Texting Real Estate For Sale In Maine Information

motorola droid 3

Texting real estate for sale in Maine information, it is one of many ways MOOERS REALTY gets the word out instantly.

Having kids, staying in touch with them with texting got me in shape for fast paced micro typing.   motorola droid 3

Working as a news director in a broadcast media outlet with on air deadlines also helped push the typing proficiency.

With no time to waste diddling around when it was show time to report the news as it happened in the broadcast market place.

Texting real estate information and answers to questions makes it instant, up to date and no delays with text messaging.

No more 9-5 limited waiting around. Real estate buyers looking for local area or property listing information don’t want delays. They should not have to kill time or chase down the information on a property listing.

Texting is one more powerful communication tool of many in the real estate marketing arsenal. I bet Captain Kirk’s communicator had a slide out keyboard for texting. And we know it was used for lots of helpful things from energizing to replicating a snack on foreign planets boldly going where you and I have never been yet.

I will admit that the screen touch cell phone virtual key boards are not my favorite weapon to reach for but when in a pinch, hand it over.

Heck a tin can and string or carrier pigeon, smoke signals will work if it’s all you got or the other end of the signal prefers it. Pick your poison right? Whatever delivery system works best for the buyer or seller. Not moi.

A slide out cell phone with the raised numbers and letters on the keyboard is my tool of choice.

For two thumb back and forth firing off answers to rock responses to text messages on real estate that we receive in a steady stream.

Full touch slabs took over with many that ditched the slide out physical keyboard for their cell phone needs. Blackberry cell phones that were once the cat’s meow seemed to have swallowed a hair ball in my opinion. lupinesin maine photo

The Blackberry software and not keeping up with new entries in the cell phone market took it’s toll and I always thought they were just a tad too big.

The Droid 3 tucks, folds into itself and fits into my on the run listing and showing real estate practice best for now.

But other physical keyboard cell pohone options are out there… double tap the link. Here it comes.

Don’t laugh when you see someone texting on a cellphone with slide out keyboard.

Have you looked around for a key board cell phone lately? I don’t see a huge variety of choices and am on my third Droid 3 phone because the text messaging with a real keyboard is so easy.The QWERTY physical keyboard just works so well with my amount of texting that is not much LOL or IMHO short cuts but links to property listings, lots of community photos with tag lines to feed social media syndication streams.

Like a part of the body because of use texting real estate messages to buyers and to stay in contact with Houlton Maine bankers, the lawyers too.

So if you are comfortable texting, messaging this Maine real estate broker, have at it. texting real estate driver photo

Please pull over first if motoring or at a property listing for sale that you really really need information on. Ask those questions with the tap tap hunt and peck on the little screen or whatever device if not a cell phone. Text 207.532.8960 for Maine real estate information.

Questions answered at the text messaging contact number 207.532.8960 for information instantly.

Get turn around time helpful answers and links to expand on the topics most FAQ in our real estate practice.

I have read recently that real estate texting is so powerful for a lot of valid reasons.

It is reported 97% of buyers or sellers text messaged respond within seven minutes. And over 83% of the text messages are read within seven seconds. Whoa, that is about as close to speed of thought as possible. Text messaging in real estate, yup, we do it day and night.vendingmachine4

And sure, we use text, voice, email, video and more to deliver the information.

But have found to find someone quickly, to message them on Facebook can be quicker than using a landline, cell phone or even text message shout out.

It is all about the response time when time is money.

Delays are costly in real estate, in life.

The best decisions are made when the information is current and not stale or outdated. That is one more reason we text message in real estate to keep it fresh and bull’s eye accurate. It is also why we have a vast selection of property listings for sale of all types, price ranges, locations too.

The NEC Terrain cell phone with fixed four row QWERTY key board may be the newest cell phone to reach for with a physical mini typewriter and screen but who knows. I could go through a few more Droid 3’s in the meantime. So cheap to buy, so effective and second nature friendly for me. But this Nec Terrain cell phone is military out in the field grade tough they brag up on line.

Regardless on the information delivery means deemed best or shooting iron for cell phone to reach for out of the holster. It’s all about the selection in the eenie meenie miney moe is so so critical when making the largest purchase or sale of a real estate property listing in Maine.

People follow Facebook more religiously than checking phone message machines, voice recorders or sometimes even answering a text message sent to their cell phone.

That’s been our experience anyway.

Please like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Check out the image stream in Pinterest. We are all over the social media landscape and blog post daily. Keyword “mooersrealty”.

And feel free to text message us about your real estate needs, if a buyer or seller at 207.532.8960. Because we use text in real estate as one of the best means to communicate.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | info@mooersrealty.com |

MOOERS REALTY  69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


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