today.

But full of advice from every Tom, Dick and Harry who lends an ear.

Contributes their $0.02. Meaning well but clouding the process. Creating doubt touting the myths in Maine real estate. What applies in southern New England but is not the way things roll in Maine. In real estate listing sales in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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